Why is my mouse not scrolling

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Open the Device Manager. Mar 16, 2013 · I'm not sure exactly why you're losing anything if the page is simply scrolling down. Ofcourse. Related article: How to Display Different Popup and Overlay Scroll Effects in Combination. Since today my mouse does not move the section of the screen in the game anymore. 2) the page scrolls a full page at the time. First, make sure that your touchpad is enabled. Disabling the scroll wheel is an easy way to fix this instead of purchasing a new mouse every time. this problem keeps me from To Roll the mouse wheel to scroll "Multiple lines at a time" This is the default setting. 5 – Toggle the “ Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them ” setting to Off. Since my MM1 has a name like "<joe's mouse>" I even tried renaming the MM2 to "<joe's mouse>" on the MacBook and then going back to my PC, connecting the MM2 (solely) and hoping it would pick up the MM1's settings. It's not an considered an accessibility shortcut either. In earlier versions of Access, the mouse wheel would sometimes move the scroll bar, or the mouse wheel would move records up or down. You must return to the control panel and turn the "Use MS Compatible Scroll Only" off, then save, then turn it on again. However, they are not producing the desired zooming effect although using the actual mouse’s scroll wheel with Ctrl pressed on the keyboard does. Ha! You instantly fixed my problem, thank you!!! LOL If I would move my mouse too fast, it would cause the wheel to turn slightly and this would cause weapons selection menus to pop-up When you're scrolling and that box is at the top of the "viewport", if your mouse is over the box and you try to scroll with the mouse wheel, it doesn't work. This usually occurs when there is a conflict with the touchpad driver and the mouse drivers. It was not like this two days ago. The issue is when I am reading a long email that has complex HTML in it, the mouse scroll wheel does not reliably scroll the message down when the message is in the right-hand preview/reading pane. If you can move the mouse with the touchpad, then it is enabled. exe /name Microsoft. In an interview, the man who claims to have invented the scroll wheel says that it's not really being used the way he envisioned. There are thin spaces on either side of the mouse wheel, and over time, dust and dirt can get in cause issues with the scrolling of the wheel. If you're using your mouse's scroll wheel to scroll down this page, Dec 09, 2013 · I have a strange issue regarding my mouse (mice). It's not that my mouse won't scroll, it's just that it won't scroll correctly. Change Mouse Scroll Speed using Mouse Properties. Dec 28, 2017 · My HP wireless optical mouse scroll wheel stopped scrolling. Only recently (3-4 Months ago) has the scrolling button not work. Uninstall/Reinstall Steam. 2-dimensional scrolling tends to be a feature only on trackpads and so I’m assuming Roblox is thinking my mouse is a trackpad incorrectly resulting in irregular behavior in-game. 4. 2. Uninstall mouse drivers, reinstall. The optical portion of the mouse is blocked If you have an optical mouse (LED or laser) with erratic behavior, the optical eye may be blocked. The computer beeps when the mouse is unplugged or plugged in but the mouse pointer does not move. You would need a multimeter to do a continuity test on each of the 4 wires. Mar 28, 2015 · It toggles between free spinning and clicky scrolling modes. This could be caused by dirt or dust lodged in the scrolling mechanism in the mouse. The option sits right above the vertical scrollbar on the right side of the message. Touchs, gestures, scrolling would not work. If they are different, try changing the mouse settings in the application or reinstalling the program. I can’t zoom, nothing happens when I scroll the scrollwheel. For some reason using my middle mouse button scrol wheel to zoom in and out in the viewport is not working. Is this by design or do I need to  3 May 2019 If I hover over any pane, the mouse wheel has no effect in that window. It just won't respond to clicking or scrolling. I have looked in the settings and I can not find a way to change how the mouse behaves apart from enabling and dis-enabling it. I took my computer and the mouse to the Apple store. Here, we show how to change the mouse pointer in a few clicks. pointer = 1 2 3 5 4 6 7 8 9 10 11 12. Once this setting is made, click Apply, then OK. I was using a Microsoft USB wireless mouse (notebook style) and I encountered some issues with the mouse causing my windows (Outlook, Excel, Explorer) to scroll either up and down or side to side uncontrollably. If you didn’t know, if you press any of the CTRL keys and scroll upwards or downwards, the mouse’s scroll will produce zooming. Try these steps out to fix the issue. Oct 09, 2011 · At least it is not a hardware issue. Some keyboards are "media-enabled", meaning they have dual-purpose function keys. To no avail, as expected. Yes it is definitely not a hardware isuue, On mac I just have to go to the control center, click on my performance mx, click configure, select the greyed out microgear precision scroll wheel, and click revert. Logitech Options™ software lets you customize this experience. Feb 09, 2020 · Issue 3: Magic Mouse One Finger Scroll Doesn’t Work. e. The feature is if you slide two fingers down the touchpad. Mar 07, 2011 · EVERYTHING else works on the mouse - left/right buttons and scroll wheel - but the mouse pointer does not move. Enabling a smooth scroll allows you to scroll like that with your regular wheel scroll. Instead it would jump around, bounce back in the wrong direction and be generally unpredictable. 5. I simply do not have the option for "two-finger scrolling" available in my "Mouse and Touchpad" settings. It appears the solution below did not have a permanent effect. Miscellaneous oils and dirt/lint/skin cells in the air plus the petroleum based wheel decomposing in the air leads to a nice layer of oily dirt lacquered onto the mouse surface plus the mouse Jul 07, 2011 · As it is a wired mouse, it very well could be a broken wire in the sheath. Scroll through long documents or web pages faster and easier. Although they are kinda spendy, Apple hardware is great and I really like the buttonless, bluetooth Magic Mouse. If so, then I am lost… Nov 12, 2007 · Mouse will not scroll down This is not a problem with your mouse. Click on the Mouse link. