Sjw ruined star wars

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After all, these are action films, not princess films. 15 days ago + 1-2; Nickelback is my jam. J. They gave in to a small vocal group and cemented their movement. We can have the humanoid fish who wears Qin Dynasty robes. It’s like Irvin Kershner just doesn’t understand what makes a Star Wars movie a Star Wars movie. Dec 24, 2017 · You ruined my beloved Star Wars. I am a Star Trek fan and loved Shatner, Nimoy, Stewart, etc. Dec 26, 2017 · Star Wars was a product of the 1970’s: an epic tale of good vs. 9333224Z. Even watching the star wars saga in order PT then OT now these sequel trilogy movies - they just don't add up. TFA was a crock of shit (but then again, what else would you expect from a JJ Abrams reboot disguised as a sequel?) but Disney redeemed themselves somewhat with Rogue One. He's a Sith Lord, I think. We'll see if they at least learned their lesson on going full blown woke or not. And now he’s trying to distance himself from them — and Rian Johnson. Ruined: meaning totally changed existing characters' motives, personalities, etc. I just had to change the subject. They just kill him off like this for some SJW stuff. It's just JJ covering KK and RJ's @$$ because something something sjw's ruined my Star Wars!" David Campbell, Nov 21, 2019 #1446. “The ‘saga’ films will be ‘episodes’ continuing the main Skywalker family story, and they’ll alternate release dates with ‘anthology’ films, which will be standalone stories set all over the Star Wars universe Hear hear. Jun 03, 2018 · When “Star Wars: Episode IX” gets released, in December 2019, the movie will suffer from none of those factors. Good decision disney (sarcasm). Star Wars is a science fiction film saga and fictional universe created by American director George Lucas. There were only 4 films in the Series. 3. With a brand spanking new entry with Respawn Entertainment's Star Wars Jedi Star Wars Week: Tusesday Strikes Back-IG-11 will do a Star Wars Movie Here's a bonus Episode for the Wednesday Awakens on a Tuesday or known as the Tuesday Strikes Back In this episode, Star Wars just announced for new movie from Thor Ragnarok, Jojo rabbit, and Mandalorian director himself. Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Return of the Jedi And a single prequel, Rogue One. Dec 19, 2016 · SJW’s RUINED STAR WARS… AGAIN [Slightly major spoilers] Rogue One writer Chris Weitz said over Twitter that President Elect Donald Trump is a Nazi and that anyone who voted for him are … They already ruined Star Wars, MCU could be next :/ 2 years ago. From the age of five, when I first saw Star Wars in 1977, I was a full-blown fanatic for the series, eager to catch midnight premier showings of each new installment and happily taking in each new episode multiple times during their theatrical runs (yes Like I said, it's the first star wars to come out in the summer, and using your logic, that's the reason it bombed. What an embarassment. Han - Went from a Take no crap from anyone, least of all a woman or a droid scoundrel to literally bitched Disney has ruined the Star Wars name & is just trying to make as much money off it before they throw it to the back never to be seen for years & years. Dec 20, 2019 · Star Wars is also unique because it has endured without reboots. Catering to SJW's is business suicide. '” Disney putting a feminist SJW team in charge of Star Wars, whom could be viewed as possibly publicly hostile towards the second large demographic for the Star Wars franchise, men, the first demographic being children, while their pandering to the asian markets has backfired, puts the those over seeing the Star Wars franchise in a possible bind. Joined by a cast of rebels, fighter pilots Ever since its launch in 1977, the Star Wars franchise has held a special place in popular culture worldwide. They wouldn't understand  Maria Blaser recommends Star Wars. The earlier set of Star Wars movies (Episodes IV, V and VI) are renowned as classics of cinema and were some of the first "summer blockbusters" ever made. ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7’ provides fantastic closure for a groundbreaking series; Keep ‘CALM’ by listening to 5SOS’s mature new album ‘Bleeding Edge’ is far from a cut above the rest; Five Underrated Movies of 2019; Top 10 Movies of the 90s ‘Wake Up, Sunshine’ is an all-time high; The effect of COVID-19 on the Disney ruined/betrayed Star Wars! Like millions of fans who went nuts over this film upon it's release, I agreed that Disney had become more like the dark side and ruined Star Wars forever, and Mickey was more like Palpatine, putting his plans to destroy the fandom! As fans celebrate Star Wars Day on May the 4th, there's no better time to look back on The Last Jedi and how it was a celebration of what makes the franchise great. Disney. "SJWs" RUINED Star Wars: The Last Jedi. evil, drawing on cultural motifs familiar to Americans of the time. AMA Apr 22, 2020 · A new “Star Wars” series is in the works at Disney Plus, Variety has learned from sources. Now we have the Rise of Skywalker garbage that’s getting panned by both critics and fans, even if for different reasons. Enjoying a movie is a subjective thing. 1 at the yearly box office, but with “Black Panther,” “Avengers” and “Jurassic World,” “Solo” won’t even medal this year. This article is like Rose: hypocrite propaganda. It's just a big cash cow that Disney is going to milk for all its worth. Oct 14, 2018 · Of course we have the . They will continue to insist "SJW Disney ruined Star Wars and everyone now hates the movies" and believe they speak for the entire fandom. Thinks the best bits are the PC message type bits and doesnt really like the story, just how diverse it is. Not for lack of trying on Land-a-ho Calniggian's part, though. Me, I LOVE the new movies and make no apologies of it and Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker made a lot of money and has its fans, but was, all things considered, not particularly well received. ” Perhaps such fans will be placated by the movie itself— Solo is the first Disney-era Star Wars film in which the protagonist  16 May 2018 'Star Wars' is the most beloved film franchise of all time that has turn to the Dark Side—hate-spewing assholes looking to ruin the party for . You can't be a straight white male, can't be masculine, can't be or do anything in opposition to their liberal agenda. The makers will push for more SJW crap in the next one and if that won't work the executives will push for less, and if that will work the makers will push However The Last Jedi just illustrated how incredibly inept Disney is under Kathleen Kennedy's deluded leadership. In a fit of rage over "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," more than 10,000 people have signed a petition urging Disney to remove the film from "Star Wars" canon. Ultraman427 says 2018-10-08T20:45:23. Jun 19, 2018 · Since the new era of Star Wars began, the franchise has been in a constant state of flux, but, for the first time in a long time, we have a minute to catch our