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the logitech software on my mac. But if you do, it’s easy to turn off. If a mouse isn't new and has been used extensively, the scroll wheel may be clogged with fluff and crumbs. I can still press down and  6 Jan 2019 Scrolling feels as natural as walking, so when I noticed that my Logitech MX Master mouse's wheel stopped working, I felt like a fish out of water  Has your mouse stopped working and you can't figure out why? for driver software, followed by Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer. When you roll it, about every 1/18 turn of the wheel (20°), it has a click. I'm not sure what mouse you have, but a user mentioned that it happens with users with a logitech mouse. Smooth scroll wheel. Alienware 14, as I scroll in browser the screen hesitates, them moves in what seems like jumps. Many users may have an outdated version of this plugin which is commonly a cause for scrolling to break. My Facebook is freezing and dies not scroll down; Why is my Facebook freezing when I scroll down? My Facebook keeps freezing and shutting off when I scroll do Why is Facebook freezing whenever I try to scroll down in th Facebook app freezing and then closing when I try to scroll Related Help Center FAQs Windows 10 Login Screen not recognizes to ANY keyboard and mouse (both wired and wireless) but when power up to start up and the keyboard is working fine before login screen. Scrolling feels as natural as walking, so when I noticed that my Logitech MX Master mouse’s wheel stopped working, I felt like a fish out of water. May 18, 2018 · I have a Bootcamp partition on my MacBook where I have Windows 10 installed to test certain programs, but Magic Mouse 2 doesn’t work well with Windows. Try comparing the scrolling behaviors in the problem application to those in other programs. Is there any way to fix the spinning wheel? The mouse is not new and previously worked well. Horizontal scrolling is enabled for my mouse and it works in other apps i. withcontrol. Or you can press Win + I from your keyboard to open the Setting app, type mouse into Find a setting box, and select Mouse & touchpad settings” from results. As I know, overflow-x: scroll; is not necessary, even I removed it,  8 Dec 2019 But since few days, mouse pointer always selects the bottom of the. The scroll wheel works to scroll through menus, I have tried reinstalling rhino, playing with settings everything and I can’t solve the issue. Jul 24, 2017 · This video will show you how to fix the glitch where the mouse scroll wheel will only adjust the volume on your device. This made using the start menu, and other native Windows Store apps (e. But the scroll wheel doesn't work. Mar 14, 2016 · If you’d like to give it a try yourself, follow the steps below: 1 – Click the Start button. Click on Accessibility, then choose Mouse & Trackpad from the list on the left side. I have suddenly experienced the same problem on 3 different iMac computers (all with the Mighty Mouse installed) after upgrading my software to the latest security and MacOSX updates. My apple always scrolled more smoothly but has a lot slower processor/graphics than Alienware 14. 3. However 4 days ago it stopped scrolling. Two Finger Scroll Not Working On Windows 10 [Solved] FIX 1: Enable The Two-Finger Scrolling (Mouse Properties) We might be thinking that two finger scroll is not working but in reality, this feature could be disabled. I know, crazy. Restart Computer Most problems can be solved by restarting your computer. It's almost as if it hits a blind spot and will no longer scroll. I can remember the days before this wheel and boy, they were tough. Try below steps to resolve the issue: 1. Scrolling works fine. This spring is what you feel clicking when you scroll with the wheel. Open the classic Control Panel. If your second display is on the right hand side of the first one, please make sure that position of the extended display corresponds with the actual screen arrangement. Oct 08, 2019 · In the Mouse Properties window, select the Wheel tab and try to adjust the number of lines to scroll with the mouse, or try changing the mouse to scroll one page at a time. Then deselect the Enable Mouse Keys tick box. 7. Once you log in again, open Control Panel and go to Mouse settings. The scroll wheel is also the middle mouse button; Ergonomic form factor that's not specific to gaming However, in 17. It's not just Acer having touchpad issues after installing the Windows 10 Update. But install keyboard driver manually by downloading . Like if you were born on your birthday. You should check if the problem only occurs in these programs. Go to Control Panel, Mouse, and set the pointer speed slider to the middle. Connecting the MM2 to my MacBook air. Apr 27, 2020 · Mice can be optical or use a roller ball. My second issue was that after I disabled all of the touchpad settings in the Dell Touchpad Properties, the CPU usage of the "Synaptics touchpad 64-bit" would jump above 25%. Workaround: Use the scroll bar to move between areas of the binder rather than using the scroll wheel, or switch to a mouse which does not generate high-resolution scroll events. Here, click on the “ Device Settings ” option. Oct 06, 2007 · The problem only happens when I'm working in Word, and it involves my external USB mouse. The Wi-Fi option of your mobile device is on. What it does is press against the inside of the scroll wheel and when it goes over the bumps on the inside, it compresses. This performs the same as the scroll wheel on Apple's Mighty Mouse. RE: WM615 Bluetooth Mouse Won't Scroll Thanks for your suggestions Terry, but I finally found the answer - the batteries were dying! Apparently it takes a lot more juice to run the scroll strip than the other parts of the mouse. The Synaptics tab will be happily sitting there. Apr 29, 2017 · When I scroll down or up, it sometimes goes down, sometimes it doesn't go anywhere, and sometimes it will go the opposite way I was telling it to. Lastly, click on OK button to save changes. You may be able to dislodge and remove some of the dust and dirt, improving the movement and functionality of the wheel. Scrollbar Anywhere has a few options you can configure to fine-tune your productivity. This is some sort of resolution issue and not notified by LDplayer team. I disabled all the add-ons/extenstions and my mouse was still jumpy. May 17, 2013 · The option is called a Panning Hand. May 02, 2018 · With newer “high-resolution” mouse devices, some applications may not correctly interpret partial scrolling messages. Jul 06, 2018 · If you cannot find Mouse, it means the options show up as categories. Inside your mouse, attached to the wheel is a mechanism that records the spinning motion (often a potentiometer or optical encoder). Perhaps you pushed down on the scroll wheel which 'flipped' it to zoom. In the next dialog, open the Wheel tab. The wheel is like a bicycle wheel with "spokes" and "slots". It was working in the previous iPadOS version when I used the Accessibility function. You can open the mouse by taking out the 3 or 4 screws (Phillips); they are usually located one or two under the battery (s) and another two under the glide pads under the mouse in the front. Open ‘System Preferences’ in the Launchpad and click on ‘Accessibility’ 2. 1. Step 4 Place the scroll wheel (and the circuit board, if necessary) back into the mouse. The tech then noted that my OS system was the older El Capitan and suggested I update to the latest OS (Sierra). Enable Scrolling on the Magic Mouse 1. I've already tried reinstalling the drivers and disabling horizontal scrolling. Although the setting names are different in this version compared to what was mentioned in the article above, I disabled all of the “browser. Jan 13, 2018 · ASUS G46VW Touchpad not scrolling or zooming: Asus UX501 Windows 10 touchpad will not scroll: Mouse Start Scroll Not Working after installing Windows 10: Upgraded to Windows 10 and now scrolling does not work with touchpad L875D-S7332: Lost Touchpad Scrolling Ability: Accidentally highlighting text while scrolling - Dell XPS 15 (9530) Scrolling in Acrobat Reader. They can also be corded or cordless. Sep 16, 2011 · Open a terminal. But all of a sudden it stopped working. Apply to Windows 10, 7 & 8. Immediately scroll back to where your typing was happening - and see if it isn't all still there. This touchpad or trackpad eliminates the need for an external mouse altogether. Just recently I was playing and something really weird happened. Similarly, if you slide two fingers across the touchpad, the page showing on the screen should move right or left, but mine do not work when i move it across. A) In the Wheel tab, select (dot) The following number of lines at a time in the "Vertical Scrolling" section. Sep 23, 2015 · Just posting the direct links here, if this is allowed. I have a Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000 using IntelliPoint 8. Looks like the checkbox overrides it in some way - but it does not appear to be associated with vertical scrolling with the mouse wheel - at least from what I could tell. I suggest you to disable touchpad from device manager, to do so refer to the following steps: Press Windows + X on the keyboard and click on Device Manager. However most  2 May 2018 Problem with the IntelliPoint software or drivers. Earlier Mice that I had would require the scroll wheel to be set to the "Autoscroll" setting. Click on the Hardware option to find the Mouse option. Excel, Chrome etc. My mouse scroll button just stopped working with Word 2007, too. Step 1: Open Control Panel, and search for Hardware and Sound Oct 22, 2007 · Without knowing the Mouse you have or the software, I'd say you have the middle mouse button doing a "zoom". I've also noticed that the task list has no vertical scroll bar, even if Gantt is minimized to the left. I roll my finger down the mouse, exactly as in the guidance illustrations - and absolutely nothing happens. My Magic Mouse 2 was successfully connected to my Mac, and I could move the mouse cursor with no problem, but the scrolling function didn’t work at all. Remove the spring holding the mouse wheel on, and then remove the spring that is holding on to the mouse wheel. In this case, the device is a touchpad. Now it's time to fixed my PC mouse problem. Jun 24, 2014 · What happens with mine at least once or twice a day is that the center scroll touch pad seems to go dead. Make sure the "middle button", which means wheel, is set to Default. Adjust mouse wheel settings. Oct 15, 2008 · Many mouses have a button built in to the scroll wheel. I tried the mouse on a windows 2k machine and it was able to If the two-finger scroll of your touchpad stops working, you can use solutions in this post to fix the problem. Test for hardware/software interference Do the following in order: Update the mouse driver from the manufacturer's website. - techies@ebay. If I move to a different web page it may work differently. All other mouse functions work fine. But nothing would irk you more when it suddenly stops working, and no amount of ‘nudging’ or poking helps! The mouse is still one of the most preferred methods of pointer input among users. 4 – Click Mouse & touchpad. Mar 19, 2020 · I have the same problem with my Magic Mouse 1. they shoot me back saying they will notify me with a resolution but they do not. The colors are not customizable, they just rotate between the 7 colors. Just because you have two random old mice in a shed does not mean that they both don't have the same hardware issue. There is a probability that the issue with your mouse’s scroll wheel could be due to an application. Then select the Off button next to Mouse Keys. 4 on my gen 3 iPad Air. If I move the pointer onto the scroll bar, or near the margin, it usually works there. What you’ll need. Hi, this may give a clue: Mouse scroll wheel not working in Edge - Microsoft Community. In the case of my mouse, the red line is A logitech wireless optical mouse was installed and it won't scroll up, I installed the supplied software and it still won't scroll up. 0 the mouse auto scrolls so fast when I move it to get the folder that I can not select it (I had not changed my general mouse settings when I installed 17. Open up the Control Panel, then search for "Mouse" in the upper right search bar. But my screen don't say so: My Mac is updated: Anybody with a worthy answer ? Thanks in advance. Oct 06, 2015 · Found a rather annoying issue after upgrading to Windows 10 on my PC in my work office: Basically I found the mouse scroll wheel not working in File Explorer (the Windows 10 replacement to Windows Explorer) using a Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. Oct 30, 2016 · Mouse and Menu Scrolling Bug In menus, the screen keeps scrolling through all the different options rapidly. Click on Universal Access, then select the Mouse & Trackpad tab. It's easily fixed however, Download Boot Camp Support Software and unzip, in my case that was unzipping BootCamp5. B) On my system the drivers deleted for my USB mouse were "mouclass. Test of scroll distance within a sheet Jun 16, 2018 · Hello. Apologies if I leave out technical information. How to Fix Mouse Scroll Inactive Windows Not Working in Windows 10 * From your desktop, click on the Start menu, open the Setting app, and go to Device > Mouse & touchpad. It is not the hardware that is the problem but Microsoft's precision trackpad Fix Sticky Scroll Wheel Logitech Mouse. However, there's another type that's popular in gaming mouses — a notched scrolling mechanism. I tried shooting some air via a hand pump (rocket) and that didnt help. A very small-headed Phillips screwdriver. exe driver from Boot Camp. So, I have already been trying and researching a lot, but I still can't solve this problem. How to fix scroll wheel problem Razer Naga mouse with a straw DIY - Duration: 2:12. 96. I have tried a lot of terminal commands that I have found in the forums with no success. I bought it with my Surface Pro 2, but I don't use the Surface very much these days. action prefs like the mousewheel. Some stickier scroll wheels take all the strength you have to get down a notch or two, while others can be too loose and will have you hugging the bottom of the page with a light flick. Plug the mouse in to a different computer and see if it works. If you switch it off manually (which is my preferred setting), then the Edge scroll bug returns. When I unplug the mouse and use the built in mousepad on my laptop, all is well. Aug 16, 2012 · for 3 days i have had a problem with pinterest. After many iterations and modifications, the modern-day mouse now comes with a wheel for scrolling. 0). What's wrong? How do I fix this? It doesn't do it in Firefox only Windows. Many thanks to rockboss2000 and osfd442 who posted these initially. Make sure that the Remote Mouse computer server is running rightly on your computer. I have no idea why this fixed it, but if you have a different Jul 31, 2016 · When I use the scroll wheel on my mouse (Razer DeathAdder 2013) my screen will "jump" up a few lines and then back down, it's very distracting and hard to follow text. I can middle click the mouse wheel and change to the scroll icon and scroll. Nov 14, 2012 · Either a new hardware solution or a better driver. Additionally the middle click within the scroller does work, but the actual scrolling up and down does not work. If anyone has an idea what this is, please advise. Here we have a working trick to solve PUBG Mouse Scrolling Not Working issue in LDPlayer. Click on the first result to open up a "Mouse Properties" box. We did that and after fussing around with some of the parameters it now works just fine. ) Whenever I use the center scroll wheel on my mouse to scroll through a Word document, it scrolls downwards just fine, but when I try to scroll upwards, the screen/page won't refresh properly. It is a Logitech K350 keyboard/mouse combo. If there is no light, check that it is turned on. Aug 10, 2016 · The mouse wheel is the best invention to hit the computer in