collective breath. Abrams called out critics of 'The Last Jedi' that balked at female leads. Episode 9, the next Star Wars movie, is really called Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Sep 12, 2017 · They see Star Wars as the latest battleground of the so called culture war against the "liberal agenda" and have utilized the discord in some segments of fandom and weaponized it to their own end. It was developed by EA DICE, in collaboration with Criterion Games and Motive Studios, and published by Aug 25, 2018 · Star wars didnt just start sucking in 2015! It sucked since 1999 and if you want to go further back then even 1997 when the special editions came out. Seems that it was the creator of the Final Order that wasn't only consumed by Hate: thus it's Hubris for a second time when it was destroyed again. May 28, 2018 · Luke - Ruined in Last Jedi - emo, mopey, out of character behavior and inglorious death. Haven't the ruined everything they touch? Suffice to say, and it’s been over two weeks now, Star Wars: The Last Jedi was met with not the greatest audience response. Niggers ruin everything. Dec 18, 2019 · The latest Star Wars film, “The Rise of Skywalker,” is set to release tomorrow and to say that a lot is riding on it could be seen as something of an understatement. 23 Sep 2018 Actually SJW things are minor part of the new Star Wars saga. Annieclark. com too but old stupid didn’t bother to check that before making another whinny video about how Star Wars has ruined his life and backed up his septic tank. Kathleen Kennedy, Producer: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. We have no reason to believe Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Unknown 29 Jan. But every time I try to watch or read something about Star Wars, it is a right-winger Dec 29, 2017 · But this latest Star Wars effort suggests there is truth in the latter claim. Yet don't claim something is ruined just because you didn't like it. I have a 30-something friend who fits the bill perfectly. Once again, Star Wars: The Last Jedi manages to bring back everything that made its predecessor worth seeing. Will be interesting to see if the Mandalorian doesn't fall into the SJW trap and succeeds incredibly. Eventually, the “executives Dec 10, 2019 · Star Wars is ruined. Star Wars is ruined forever. He has written and edited for the New York Post, The Dallas Morning News, National Review, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, the Washington Jun 11, 2018 · Star Wars is in an interesting place right now. Star Wars diehards absolutely despised the direction that  You know this if you've read any online discourse about the 2016 Ghostbusters remake, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Captain Marvel, Terminator: Dark Fate, the  20 Dec 2019 Each movie in the latest Star Wars trilogy has been a response to the one that came before it. My genuine reaction to mad Star Wars fans wanting Kathleen Kennedy fired. '” Now, while no evidence has  20 Dec 2017 Thanks for ruining Star Wars. Aug 11, 2018 · Yes! Absolutely YES it has become completely politically correctI read many other answers which I disagree with but others that answer it pretty well I feel like Alex Dimchev's answer. Leave the rest to your imagination or whatever book series you prefer, if you must. May 27, 2018 · Star Wars is the only franchise I can think of whose creators are actively trying to destroy it but whose behind the scenes money-men are actively trying to save it. ) Dec 19, 2017 · Star Wars: The Last Jedi has earned overwhelmingly positive reviews, with a 93% fresh rating and 8. I also discuss what I predict the future of Star Wars to be. . The prequels did immense harm. the emperor is nixon and the rebels represent the interest of colonized countries It’s implying that people’s attitudes are not good enough, and that something or someone needs to change and adopt the distorted views of the SJW. channel is the type that sees SJW in Lucas already ruined Star Wars back in 1998. Jun 04, 2018 · To no one’s surprise, the idiots who have injected radical politics into benign entertainment like Star Wars have totally ruined it: The second weekend of “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” which tells the story of the rebellious pilot’s youth, made an estimated $29. Now, nearly 40 years later, the latest movies in the Star Wars universe feature ensemble casts with the most focus on the main female character. Abolishing franchises means if the corporate owner fucks over the original Fuck Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, Disney + and anything else they have anything to do with. If they have, there might continue to be a Star Jan 07, 2018 · Disney is ruined star wars. That was everything a Star Wars movie should be (not that the fanboys can actually tell what a Star Wars movie is supposed to be like these days) The self-proclaimed anti-SJW case against Star Wars often starts with a critique of the producer and Kennedy has a (somewhat) better track record than the suits who ruined the DC Comics movie I mean, what SJW in their right mind would watch a something like "Star Wars. The problem isn't necessarily SJW politics, it is that gaming is overrun by amateur writing which opens the window to so called "SJW politics". Dec 20, 2017 · I just got done watching Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, and I wanted to express my displeasure with it. Star Wars Battlefront II is an action shooter video game based on the Star Wars film franchise. AngryHulks. Literally any franchise worthy of the name. I have always referred to it as the nigger that ruined Star Wars. But it died a long time ago. The trick is a may not likely have an issue with them if they were from a completely different time period in the star wars universe - but continuing on with OT characters and doing what these movies are doing just destroys what all Sep 09, 2019 · Disney ruined Star Wars with there sjw bullshit and feminist Agenda heck they just retconned the Emperor spaciousone 18 oct 2019 4 Copy Facebook Pinterest Twitter Email {{ shortRepliesCount }} Well, it finally happened. Yes there were stereotypes of women and, suggested subservience but look at the late Carrie Fisher's Princess Leia! For me she was easily as cool as Han, easily as baddass as Luke Skywalker and by far as loveable as Chewbacca. There is nothing redeeming in the Star Wars reboot. Hopefully everyone in this new Star Wars film dies. Dec 21, 2017 · "A New Hope" and and maybe "The Empire Strikes Back" are the only good Star Wars movies, that being said the franchise was ruined back in 1983 long before SJW movements were even a thing. AngyJoe, in one of his recent videos, had blamed low BF pre-orders on misogynists and had received a big Since the first film’s release on May 25, 1977, Star Wars has enthralled audiences worldwide. Its partners still will. Dec 19, 2017 · The latest Star Wars film is an unlikely champion of the grassroots – and it’s not even subtle about it Spoiler alert: if you haven’t seen The Last Jedi and don’t wish to know what happens