the last twenty years. Now navigate to Devices > Mouse. I haven't tested it in games, but right now it's just not working in firefox. The physical wheel will still move but the computer does not recognize it. It would only scroll about 20% of the time. Thankfully, you can customize how your scroll wheel responds. When horizontal scrolling is disabled it'll stop moving to the right, but I'm still unable to use the wheel. A small flathead screwdriver or a butter knife. This bug will be fixed in 1. Any idea how to fix this behavior? I tried some things while waiting for a response: - Using an older version of LGS - not If the middle mouse button is not working only on your computer, then check the assigned scroll wheel features in the Button settings. Oct 24, 2018 · Since what it is supposed to do is to scroll, you can hardly claim that it works fine. Holding down one of the Ctrl keys while spinning the mouse wheel changes the text size on web pages. I have researched this issue for a few days but have not been able to find a fix. This happens both with the touchpad and an external USB mouse. At least not permanently. I’m able to move the cursor around normally, but scrolling doesn’t work. Maybe if my Control Panel mouse setting was the other option "Enable Universal Scrolling" - but I couldn't get that to work. Hair or fuzz can block the sensor on the bottom of the mouse, preventing the optical sensor from working correctly. Here is a screen shot of my current settings. They were able to get the mouse to scroll on their computers in the store. Jan 30, 2013 · Google Chrome does a lot of things well, but it's not the greatest when it comes to mouse-wheel scrolling. Mar 19, 2020 · The best way to describe the smooth scroll is to compare the regular mouse scroll with the scroll when the scroll wheel is pressed. Turn Off Background Scrolling in Windows 10 The mouse wheel behavior in Form View was intentionally changed in Access 2007 and in Access 2010 to reduce user confusion. GroupMe), very difficult. My mouse can successfully connect to a computer and interact with the icons on the screen but the red light is not emitting from the clear button on the top of the mouse. Navigate to the rightmost "Hardware" tab to find installed touchpad devices. Q: How can I export my settings  May 02, 2018 · With newer “high-resolution” mouse devices, some applications may not correctly interpret partial scrolling messages. It simply does not work; I've followed every piece of advice & guidance - have gone into the settings & ticked all the relevant functions - but the 'scroll' function does not exist. I unplugged the old MS mouse USB stick - my new mouse scroll continued to work and has continued to work ever since. with*. Re: Scroll button on mouse will not pan The problem is usually related to settings in the mouse driver. Apr 25, 2013 · I have my mouse set for click-to-focus, and the only way to scroll up and down with the wheel is to point the mouse in the Gantt chart scroll bar. Horrible for the carpal tunnel. Also, you may have one of the CTRL keys stuck. And you notice it soon enough so that you're not typing into some random place. I have reset the mouse to default, re-installed the mouse, sworn at it, threatened it with violence, nothing, still the same. You can see that the sequence 4 and 5 are switched. Resolution  You are in the middle of your favorite e-book or a graphic editing project and the scroll wheel on your mouse stops working. I can find the mouse settings but not sure how to change it. If you've noticed that scrolling is really slow or sometimes when you are typing on eBay, it seems to take forever, you may have an issue with Internet Explorer. Shouldn't the task list "grow" a vertical scroll bar when the Gantt chart is minimized? Nov 10, 2011 · When scrolling with the wheel does not work for you in Outlook, it is most likely a driver issue with your mouse. Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them. Welcome to Microsoft Community. Aug 22, 2008 · Get a normal mouse for now, if your laptop has no PS/2 port, get a USB mouse, uninstall the touchpad driver, then goto the touchpad makers site, download the driver and install it again, restart and your problem may be fixed Also this happens on my vista laptop every now and then, but a reboot normally fixes it for mine. Now my workflow and modelling time is being affected by the zoom function in skp 2017. If it is and there is still no light, the mouse may be broken. If scrolling down a webpage the mouse will sometimes scroll up (jump up) for a bit. I have tried it with another mouse and tried my regular mouse in other games where it works fine so the problem is definitely between the mouse and FNV. Please advise. Feb 17, 2012 · The behavior is as if the scrollbar is just right under the pointer. (My touchpad is not the issue -- that works fine. Do not tug at or pull on any parts attached to the mouse wheel. In the next popup, on General tab check the Scrolling checkbox. Article Contents. Bought a new mouse (Microsoft) - same thing. The first 2 seconds of scrolling works, then it breaks. Sep 04, 2013 · Why can I not scroll down and read my emails - Answered by a verified Email technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. I can grab the scroll bar and scroll. g. Is there a setting? Couldn't find one. 3:31. It also does not work in Word or Excel. All tests done within the same sheet, with all extensions disabled, and using windows native mouse settings. The mouse is somtimes scrolling in the opposite direction. However, within the hour I got a software update notification popup on my screen. The latest models totally do away with the physical scroll, and now you can do the scrolling with some rather intuitive finger gestures on your trackpad. If you're a fan of Apple's Magic Mouse you can use it on Windows, however after pairing via Blue Tooth (the code is 0 0 0 0) you'll find that the touch scrolling doesn't work. When you move your cursor in that window, the command line output will tell you what x. That means that the wheel of my main mouse decided to go semi-caput, along with the wheels of the other two mice (even if one of those is new). I had a mouse that was stuck scrolling horizontally. com reports a way to extract both the 32 When I try to scroll down in the file explorer or the start bar it won't scroll down smoothly and will scroll right back up. Make sure that this change helps to solve your mouse problems. However most mice nowadays have a scroll wheel which allows users to scroll up and down a webpage, image or document. A failure to scroll can be caused by dirt in the mechanism. Worked fine in other applications, browsers, etc. Pointer difficult to control or requires too much arm movement. com osfd442 (136 )(view Jul 19, 2018 · However, it’s not uncommon for people to complain that their peanut butter mousetrap is not working. A few days ago I ran into an issue, my mouse wheel will not let me scroll through workbooks. Jan 22, 2016 · If it says "ON" next to "Scroll Lock" (even if unchecked), then Scroll Lock is toggled on your keyboard (or at least the system thinks so). That way you can easily identify the correct registry key to change. Click the Buttons tab. Some users have reported that when they try to scroll using the provided wheel, the mouse zooms instead of scroll in Windows 10. Change Speed-adaptive scroll wheel. Hitting the Ctrl key again brought everything back to normal and I can scroll and click again. One of my users is experiencing a problem whereby the mouse scroll does not work on the Citrix published application. Go to Control Panel\Hardware and Sound. Try cleaning the mouse, especially around the wheel, using compressed air. This enabled the pan feature with AutoCAD 2015. I just don't understand why after months of beta testing they didn't discover and work together to find a fix for this issue. I reinstalled keyboard drivers again and it fixed mouse scrolling problem. First, type "mouse" in Search and click the "Change your mouse settings" or "Mouse settings" result. This plugin does not normally automatically update and it does not tell you if an update exists. In Skyrim and only in Skyrim my scrolling on my mouse got really screwed up to where its either always scrolling up or always scrolling down. I have tried to install mouse drivers on his local PC as well as swapping the USB with a PS/2 mouse but still no go. The precision wheel auto-shifts from click-to-click to hyper-fast scroll. So here find out how to enable two-finger scrolling on Windows 10. (see screenshot below) B) Select a number between 1 to 100 lines at a time you want, and click/tap on OK to apply. Configure the Vertical Scrolling options. Any idea how to fix that issue? I am using a bluetooth mouse, but the Mac’s trackpad does not work either. Every time I wanted to scroll down a screen, I had to move my mouse pointer over to the scroll bar on the right, click it and drag it down. sessionstore” settings and now my jumpy-ness is gone. If it does not work now, I fear you're out of luck. If that doesn’t help, install the Magic Utilities client application or uninstall conflicting software. Gadget Junction 19,375 views. action) prefs to 1 on the about:config page to avoid zooming if the Ctrl/Command key is pressed. I verified scroll lock, verified no frozen panes, verified no limits on scrolling in my VBA, its odd its every sheet I try to open and I cannot seem to find anything causing the issue. 5621. Everywhere I read you can enable or disable the scrolling just by check on System Preferences > Universal Access > Mouse & Trackpad tab > Mouse options button > check scrolling. I can scroll outside of excel sheets including the option menu in excel. In the Windows control panel, double-click the Mouse icon to open the Mouse Properties dialog window. If it happens, just move your mouse off the box and then mouse wheel scrolling should work fine. This will happen in any application including native Windows programs like File explorer or WordPad. Dec 09, 2019 · Some users on Microsoft Community have discussed that there was indeed a hardware problem with their keyboard, which led to Windows 10 scrolling by itself without any mouse input. Click OK. May 24, 2011 · My conclusion is that despite uninstalling mouse drivers, if one does not absolutely delete the associated damaged drivers, Windows will simply re-install the same damaged drivers on reboot. You can check this by clicking Identify. But I noticed that scrolling also doesn't work when I use it with my Miscrosoft Mouse. Indeed, you may have noticed that when you turn your wheel, the page lurches up or down Not to be confused with the Cherry Plugin. You are done. May 19, 2015 · I have the Tt Esports Black Mouse which worked perfectly fine for the 2 previous years I have been using it. Click it to modify TouchPad/ClickPad settings and you can make the necessary changes. I think my gaming mouse started to show some symptoms when I always click the scroll wheel to open a "link in new tab" so less hassle, compared to "right click" then "open link in new tab". As you can maybe see, this is my first post. I allowed the update, but then my scroll wheel failed on my brand new mouse immediately after that software update. To do this, hover the pointer over the scroll bars in the timeline, then use the scroll wheel on the mouse to move the timeline vertically. Why the screen scrolls I had my new mouse still turned on with its USB stick still in, and so simply moved my hand from the old MS mouse to my new mouse, and the scroll worked on it as well. Sep 24, 2019 · As it turns out, one of the most common causes that will trigger this kind of behavior is a stuck CTRL-key. The wheel's physical shape and appearance is still smooth, but the rolling mechanism has notches built-in. Set the desired number of lines to scroll at a time, or enable the One screen at a time option. “What are some ways to fix a mouse that is not scrolling properly?” I had this exact issue with my Logitech MX518. The only way I've found to stop it it to click at the top of the screen where nothing is with my mouse and leave my cursor there. 2. Today, on rebooting the system, the problem returned. And as far as the "Buttons" "5" I thought that only needed to be set to the number of buttons on the mouse. When low resolution wheels scroll up and down, the mouse driver sends a scroll magnitude of 120 for each tick of the wheel up and 120 for each tick down. Turn the mouse over and make sure there is no debris blocking the hole. i have emailed their support center daily for 3 days. To verify this, switch the driver for your mouse to the generic PS/2 compatible Mouse driver. The fastest way to open it, is via the Windows 10 Control Panel and a click on the Mouse icon! Or using the keyboard shortcut Windows + R and the command control. 1. I can click and hold the middle mouse button and move the screen around as normal. But on some sites, I can't wheel. Outlook will show this option when you have the Tablet PC components installed in Windows. Be sure to check the display settings. I have the Logitech MX Revolution mouse and it has a scroll wheel on it. May 23, 2019 · Why Apple’s Magic Mouse 2 scroll is not working? Firstly, install AppleWirelessMouse64. scrolling does not work or wrong pane scrolls some piece of hardware on my machine will suddenly stop functioning as expected after an update. Systemsetting for scrolling is 6 lines. I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem and how they dealt with it. What I meant about the scroll button is the scroll wheel of my mouse. Not that it would have mattered or changed anything because carrying around a wireless mouse around with a laptop would be a major PITA. I was having this same problem with the new release of Firefox 18. Nov 30, 2008 · The issue is that the mouse wheel would scroll for a line or two, and would then stop. In OS X 10. Jan 07, 2017 · Thought my problem had been fixed and was sad my older mouse was no longer usable, even as a back up. Oct 17, 2017 · How to Fix: Touchpad Scroll Not Working in Windows 7, 8 and 10. I can click on objects and the cursor is moving, but when I go to the border of the screen the section won’t move at all. On the iMicro MO-M128MI USB Optical Mouse, the wheel and spring are easily visible. Please tolerate my poor . Your mobile device and computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi, or the same personal hotspot. org things your mouse is doing: Button 4 in this example refers to scrolling up. If you want the horizontal scrolling to switch as well, switch the 6 and 7. I reinstalled the latest drivers for the mouse, used a different mouse, and even a third mouse! None of the middle buttons on the mice that I connect to my system will do anything except scroll, and I know for certain that they support other functions, because they work normally on my laptops. This is Computer Mouse Fatigue and, if you are lucky, right now, it is an ache and not a condition. Why Is My Popup Not Scrolling Properly/Background Scrolling Overview . Then select "Scrolling Region" at the left and select the areas you want to be devoted to scrolling. 