Feb 08, 2018 · SJW Film Critics Are Part Of The Problem. Abrams, the teasing trickster who gave us Lost , have been swept away with little or no explanation. The sequel to the ultra-successful Force Awakens arrived in theaters last December to much hype and anticipation, but it quickly stirred up a considerable amount of controversy. The reason the Witcher Netflix series did so well among its VIEWERS (not the SJW critics) was because the producers rebuked and removed 99% of the SJW bullshit that was originally inserted, and even then a few nasty examples Jan 09, 2018 · Ever since The Farce Awakens hit the scene in 2015, I’ve been kind of dreading the arrival of The Least Jedi. It worried me that he was Iger's first call. Dec 29, 2017 · Suddenly the worlds biggest star wars fan, pretends to know it all, etc. Dec 20, 2017 · This has ruined Star Wars for me as well as my kids. Disney’s made its plan with the franchise clear – to release a Star Wars movie every single year until it stops being profitable to do so. As a straight white guy, I can’t blame you if you think I’m about to go on a rant about how The Last Jedi is an insult to the fandom , but that’s not going to happen. No, it's not an adult-film parody title, or a coffee table book about George Lucas' movie ranch. Nov 29, 2016 · While the 1970s/80s Star Wars trilogy could be considered to have an ensemble cast with a trio of leads -- Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and Han Solo -- the main story centered on Luke's journey. February 26, 2014 · EA has ruined Star Wars. CRYING for fixes that were never needed The whole game is ruined by Iden’s inclusion Nov 17, 2019 · If you want to avoid SJW stuff, it's pretty easy: avoid games that rely on narrative. . 19 Dec 2019 Now that this SJW experiment is over, can we get back to Star Wars, for the white male villain, ruined Rey's arc, had shit storytelling overall,  They're trying to cram their feminist SJW political beliefs down our throats and they made a bunch of terrible Star Wars movies where they ruined Luke Skywalker  Their shallow minds that only see skin color and gender cannot comprehend the depth of appeal of the original Star Wars universe. Follow 3809. I hate disney because I love STAR WARS ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ is an egregiously bad movie: Poorly written, badly directed, lazily acted, and bombastically grating in both sound and image. While there are those who loved it, Rian Johnsons “The Last Jedi” ruined the franchise for so many fans, and this includes the actors. 2/10 score on Rotten Tomatoes. A vocal minority proclaims Star Wars as ruined and dead, surely it must be true! /sarcasm If you didn't like the movie, I am very sorry to hear that. " Actually, it was Jar Jar Binks who ruined Star Wars. Snidely Whiplash August 11, 2016 3:51 PM . John Nolte's review is a very “‘Rogue One’ is going to flop”: How political correctness ruined “Star Wars” Gavin McInnes Archive There's something wrong with any grown man who cares too much about "Star Wars," but give me a break: I have kids, so I have to watch this stuff. The original Star Wars movie (Episode IV) came out on May 25, 1977. When a character is a POC, not heterosexual, able-bodied, and/or (to a lesser extent) a woman, the only stories that sell are about how hard it is to be oppressed and how the character overcomes this oppression. Abrams did with  24 Nov 2019 The harassment largely stemmed from anti-feminist Star Wars fan social justice warriors trying to tear down a successful Star Wars franchise. Jul 06, 2020 · The NFL still won’t do business with Colin Kaepernick. You've got to be Jun 15, 2018 · George Lucas reveals his plan for Star Wars 7 through 9—and it was awful Compared to this, Rian Johnson saved your childhood. Abrams heard toxic fans’ complaints. Mar 05, 2019 · Anyway, Star Wars Episode 9: Right-Wing Traditional Jedi Values would be impossible to write in a lefty environment where sci-fi is generally seen as “problematic”, but it’s fun to speculate about an alternate universe where the mainstream can be challenged. It's a disney driven vision now which is a product to focus on commercialization and branding. Ironically, in a similar way to how old Palpatine turned the Republic into the Empire without the former becoming none the wiser. professorastro wrote:At least Harcourt "Harry" Mudd can be the villain in every episode. Agree with you. The box-office failure of Solo: A Star Wars Story led to a lot of finger-pointing and blame-gaming about who and what was at fault for the movie's poor performance. These lefties can not create a thing. Brings in positive discrimination too, saying that now someone of Rose's race for example can now relate to the film. Also, you can save the insults buddy, I'm 37 that stuff doesn't work on me. And the people (the real Sith) are laughing all the way to the bank with millions. It is the fourth major installment of the Star Wars: Battlefront series and seventh overall, and a sequel to the 2015 reboot of the series. It's a great pity. Ok, ok, I take it back. When George Lucas sold Lucasfilm to Disney, Kathleen Kennedy was put in charge. Just Some Guy 211,339 views. I saw SW one through three and gave up. Aug 29, 2018 · Specifically because of the entirely incorrect and immoral SJW messaging now in modern Star Wars films, which is also packaged in ancillary “canon” material, and in accompanying media articles, this young boy unfortunately allowed himself to be beaten to the point that he had to be taken to the emergency room. Star Trek the most, because Trek was already ahead of the  18 Jan 2018 I came across a jaw dropping clip of Kathleen Kennedy, talking about her vision for the new Star Wars movies. They also pivot to the old “shill” space because its like a YouTube Jedi Mind Trick on the weak minded over there. Russell, who has previously ruined films like Dawn of the Planet of the Apes with her gender, was on a list of actresses wrongly considered for the role. Apparently, Frank Oz — the brilliant man behind all things Yoda — doesn’t agree May 30, 2020 · Just skip the SJW garbage. The first three films (the ‘Original Trilogy’, 1977-83), guided by director George As he prepares to tackle the ninth 'Star Wars' movie in the Skywalker saga, J. Yeah, that's roughly how I understood the OP's lament. What were the Clone Wars? Why didn’t we get to see the Kessel Run? Jan 01, 2016 · Star Trek ruined. With Solo in the rearview mirror, there are more than 500 days between now and the next film. She had worked for Lucas and Steven Spielberg for years, so you would have thought that some of their creativity would have rubbed off on her, but apparently not. The film, which has a 52% approval rate on Rotten Tomatoes , ends the Star Wars saga in a manner that did not satisfy everyone--and one of its stars has been left wondering where the love has gone. " Hell, is Star Wars even popular? Maybe, I don't know! Anyway, the rest of the video is the host crying because we ruined his poor little film which "NEVER HAD A DIVERSITY PROBLEM!" I just want to say: good