3 – Click Devices. They may say the mouse is eating bait without springing the trap. Sep 20, 2016 · Simply remove the battery and replace it, and also remove the USB dongle and reinsert (if the mouse is cordless). If you don't get any output when scrolling, it may be your mouse is just broken. I must have changed some setting somewhere. Press 'Ok' and scroll the window now. The other 75% it would just ignore the wheel. I think it's the ELAN tab over in Control Panel, Mouse. Make sure that there is no physical damage to your keyboard and your mouse wheel. This article examines possible solutions, and will be updated as new solutions are found. I spent a fair bit of time searching the web/forums and came up blank, but finally determined that it was caused by a setting in the Mouse control panel called " Enabled accelerated scrolling ", which I believe is set by default. Who has a solution that will enable two-finger scrolling? A little about me: If all the relevant mouse keys light up (including the arrows for the scroll wheel) then, congratulations, your mouse passed the test! If one or more of the relevant keys does not light up then that means that your mouse failed the test! If your mouse didn't pass the test, this will usually be due to one of two possible reasons: Why does my horizontal scroll wheel not work in Sonar? I used to be able to tilt my middle mouse wheel to scroll horizontally in the TV or PRV in Sonar. The problem was in the mouse driver. If you're running any version of Microsoft Windows and are encountering issues with the  27 Apr 2020 The Wheel on My Mouse is Not Working Properly? Mice can be optical or use a roller ball. If the touchpad is not disabled in CMOS, Windows may not be detecting it because it's defective and non-working (see the defective hardware section). Turned out that I had apparently hit the Ctrl key accidentally, which reset my mouse. Click that once and it should be fixed. However, the mouse does work perfectly fine with my Lenovo Yoga 900, and as a Bluetooth device it's way more convenient than carting around a wireless mouse that needs a dongle plugged in to the laptop to work. Application does not correctly recognize scrolling messages from the mouse. Can you imagine the distress that  20 Oct 2015 My 3 years old mouse wheel had scrolling problem. Step 3: In the Mouse window, go to the Pointing Device Properties tab. When the scroll function fails totally or scrolling becomes erratic, the cause can often be due to dust and fluff which has made its way into the wheel. Control Panel>Mouse Click the Wheel tab, and then do one of the following: To set the number of lines the screen will scroll for each notch of mouse wheel movement, under Vertical Scrolling I was just leaning back in my chair facing right, so it's easier to use my left hand. Scrolling does not seem to work anywhere. Naturally, if the mouse keeps eating bait off the trap without springing it, it’s not a very effective method of mouse control. If none of the methods mentioned above bring back the Synaptics tab, install Synaptics app from the Microsoft store. My current Logitech likes the setting called "Middle Button" setting with Vista 64 bit. after i log on to my account,i can only view the first page of pins. If the  I have been using my mouse for a while, and it was working fin. Now the scroll wheel doesn't work. 5 or earlier, choose Apple menu > System Preferences. The menus have become almost impossible to navigate. Method #2 Change the Registry If the first method did not help to fix the malfunction of the middle mouse button, then try this method to bring your mouse back on track. A set of possible solutions to try when a popup does not scroll properly, or the page scrolls but the popup does not. 8. Microsoft Sidewinder X3 Mouse Notched scroll I use a Microsoft Mouse and the pan feature was not working. When I scroll in-game, I expect my camera to zoom in or out but that’s not what The scroll wheel on an older mouse can stop working because there is simply too much accumulated crud inside that stops the wheel from functioning correctly. Used System: Windows 19 x64. 1) Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features > May 13, 2016 · Ideally one scroll of the scroll wheel would produce the same amount of scrolling each time and in the proper direction. Its cursor still jumped around my MacBook Pro Mouse Wheel Scrolling not always working in Windows 10 J Yoder posted over 4 years ago On Windows 7, when using the UltraCombo control, if I click the drop down and see a long list of rows, I can hover the mouse over those rows and use the mouse scroll wheel to go up and down. To get Magic Mouse 2 to scroll pages on Windows, you need a separate third-party app. I use it every time for panning and zooming because it’s a lot faster to do models with it than pressing Z on my keyboard. The mouse wheel behavior is now consistent and only moves the scroll bar. Then, click on Scroll tab and check all the checkboxes under one finger edge scrolling. sys". 24 Oct 2018 If you do happen to have one that can be programmed, you need to check the software configuration to make sure it's not set up wrong. It did this the first time I turned my PC on, then it started working right after I updated some stuff on the PC, then this morning (the day after) it stopped working again. I bought my performance mx mouse online about 1. Oct 09, 2011 · my samsung has stopped scrolling by supermeghna Oct 10, 2011 1:49AM PDT yes- i had checked all control panel/mouse settings, rebooted, tried function+F12 (scroll lock/unclock) etc. Glad i'm not the only poor soul with this problem. Do not try taking it apart to clean it. This issue annoyed me for a while. It will briefly scroll when I first start the browser on those sites, for about two or three rotations of Notice how scrolling with the mouse-wheel no longer causes the fixed background image to jump (or jitter) as it did in Internet Explorer 11. This represents the switch in the vertical scrolling direction. Not sure why MS made thus functionality go away, but really need to have it back for a multitude of reasons the main ones being ergonomics and productivity. A clean install of Windows will turn that option back on. Check the keyboard for a stuck Ctrl key. The fix is to simply reboot the mouse (turn it off and then back on). No worries -- they were very cheap and they are perfectly usable, allowing for the choppy scroll annoyance. Self-styled geek tech Website uneasysilence. On some mice, it can also behave as a 3rd button, but that it is incidental. 7 Mar 2020 Microsoft Windows users. You can click the hand icon to turn it off again. If it is not enabled, you will need to plug in a USB mouse, wait for that to become active, then enable the touchpad using Windows settings. If you are experiencing scrolling issues, we recommend that you disable smooth scrolling in the Logitech Options software. Feb 25, 2019 · To reverse the mouse scrolling direction using the Registry, use these steps: Use the Windows key + R keyboard shortcut to open the Run command. Jan 13, 2018 · ASUS G46VW Touchpad not scrolling or zooming: Asus UX501 Windows 10 touchpad will not scroll: Mouse Start Scroll Not Working after installing Windows 10: Upgraded to Windows 10 and now scrolling does not work with touchpad L875D-S7332: Lost Touchpad Scrolling Ability: Accidentally highlighting text while scrolling - Dell XPS 15 (9530) Mar 17, 2013 · For the rest, if your screen is jumping up and down when scrolling or just randomly whether you’re using it or not, it’s commonly caused by a faulty mouse. Mar 23, 2019 · 1] Toggle the appropriate Mouse 10 Setting. How To Fix Wireless Mouse Not Working Fix 1: Remove USB receiver and wireless mouse battery for 5 seconds. Thanks in advance for any giudance you can offer. Mouse scroll buttons helps you to scroll up and down in your computer. Type regedit , and click OK to open the Registry . Suddenly my mouse will not scroll when I am on a web page. from my case i download  I can still hover over the scroll bar to make it appear, and then click and drag it, but when this happens, the only fix is to quit Teams (not just close  16 Oct 2017 On my old Vista laptop, I had a scroll bar on the touchpad (on the far If it is not enabled, you will need to plug in a USB mouse, wait for that to  So my mouse itself is working fine. foo1{margin: 0; padding: 0; width:100%; height:90em; overflow-x: scroll; }. This is what we are interested in. Frustrating much! If you do not see a non-USB HID-compliant mouse device on the Hardware tab, the touchpad may have been disabled in the BIOS (see the CMOS setup section below). It was constantly mimicking the behavior when a user holds down shift and scrolls the mouse wheel. It looks like the Windows 10 'Creators Update' has broken the ASUS SmartGesture software. The main reasons of a mouse scroll not  17 Oct 2019 repair a mouse Scroll wheel that is not stable (jumps) or not working I needed to do was jam a toothpick in the left side of my scroll wheel,  The problem is that the bumps inside the wheel (“resting positions”) are not As such, when the wheel is rotated, the mouse things it has stopped scrolling, but  Fix: Mouse scroll is not working in Windows 10. The fix that worked for me was updating the firmware on the unifying receiver. When testing this, please ignore the output that is generated by your mouse moving around. When it is enabled, you can scroll through the message without using the scroll bar. If the scroll wheel isn't working, then the mouse might be broken. with_meta. A hack that allows Apple's Magic Mouse to have scrolling functionality in Windows is now reportedly available. Try pushing down on the scroll wheel for a second and see if it makes a difference. Paste the following to the text file. Personally, I love the feature, but your mileage may vary. If the mouse is an optical or laser mouse, a light should be shining out of the bottom of the mouse if it is turned on. Something changed your mouse settings. A small number of customers have reported minor scrolling issues while using the MX Master mouse in free spin mode. As far as I know you have left click right click, middle click, and that it, the movement of the wheel doesn't count towards a button. action pref (on Mac mousewheel. The strip stopped working but it wasn't until a week or so later that the rest of the mouse died. October 27th: Nope, I was wrong. LGS 8. I was just scrolling then suddenly the scroll wheel wasn't clicking when i moved it. Jun 11, 2020 · I play SC2 on my MacBook. the wheel, which allows you to not only scroll up and down, but left to right for  Suddenly, my mouse wheel began changing the text size in Mozilla instead of scrolling up and CTL scroll is zoom in FF, and CTL changes a lot of other key combos. Solution #1: Disable "Fixed Popup" Setting Apr 07, 2019 · It's not a hardware issue. and Here is my CSS . For further details on the underlying issue, see the link below. 81. Mouse In the Windows-10 Mouse Properties window, click the mouse Pointer options tab and in the group field Motion, change the mouse pointer speed in Windows 10 Jun 11, 2016 · There is no setting for this in SketchUp itself, it depends on the way the mouse driver communicates the wheel events. Does the wheel cause windows in other apps to scroll? If not, check the mouse settings to verify that the wheel is set for scrolling. Some programs cannot correctly receive the scrolling messages from your mouse. I would contact technical support regarding this. These drivers seemingly work with Windows 10 perfectly and make the mouse fully functional in Windows 10. Jan 12, 2009 · I tried the Lenovo mouse and it works perfectly. If you press the mouse scroll wheel, you can move your mouse up/down and the scroll will be very smooth. It seems as if the formatting of the page determines whether or not it will scroll. Apr 12, 2020 · If you don’t have time to read the full post, try these tips when your mouse or trackpad is not working with your iPhone or iPad: Check that your mouse or trackpad isn’t already connected to another device If your mouse or trackpad has a power switch, make sure it is on Update the software on your iPhone or iPad In the new window that pops up, click the box next to "Virtual Scrolling" and then click on "Long Distance Scrolling" and make sure the boxes next to the scrolling options are checked. The left one doesn't work for sure and I can't draw my weapon, let alone fire it. Jul 23, 2011 · In Premiere Pro, the scroll wheel moves the timeline horizontally. Both buttons still work. So that's the very first thing I would think of. Mouse - Logitech M570 Mouse scroll wheel setting in native windows mouse settings panel - 6 lines per click. This may seem disorienting at first, but you should know that you can use the mouse to scroll vertically. Nov 28, 2016 · I am using intel core i7 on a Windows 10 Operating System. Your computer's firewall or anyother anti-virus software is not blocking Remote Mouse. I am able to enter BIOS (keyboard working fine) and Acer Recovery Program (pressed by ALT + F10) and both keyboard and mouse working fine. Apr 09, 2017 · Fix Mouse Scroll Wheel For Wired Optical Mouse(New Trick) - Duration: 3:31. I´m currently checking out the mouse support in iPadOS 13. I really enjoy natural scrolling, but not only on my touchp 11 Sep 2018 #2. I followed the instructions and opened the application that controls the mouse, in my case it was "Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center" then I changed the assignment for the middle button to 'Middle-click'. Jan 27, 2013 · Page 1 of 3 - Laptop touchpad/scrollbar scrolling down by itself - posted in Windows XP Home and Professional: Hi! When our office laptops were upgraded, our company sold us our old laptops at I like my Surface Arc Touch mouse. Another scrollbar appears and moves, but doesn't move the open content. May 25, 2011 · Sounds like a cabling or connection issue between the keyboard controller and keyboard and mouse. such as 3 for a usb wheel mouse with no extra buttons. And it's not like the button itself doesn't work. In the Wheel button drop-down list, select AutoScroll, and click Apply. Jul 17, 2012 · This so-called 'magic' mouse came with my iMac. It would zoom in and out on a document, and I couldn't click on anything. I will certainly help you with the issue that you are facing. Under Mice and other pointing devices, select/highlight HID-compliant mouse  12 Jul 2017 Often when you get a new mouse, there's a bit of a learning curve to nail down Thankfully, you can customize how your scroll wheel responds. Edgeback - Microsoft Community. Mechanical scroll wheel (encoder) is the most common problem, even more common than faulty buttons. The problem is not fixed. There should be a tab near the bottom of the mouse settings that says "Restore Defaults" - Click on that, and also do not press Depending on what manufacturer's mouse you have the middle wheel setting might need to be set differently. The wheel merely spins without making contact with anything, resulting in no clicks and no scrolling on screen. Most of the time it is near the mouse because that is where the cable is flexed most often. 