job, everyone. "In it, I very specifically discussed the loud section of Star Wars fans who have spent the Kathleen Kennedy, Producer: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. There is definitely something going on with Disney. This has ruined Star Wars for me as well as my kids. Abrams and company, as the production decided to go in a Aug 31, 2019 · SJW’s Cancel Johnny Depp’s ‘Racist’ Cologne Ad, But the Company’s Statement Shows Just How Ignorant the Outrage Mob is. Even the few breadcrumbs that had been left behind in The Force Awakens by J. Spielberg on Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981 Dec 22, 2017 · I love Star Wars. 29 May 2018 Disney publicists will chock it up to competition from “Deadpool 2” or franchise fatigue, but they won't admit that Social Justice Warrior (SJW)  1 Dec 2019 SJW DISNEY ADVENT CALENDAR - DAY 1 Celebrate Christmas with Ruin as I count down the 25 worst SJW moments in Disney Star Wars. I knew that was the end of anything great coming out of the star wars franchise. ” They’re almost as bad as the “If you don’t support the sequels you’re not a fan and you shouldn’t call yourself a fan!!!” May 15, 2018 · ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story” begins with the Star Wars franchise’s signature tag line, “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. 05 billion. 24 Jul 2018 The self-proclaimed anti-SJW case against Star Wars often starts with track record than the suits who ruined the DC Comics movie universe. Still, even if games are being "invaded", it doesn't matter. tweet, that he “ruined Star Wars ” no less than 13 times during a three-week period, along with other tweets disparaging the director . Okay, scratch the kinda. The series hails from Leslye Headland, the co-creator, showrunner, and executive producer of t… As bad as the prequels were, at least they felt like star wars and had some fun moments. Abrams can see the surface elements of Star Wars, but without being immersed in the cultural milieu that birthed it, the best they can do is high-budget fan fiction with SJW The other answers are all missing it too, so you are not the only one. It is a continuous, contiguous storyline with a vast canon of material, mostly crafted by a single creator, George Lucas, who Star Wars Won't Cater to Male Fans Says Lucasfilm President. The Failure of the Last Jedi - Duration: 14:25. The new Star Wars film, Solo: A Star Wars Story came out this past Memorial Day Weekend and it underperformed in the box office ($103 Million for the 4-day weekend in the US) both domestically and internationally. Jul 12, 2019 · I've heard rumors that the Star Wars land, Galaxy's Edge is empty and that Disneyland is now a "Ghost Town". I hope your new Star Wars 'fans' have their heroes pissed on by another sjw director in the near future. Somewhere between the re-release on VHS in the mid to late 90's and the prequel trilogy. Online petitions quickly sprang up calling for Disney to re-make the movie entirely, while quickly developing Facebook groups included How Rian Johnson Ruined Christmas (a Star Wars Story), Disney The only Disney Star Wars movie that had any SJW content was SOLO. You love it! You think it's great. The Walt Disney Company, parent company of ABC and ESPN, announced on Monday a first-look deal with Kaepernick’s STAR WARS IS RUINED" He says while millions of other fans love the movie and are largely positive about it. Spielberg on Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981 The carrot Kennedy has dangled is an understandable source of ire for “Star Wars” disciples longing to see their sci-fi bible become more inclusive. Whether you think it is there or not might depend on your own political perspective. Show less. Abrams' first entry, The Force Awakens, tried  27 May 2018 SJW Droids! No Joke. I explain in great detail the huge Star Wars The Last Jedi backlash. bemoaning how the movie ruined the franchise because it disrupted everything they thought Far less SJW crap. People are gonna say hyperbolic things. How does Rey have all these skills? They ruined Luke, they kept Leila who is dead IRL. Jan 23, 2018 · “The comments are littered with one-star reviews that read, ‘Politically correct to the point of boredom’; ‘SJW propaganda’ and ‘I’m frustrated that feminism and diversity have made their way into this film. It is a continuous, contiguous storyline with a vast canon of material, mostly crafted by a single creator, George Lucas, who Jeremy talks about how Disney claims the fan film about Darth Vader by Star Wars Theory and that it proves that Lucasfilm hates Star Wars fans a whole lot. Oct 22, 2019 · Star Wars main films wont get great literature or strong director driven films anymore. The SJW angle blows. On the other hand, the end of spin-offs means those toxic dirtbags who like to shit post about Kathleen Kennedy and how "SJW's are killing Star Wars" will soon be out of a job, because they won't have movies to whine about. Whatever fans think of The Last Jedi, most fans don’t think of Rey as inherently awful because she’s a girl with girl-cooties, and don’t see Dec 17, 2019 · Disney bought Lucasfilm, the production company of “Star Wars,” from George Lucas, the story’s creator, in 2012 for $4. But what if Star Wars stopped being great? That would be bad, right?And bad things aren't great! Everybody knows that! Seeing as how we're all in agreement here, let's talk about the possibility that Disney's entire strategy for Star Wars might be, as a whole, actually madly deeply verifiably bad. Aug 11, 2016 · Star Trek was always bad and Star Wars was already ruined. Now we have an old style story driven game by Respawn Entertainment to come that will likely be played once/completed and then done. Deal with it, Rey sucks, the wokeness is BS. Wiki Points. “‘Star Wars’ is a big galaxy, and you can sort of find almost anything you want to in ‘Star Wars,'” he said. Bugmen like Rian Johnson or J. Reply 144  7 Nov 2019 I hate seeing what they did to Star Wars, to Ghostbusters, to Terminator, to Star Trek. Makes me think that Iger has no clue who he is in a room with, and what those people represent. The most recent film, Solo: A Star Wars Story, has been drastically underperforming at the box office. If J. Viewing 14 posts - 21 through 34 (of 34 total) Star Wars doesn't really have a real brand of comedy. Both later reported that she was lacking as a typist but had good production ideas. It was a close call with The Force Awakens but it still managed to not outright spew all of its political bullshit. Click to expand I did not watch the vid too but still I clicked that channel and so it got views I checked his other vids and its more SJW crap. Dec 14, 2015 · Star Wars is one of the few universal cultural touchstones of the past few generations, so of course it will come under attack. Jul 08, 2019 · “Star Wars fandom” is just a buncha miserable malcontents whining about being miserable and malcontented and taking out all their anger and frustrations with life on a space wizard movie series no longer being perfect enough to their liking. Dec 19, 2016 · SJW’s RUINED STAR WARS… AGAIN [Slightly major spoilers] Rogue One writer Chris Weitz said over Twitter that President Elect Donald Trump is a Nazi and that anyone who voted for him are … Dec 29, 2017 · But this latest Star Wars effort suggests there is truth in the latter claim. Dec 19, 2017 · Except it has. Many people have complained that Star Wars The Last Jedi is a Feminist SJW festival. the production is watered down by immense layers of focus groups, marketers, distribution, demographics, appealing to the widest audience possible to get the biggest return on investment. Two examples of social justice warrior interference are the Star Wars and Battlefield Star Wars is a science fiction space-opera first created by Lucasfilm LTD. Dec 19, 2017 · The “Star Wars” galaxy has long been fronted by young, white men swinging lightsabers and piloting spaceships, which has built a rabid fan base over 40 years. (Granted that might be an insult to Fan fic. The SJW's have ALREADY ruined Star Wars. 20 Dec 2019 Ever since its launch in 1977, the Star Wars franchise has held a special place in popular culture worldwide. But, give the gals credit, ‘The Force Awakens’ isn’t even released yet, but radical feminists are already kvetching about it. Altright trolls complaining that SJW ruin Star Wars. The issue is the SJW Agenda. I will have to agree whole heartedly with this. They just take over great stuff and ruin it. " In it, I very specifically discussed the loud section of Star Wars fans who have spent the year with Feb 16, 2018 · Abrams was unfazed. It made the series unrecognizable to fans who just wanted a little nostalgia. 4K opinions shared on Society & Politics topic. I've had enough. The internet being what it is, these movies have now become victims of the ongoing SJW/anti-SJW culture war; namely in the form of accusations about these new movies being "feminist propaganda". I've made a fun subreddit "Jailbait" 2 days ago and posted pictures of 18 yo (12th grade highschool) women, all clothed from a news article that ranked "top hottest highschooler to take the final exam this year". Dec 18, 2018 · Last week I published an article titled "The Year Star Wars Fans Finally Ruined Star Wars. maggieNYT Thanks, Rise of Skywalker, but we're good. “If you are someone who feels threatened by women and Dec 20, 2015 · Star Wars is now 38 years old and as been enjoyed by a large diversity of races for almost 40 years now. Those aren't Star Wars movies, those are cheap knock offs, like Fan fiction. Jul 07, 2018 · According to Variety, JJ Abrams has ruined his sterling reputation as a hero of the resistance by eyeing Keri Russell for a new role in the upcoming Episode IX. This is, after all, a saga whose original trilogy featured all of three significant female characters: Princess Leia, Mon Mothma and Aunt Beru, the latter of whom died in the first half hour. Apr 20, 2018 · Star Wars - SJW's Are Ruining Han Solo Before The Film Even Releases - Far Cry 5 Sells Really Well Despite Negative SJW Press - SJW Stanford Professor Dungeons & Dragons Perpetuates White Male Privilege - ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Is Just Badly Camouflaged Hatred of Men! Dec 22, 2017 · Star Wars is bad because it has a woman with purple hair in it. She was an associate to Mr. Gay YIH August 11, 2016 Feb 14, 2018 · As you're most likely aware, Disney has been releasing Star Wars movies over the last few years. Some have called the movie a political agenda wrapped in a Star Wars Movie. Despite a 93 percent “fresh” critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes, The Last Jedi (the latest Star Wars film) has the lowest audience score of any Star Wars movie on Rotten Tomatoes Seriously, though I honestly could not remember this overpaid nigger's name until I read it in this story. So I got banned for life on reddit, IP ban. It will happen again. But it is done for the time being. The patronizing and condescending messages is a big part of the problem, causing much of the back lash. I talk about the Holdo and Rose SJW moments in Star Wars The Last Jedi. (And the franchise has utterly failed in China , a country with zero patience for SJW politics. Much of the series' appeal no doubt is due to its stunning special effects, epic battles, and Not because of a black guy in Star Wars, SJW bullies. First, it's not that the protagonist is a woman; Star Wars has had many women in leading roles, starting with Leia herself. Not allowed as a bad guy. The first three films (the 'Original  3 Jun 2018 Owen Gleiberman on how the box-office grosses for 'Solo' have a meaning beyond financial failure. It was worth all the hype it deserves which makes it another one of the best of this year and the only movie with such a score automatically makes this one of the best films of this Once again, Star Wars: The Last Jedi manages to bring back everything that made its predecessor worth But this last Star Wars is more of a match for the original trilogy and a fitting homage to the galaxy far, far away. which ruined an otherwise don’t forget the “Star Wars” sequel trilogy and especially contemporary comics whose creators and writers shit all over Dec 18, 2017 · Star Wars was basically comic book nonsense from the word go, but certainly peaked with Empire Strikes Back. 19 Dec 2017 A rabid Star Wars fan claims to have used bots to manipulate the film's some of the reviews, like the criticism of “social justice warrior,” or “SJW” ideas, “Down with Disney” appears devoted to ruining Star Wars and Marvel  11 Mar 2018 Don't ruin Star Wars because you think that the females of the story should be in charge. The new trilogy are not only a farce to Star Wars lore but to film-making and storytelling in general. It’s funny that there’s a stereotype of what a “real” Star Wars fan is, but the fact is that you don’t become a multi-billion dollar franchise without EVERYONE liking it. May 29, 2018 · A Star Wars movie almost always finishes no. Nope. A 51% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes , 6% lower than Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones and a sharper box-office drop than the Rogue One standalone film. The new movies ruined the classic characters. Star Wars: Resistance, premiering on Disney Channel and DisneyNow on Sunday, follows star pilot Kazuda "Kaz" Xiono as he gathers intel for the Resistance. (spoilers)". The Rian Johnson sci-fi sequel snagged $220 million on its domestic Dec 12, 2019 · The Year 'Star Wars' Fans Ruined 'Star Wars' The phrase I read a lot when it comes to criticism of Disney Star Wars, is that these movies should keep SJW (social justice warrior) politics out On Movies: At the Theater, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Are Feminist and SJW appeasement ruining Star Wars. November 11, 2017 at 4:51 am. Dec 15, 2017 · Star Wars Sound Architect Ben Burtt Finds Himself in the Outer Rim The sound designer who gave a voice to R2-D2 is an essential part of the galaxy far, far away—but has no role in the latest Star Wars is over. to the theoretical social justice warriors they fear have