2 – Click Settings. Finally, toggle the Scroll inactive windows when I hover I use a mouse with my laptops virtually all the time, so I don’t have the problem. Disconnect and reconnect mouse. In Window’s Device Manager, you can go to the properties of your mouse, then to the details tab and select the Hardware IDs property to see the GUID of your mouse. 04. sys" and "mouhid. zip. Jul 12, 2017 · Often when you get a new mouse, there’s a bit of a learning curve to nail down just how fast (or slow) it scrolls. I've updated my monitor drivers, mouse driver (even tried deleting them and running default), updated Windows (using Windows 10), updated my graphics card drivers (NVIDIA GeForce Aug 04, 2017 · scrolling not working continuous forms Access release 1707; mouse scroll not working in access 2016 form view; Vertical scrollbar not painting new records on form; Continuous Form Scroll No Longer Working, Access 2016; access 2016; The only fix I am aware of is to uninstall (or what Microsoft is now referring to as Revert) the latest update. Since using my mouse’s scroll wheel up/down with Ctrl pressed zooms in and out in my KDE environment, I tried configuring two keys on my Fn layer to LCTRL(Key_mouseScrollUp) and LCTRL(Key_mouseScrollDn). There are some that call such BLOATWARE and later learn it can be difficult to reinstall the pad Nov 02, 2013 · 1. You can set mousewheel. I use an Apple Magic Mouse 2 which has a 2-dimensional scrolling feature. Aug 09, 2018 · Apple Mouse is a great accessory for any Mac, but sometimes it will refuse to scroll up or down. Apr 20, 2014 · My touchpad on my ASUS laptop works but one of the features does not work. Thank you! Jun 27, 2015 · In fact, scrolling is perfectly fine in the web browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer), yet scrolling with the scroll wheel fails to work properly in Windows Explorer, Notepad, and even the Windows Volume control; Root of the problem Previously, a USB mouse was attached to the device, and the scroll wheel functioned correctly. There is a lot of misunderstanding about RSI; it happens to those who have an arm weakness, that it is an illness or you have to be a computer nerd on the computer all day. To turn on the logo again, press and hold the + end of the Pointer Speed button when you plug in the USB connector. November 22, 2019 By Sambit Koley. level 2 Mar 26, 2018 · Click on Settings. Then I switch to keyboard to scroll through everything. For most folks, that is a quick trip to a repair center and having them open 'er up, blow out the dust, clean and replug the components. I could see the process for the "Synaptics touchpad 64-bit" using 8 to 10% of the CPU when I wasn't even touching it. I grab the mouse and go to scroll and nothing happens when I swipe my finger down the middle. Some users have reported that simply changing the mouse pointer solved the problem and the two-finger scroll feature started working again. When I scroll in Acrobat Reader using the wheel on my Logitech Performance MX mouse (Mac 10. at the very bottom of the first is a bouncing dot right next to the words "fetching pins" but no new pins ever appear. Just follow the simple instructions below to fix the issue. This is because with the ‘high resolution’ mouse devices, there are still some applications that do not correctly interpret the partial scrolling messages. I was using a Logitech M510 wireless bluetooth mouse and was experiencing this issue with Ubuntu 18. If those still don't work it is likely only going to be solved by reinstalling Mobo drivers, Graphics drivers, or windows entirely. Do 3, 2, 1 all in order. Usually next to that is a spring that presses against a notched wheel. Friday, October 26, 2012 11:02 PM. Oct 03, 2019 · Camera movement in all Roblox games has become abnormal. You want it set to page. Control panel -> mouse settings should get you in the area of your mouse configuration, look for something for the middle button. Found some paid software for full support but, come on, it’s just a mouse driver. Type: gksu gedit. Rough estimate, half the sites won't scroll. For instance, you can change the way If the mouse wheel is at all dusty or sticky, use a soft, damp, antistatic cloth to gently wipe around the circumference of the wheel. In Mouse Properties window as seen below, choose Device Settings. This plugin may have been installed separately, but usually comes pre-packaged with a purchased template. Try hitting the WINKEY + I combo to launch the Settings App. Tapping on it to Page Up or Page Down doesn't usually work either. I noticed that xev was not detecting  14 Mar 2016 Question from Billie: I upgraded my computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and now I'm having trouble scrolling web pages with my mouse  29 Oct 2018 Having trouble moving the cursor on your laptop? We've got some quick and easy tips to solve the problem. Any suggestions please to correct this issue. Screen recording of the issue: https://my. Aug 12, 2013 · My mouse is continuously scrolling right and I'm unable to use the wheel at all. If your mouse is a later production unit, it will turn off. I can turn left/right, scroll through 3rd person view, etc. My Magic Mouse stopped scrolling a week ago. I started using one with my Windows laptop and was surprised at the lack of info on the interwebs about getting the scrolling to work. Before I replace my mouse with a gaming mouse I'm using a very cheap A4tech mouse which does a very good performance until now. I couldn’t scroll up, down, left or right with one finger. 5 (it's already fixed in the beta). To change the way tabs work, in Internet Explorer, go to Tools>Internet Options>General tab and in the "Tabs" section, click on the Settings button. This can happen due to many reasons like dust, damage from use, etc. I have tried every USB port, disabled the HID mouse driver, restarted the computer, etc. It works fine when moving the horizontal scrollbar with the mouse. Try manipulating the wire near the mouse and work towards the connector. You have installed latest Synaptic touchpad driver from website and you are still facing an issue in page scrolling, then you can try changing the settings of the One/ Two Finger Scrolling feature (located under Mouse Properties). 5 months ago and its amazing. Jun 24, 2014 · No software or hardware updates have happened, nothing in particular happened, I was scrolling through eBay and all of a sudden it stopped scrolling and started zooming! My keys are fine, the ctrl keys are not stuck down. Assuming device drivers for a mouse are installed, click on the device which is not your mouse. If you have a new Surface Book or Surface Pro 4 you may be experiencing some lag when using the new glass trackpad. In my prior article, I described a serious problem with the scroll wheel on various Logitech mice (causes odd problems on web browsers). After 5 seconds now reattach USB receiver and mouse battery and turn on your wireless mouse. Please try the following fix. You can do this in the following way; Open Device Manager from Control Panel and expand “Mice and other Pointing devices”. why is my mouse not scrolling

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