overtaken society. An SJW Book So Bad Magdalene Visaggio Didn't Finish the Story - Duration: Aug 23, 2018 · Watch Zero Jumper is a Better Star Wars Story than SJW Star Wars Will Ever Be - #1 Marmaduke Fan on Dailymotion. Star Wars was a product of the 1970’s: an epic tale of good vs. Yeah. ” According to Bernardin, it’s a series of internet trolls who have destroyed Star Wars ’ luster and caused the newest film in the canon, Solo , to bomb. just proves how racist blacks really are as well, everyone is and has the right to be. Apr 08, 2018 · STAR WARS REBELS DLC FOR EA BATTLEFRONT 2 New gamers are basicly sjw. Kathleen Kennedy worked in San Diego local television before moving to Los Angeles, where she was hired by Steven Spielberg as a secretary on the production of 1941 (1979). In addition to these tweets, the vast majority of other Disney fucked up when they cut Tran out of Rise if Skywalker. In the films, there are a couple of heh-heh moments, but there's nothing hilarious. Jonathan M. I was looking forward to this. "They Shrank His Shoulders" Becomes a Copy Pasta After Male Gamers Cry SJW's Ruined Joel's Characters in the Last of Us 2 Featured 06/24/2020 in wow After a post on /r/gamingcirclejerk called out the creators of 'The Last of Us 2' for shrinking Joel's shoulders and making the character softer, a new copy pasta was born. Star Wars has always been one of my favorite things in the world, since even before I can remember. Keep liberalism out of it and stop ruining once good things. Maybe because they couldn't stop milking the cow? - darthvadern. Jason Kelly. Is that problem with the sjw with marvel is that it is damaging many beloved super heroes I think the one that has damaged the most is the iron man since his appearance was very bad also since lately they are damaging many characters just by blasting the social justice warriors Jun 08, 2018 · Look at Marvel comics, look at Star Wars, this nonsense doesn't work, it doesn't profit, and it never will, you can't build a fanbase on a particular theme, style, and content, only to toss it out hoping to get more people. 0. 3 billion for TLJ, 1 billion for Rouge One, and 2 Re: TWD, Avengers, Star Wars Ruined (Spoilers inside) The Marvel one is especially irritating becuase Thor is Odin or Woden he’s an actual alien / god whatever you want to call him. Your protest of the SJW-plagued franchise may finally get Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy ousted from her position, because word on the street is Disney CEO Bob Iger knows she’s on the verge of killing the Golden Goose and is now searching for someone to revive it. A crybaby Star Wars fans is boycotting Solo: A Star Wars Story for all the wrong reasons, proving once again how out of touch with reality some people are. It shows that all the "conspiracy  27 Dec 2019 It's the last movie in the current, blockbuster Star Wars trilogy, which began in 2015 with The Force Awakens. Only good character is Kylo Ren, everyone else if forgettable. Its creators wanted to tell a simple and clear story of good versus evil in the landmark original film, followed by the fearsome peril and uncertainty of the even better sequel, and finally the redemptive triumph of Hold out, “Star Wars” fans. A bird in the hand, is worth two in the bush. Posted at 7:24 pm on August 31, 2019 by Alex Parker But that didn’t stop Bernardin from laying all the blame for Star Wars’ failures not at the feet of studio head Kathleen Kennedy but at the feet of the “toxic fandom. Harcourt Fenton Mudd was obviously a stereotyped Jew. In the Forest of the Night meanwhile also revolves entirely around a group of children that she has to look after, whilst episodes like Listen, Into the Dalek Emperor Butt-Pirate just ruined Star Wars for it would appear that the rampant SJW entryism that I was afraid of has come to pass. Bill says: Thats what leftist sjw assholes are doing…. Jan 03, 2018 · Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a Hot SJW Mess - Duration: 36:38. Kathleen Kennedy and her liberal SJW feminist cronies at Lucasfilm have absolutely destroyed Star Wars especially with “The Last Jedi” by attacking Star Wars fans who criticized “The Last Star Wars is a man thing and if these women ruined Star Wars it needs to be ruined cause its about men anything with wars in the title isn't a womans thing women don't need to kill or have ever killed. It's a 'she' and yes, 'she' thinks she can get more women interested in Star Wars by turning it into a Femi-Nazi/SJW propaganda piece than a Sci-Fi drama about plausibility and a hero's or heroine's journey. Nov 20, 2017 · Star Wars. Star Wars never had a problew with race exclusion or sexism. Today I give my opinion on whether or not the movie has an agenda beyond entertainment and why. If the creator of the "franchise" can't convince the public to buy their recent installment instead of someone else's, they don't deserve it. The Last Jedi destroyed my love for Star Wars. The rest of the story is more like a weird cross between Grange Hill and Mork and Mindy. The top selling book, Ender’s Game, is now over 20 years old. There has been a lot of complaining about the last jedi and how it was a fail. It was already ruined by the prequels unfortunately the last Disney Star Wars movie was so awful it left everyone with a very bad taste in their mouth which made them forget the first one was very Rod Dreher is a senior editor at The American Conservative. Read more. But in this film, I guess people don't think the comedy felt very Star Wars. Dec 19, 2019 · Now that this SJW experiment is over, can we get back to Star Wars, please. After two weeks in release, it had pulled in Star Wars was ruined with that boring, lazy reboot that was Force Awakens and that massive middle finger to the fans and the franchise that was Last Jedi. Disney buying Star Wars does not mean they ruined it. Dec 27, 2019 · Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was designed to be the opposite of The Last Jedi J. Star Wars as a franchise isn’t done forever. It's despicable. We can have the big-nosed flying creature who dresses like a Hasidic Jew. Also potential viewers (like myself) are now filled with trepidation and low expectations for modern films (star wars). 21 Jan 2020 As happens so often these days, the Internet swiftly proceeded to ruin everything. Scorcese has a new film coming out as does the Safdie brothers. Although, I haven't seen Mandalorian yet. They had no idea what they were doing. This film made me kind of not like Star Wars at all anymore. Report Post. It will have been a year-and-a-half since the previous “Star Wars” film There is a big controversy going around: BFV preorders are 85% behind COD: BlackOps 4. they are like The idea is that Star Wars should just cash out on the hardcore fans who will spend tons of money and aren't very critical. The lone exception, A Rising Thunder, was actually published by conservative publishing house Baen Books. 2 Jan 2018 Has “Star Wars” become too politically correct? liberal “SJWs” — social justice warriors — and the entire “Star Wars” series as “racialized as it  28 Feb 2020 Star Wars: The High Republic is already struck with controversy over fears was posted, people started criticizing Disney for ruining Star Wars. Last week, I published an article titled "The Year Star Wars Fans Finally Ruined Star Wars. But -- spoilers ahead -- the most WookieMan says If they One more time, there's not this 'they' in this fiasco. 2019 There is literally a Robot Wars style Robot tossed in at the end of the episode and that’s that. Oct 29, 2017 · Star wars isn't ruined and fuck whoever the little bitch is who made the video I won't watch. Han - Went from a Take no crap from anyone, least of all a woman or a droid scoundrel to literally bitched Concept art; It ends up being ruined by cringey animation. Battletech was a roleplaying game from like 40 years back. They tried to hype up the show by revealing that the characters and models would be based off of concept art for the original Star Wars movies but since they are being paid a ton by Disney they don't put enough effort into the animation and it ends up looking really bad. He figured out that social justice warriors "bullied" (I prefer  18 Nov 2019 What's ironic is it was a white man who created the entire Star Wars universe. I've stated before that it was for lols and that no minors were in the pictures or Apr 01, 2020 · Persona 5 Scramble is a red-pilled, politics-free experience straight from Japan, infinitely superior to the SSJs infested Royal "enhanced" version. It already ruined the storyline for Last Jedi, and dumpstered Solo. @Evy_Samuels Technically the novelization and EU of Star Wars is books. The writing, directing, and acting already did. - 445956. Frank Oz has an important message for Star Wars fans who didn’t like The Last Jedi. Feb 8, 2019 - Explore Rasmussen T's board "STAR WARS", followed by 1649 people on Pinterest. re: Star Wars: SJW - Mark Hamill says he was hornswoggled out of series Posted by The Pirate King on 3/5/19 at 12:55 pm to stapuffmarshy At this point, I’m not even sure Johnson and Kennedy are actual Star Wars fans. Franchise factory. “forced diversity,” “an SJW takeover” — “SJW” often used as an insult  19 Dec 2017 The latest movie, which raked in $220 million opening weekend, is fronted by women - which is an affront to some franchise fans blasting it on  10 Jul 2019 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is already being touted as better than the last two Is Respawn Entertainment trying to avoid the “SJW” label? 9 May 2018 Social Justice Warriors Need to Stop Ruining Movies For Star Wars, in the OT, every little boy was Luke Skywalker – Saving the princess,  23 Jan 2018 This has ruined Star Wars for me as well as my kids. Certainly, watching the movie can feel like you’re playing identity politics Disney ruined Star Wars! They're trying to cram their feminist SJW political beliefs down our throats and they made a bunch of terrible Star Wars movies where they ruined Luke Skywalker! Why can't George Lucas be in charge?! AAARGGHH!!! I've heard this way too many times. And this crap force June 27, 2018 ·. 3 million in North America, according to the studio. At this point, I don't know if I give a f*** about SW or will ever again. It was cool actually. , but they've killed that series, too with pc/sjw/leftist mind crap. I have no issue with people not liking the Disney Star Wars films. Now, I don't even get this complaint. Late and gay but fuck franchises. Though you can't really hold that against it since it never even really got the chance to explore a vast enough universe in so short a series of movies. Starship Troopers is a really good and intelligent movie that ridicules the fascist novel it's based on. There's lots of humor from the increasing entourage of droids and Finn and Poe May 10, 2015 · It was all the way back in January that we exclusively reported that George Lucas' ideas for Star Wars: Episode 7 were ignored by J. He makes a good point. ruined Rey's arc, had shit storytelling overall, and told its audience that women only exist to redeem genocidal May 04, 2020 · All 11 ‘Star Wars’ Movies Ranked, From ‘A New Hope’ to ‘Rise of Skywalker’ ‘Rise of Skywalker’ concludes the nine-part saga that began in 1977 Alonso Duralde | May 4, 2020 @ 5:01 Before the creation of Mary Sue Rey, I would have said Emperor Vitiate (Tenebrae) followed by Darth Revan. Abrams, who failed to deliver with The Force Awakens, returns for Rise of the Skywalker, as following the disaster known as The Last Jedi, LucasFilm president Kathleen Kennedy couldn't get anyone else to direct and had to beg Aug 23, 2018 · Watch Zero Jumper is a Better Star Wars Story than SJW Star Wars Will Ever Be - #1 Marmaduke Fan on Dailymotion. ) Elaborating on the “SJW agenda” of Star Wars. Sad to see what has become of it. This has ruined Star Wars for me as well  27 May 2017 In the above video, a radio host named Leigh Scott admits that Star Wars lost to the will of the SJWs. Aug 28, 2019 · Star Wars was an enjoyable film, Empire was even better, ROTJ was inferior but still enjoyable, the only SW film I like since ROTJ is Rogue One(even though it isn't an 'official' film), the prequel trilogy completely and utterly ruined the mystery of Darth Vader, it portrayed him as a young whiney brat with mummy issues. And that suckitude is not the fault of some invisible, SJW force out to ruin their lives? Look   20 Dec 2017 “SJW propaganda” and “I'm frustrated that feminism and diversity have made their way into this film. At least Kylo Ren regained his mind when he went back to being Ben Solo: thus helping a woman destroy Palpatine. I will stick with solid cinema instead of superhos in tights and SJW Star Wars. Like star wars, california or europe. Star Wars ruined. Because Star Wars movies must support power-feminism. , a film studio founded 1971 by George Lucas. Who, and almost got the MCU taken down, and now it's Bond's turn. re: Star Wars: SJW - Mark Hamill says he was hornswoggled out of series Posted by ZappBrannigan on 3/7/19 at 11:15 am to whoisnickdoobs We live in the society of "literally". The jokes in the movie just seemed out of place. He buys Star Wars lego sets for hundreds of dollars, and he enjoys all the movies because of the battles and ships; at least that's how he's described it to me. ” But it seems like only yesterday that the title Star Wars: The Last Jedi (CONTAINS SPOILERS) Reply The storylines were nonsense and full of contradictions and inconsistencies, and that's before the clear SJW/Third Wave Feminism politics. The Sad Puppies were formed in 2013 by bestselling author Larry Correia, amidst growing domination of the Hugo Awards by left-wing cliques — who, in 2012, successfully agitated for the cancellation of an appearance by British comedian Jonathan Ross at the awards due to fears that the entertainer might make a “fat-shaming” joke. Apr 07, 2015 · Every book on the bestseller list was either five or more years old or a Star Wars/Halo tie-in novel. We have an animated television show arriving in the fall about which there are scant details available and a live action Mar 24, 2020 · I miss when like 20 years in the past star wars was about fun and adventure, like in this old star wars videogame: But now, because the fault of the ones who rule the world: because of their fault, now star wars its only about anti-white raсe and anti-male. Forum Posts. Bill says: 2 years ago . Star Wars is dead, buddy. Stg58/Animal Mother August 11, 2016 3:54 PM . SJW doesn't belongs to Star Wars. Jun 08, 2018 · Look at Marvel comics, look at Star Wars, this nonsense doesn't work, it doesn't profit, and it never will, you can't build a fanbase on a particular theme, style, and content, only to toss it out hoping to get more people. 2 "Disney ruined Star Wars. May 31, 2018 · Solo Underperforms. lol) Name brand vs store brand at a cheap grocery store May 28, 2018 · Luke - Ruined in Last Jedi - emo, mopey, out of character behavior and inglorious death. 12 Dec 2019 The Year 'Star Wars' Fans Ruined 'Star Wars' Wars, is that these movies should keep SJW (social justice warrior) politics out of Star Wars. And, with that acquisition, the House of Mouse gained total Kathleen Kennedy Explains How She Ruined Star Wars - Duration: 8 minutes, 32 seconds. Holly crap. For me 'The Last Jedi' was the point at which it became abundantly clear that they were pushing Star Wars towards a Marvel style SJW motivated post-modern mire. What happened? What is going on? I've heard all kinds of theories, that Disney is a victim of "Go Woke and Go Broke", that Disney ruined Star Wars and now fans don't want go to the parks, that the high prices drove guests away, etc. The SJW propaganda engine went full throttle with both Rogue One and The Last Jedi. He is the last person to hand Star Wars, JarJar Abrams would also be a death sentence for the franchise, as he is a liberal SJW too. Similar to all the Disney Star Wars movies, Rise of the Skywalker again fails and comes up short for fans of the franchise that George Lucas created 42 years ago. — Tony Goldmark (@tonygoldmark) July 8, 2019. In this video I go on a calm Star Wars rant about TLJ and other hot topics. Here's my crack at it. Reply . Nov 27, 2019 · If Disney ruined Star Wars then a lot of people are sure buying tickets because other than Solo, the Disney made Star Wars films have grossed 1. They closed the subreddit and banned all my accounts. Dec 12, 2019 · Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is almost here, so it's time to look back at the best Star Wars games of all time. The producer twins also ruined GoT, so for the sake of Star Wars it's a good thing. But Mary Sue Rey has Kathleen Kennedy in her corner so she now has the greatest power the universe has ever known, and Star Wars is ruined as a franchise. Nov 24, 2017 · The economy of Star Wars Battlefront 2 is based entirely around credits now that premium transactions have been removed from the game, and earning enough credits to buy the loot boxes to get the Oct 01, 2019 · Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix (Rich Fury/Getty Images) Todd Phillips left comedy to make "Joker" because "woke culture" ruined the genre How'd the the "Hangover" movie guy turn in such a dark May 01, 2020 · Star Wars is an infantile attempt at a space opera that fails on a base level to capture the true grandeur of what it means to be a space opera. Gitlin - Jun 15, 2018 1:31 pm UTC "Star Wars IX: The Rise of Skywalker" was directed by JJ Abrams. Modern storytelling is in a bit of a bind. Levin | 1. Re: John Boyega, star of Star Wars, tweets about racism « Reply #17 on: May 27, 2020, 03:38:53 PM » very sick brain-dead individual. The rabid fans are trolls. Just like every other movie franchise libtards have touched. Oct 29, 2017 · How SJWs Ruined Star Wars! of the people bitching aren't even Star Wars fans, but instead just bitter, weird people. men: ew don’t bring politics into star wars disney ruined star wars with their sjw bullshit i have zero analysis skills and i hate when people are evidently smarter than me george lucas making the og trilogy : anyway the empire represents american imperialism. Star Wars is not a Woody Allen movie, it’s a global Dec 22, 2017 · The central problem with the new Star Wars movies—or revivals of any classic franchise, for that matter—is that contemporary filmmakers don’t understand what made the originals good. Star Wars and Jaws create the blockbuster, which turned into the summer movie thing, which bled into comic book cinematic universes, and now the only heavily-advertised, heavily-attended films (for the most part) are a bunch of toy commercials. Still I would take the disney Filmy over the prequels any day, the at least feel like star wars and are made in the spirit of the old movies. 24 Dec 2019 If you're one of those who feels director Rian Johnson ruined Star Wars with “The Last Jedi,” just wait until you see what J. Oct 01, 2018 · Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has the third-biggest December launch behind only the other two Star Wars flicks, a $155m debut that is 84% larger than The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ($84m in 2012 Dec 22, 2017 · Star Wars is bad because it has a woman with purple hair in it. 36:38. Disney didn’t ruin Star Wars. First off, there’s so many questions left unanswered from A New Hope. 19 Sep 2018 The Star Wars fan base is not toxic on the whole, but it is getting there. I didn't care to. Making its official debut in 1977 with Star Wars: A New Hope (Originally titled Star Wars), the film became hugely popular and formed a franchise around it, which expand on the setting of the Star Wars galaxy. The PC, SJW crowd has its femi-nazi talons in our beloved franchise and it's all over. They ruined Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Thankfully, this is not most of Star Wars fandom. Keep liberalism out of it and stop ruining once good things”. The people who rave and scream at how “The sequels ruined star wars and you should feel bad for loving them!!!” Are the same people who said “the prequels ruined star wars and your terrible if you love them. 1 Home › Forums › Blue Pill Hell › Star Wars – The last SJW This topic contains 33 replies, has 22 voices, and was last updated by Ranger One 1 year, 12 months ago . marmalade166, Dec 12, 2017 · Sounds like we as fans nearly got the dream game we wanted for star wars, up to date modern Star Wars open world (universe) but it got cancelled. Also this, Star Wars is kind of entertaining, but generally overrated. Feb 14, 2018 · As you're most likely aware, Disney has been releasing Star Wars movies over the last few years. Dec 18, 2018 · From Esquire. It's a singular person with the name of Kathleen Kennedy. When I heard Disney was buying lucasfilm, my heart sank. LucasFilm President Kathleen Kennedy reveals she doesn't owe male Star Wars fans anything, when asked about the casting of Felicity Jones. If it's true, The sjw is ruining a lot of marvel lately lately thanks to bendis and his mary sues squad. It's too bad. Star Wars going full on sjw political ruined the franchise. J. Keep up the good work. sjw ruined star wars

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