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This transmission comes with everything in the K15 Combo Kit plus a double clutch 4 liter torque converter and 2 Red Eagle or Black bands. contact us. The torque converter is the unit that gently transmits power from the engine to the transmission gears. Bad performance in the torque converter happens when the transmission takes more time to be in contact with the engine and this results in longer stall speeds. Install this TC2 1002P on a Predator 212. Torque Converter Clutch Circuit Performance or Stuck Off. The same can apply to This High Performance Torque Converter will fit TH350 & TH400 transmissions fitted to GM Small Block or Big Block V8 Engines. Nonetheless, direct torque control still has drawbacks in terms of pulsation. ” In terms of torque and its effect on converter choice, as mentioned above, when the torque curve of the engine is raised, you need more stall speed in the converter to allow the vehicle to accelerate at lower RPM. Torque Converter (10) AFE Torque Converters (0) Diesel Performance Converters (7) Dodge (7) Ford (0) GM (0) Transmission Kits (23) 47RE (9) 47RH (7) 48RE (8) Transmission Valve Bodies & Kits (9) Transmissions (8) Edge (12) Ford Diesel Truck Products (1146) 1983 - 1987 (6. This is known as a tight or loose converter. 4T65E, 245 MM performance torque converter. The larger converter bolt circle is built right on the smaller converter. Any kind of clicking or screaming sounds from the vehicle indicates a malfunction in the torque converter. As the diameter of a torque converter decreases, the stall speed ( RPM) goes up. The shape of the blades is important as minor variations can result in significant changes to the converter's performance. The torque converter is a mechanism for transferring torque between impeller and turbine shafts. A higher stall converter allows the vehicle to accelerate better from a dead stop and may provide tire-smoking performance. If choosing a torque converter for use in a street car, you might want to select a torque converter with a stall speed that is below the engine RPM at 70 mph, since this is where your engine will spend a lot of its time. View . The significance of the torque converter is that it allows the output shaft to be stopped with out stalling the engine, and without physically disconnecting the input and output shafts. We always recommend changing your converter at the time of rebuild since you will not want to use the old, contaminated fluid that is in your current converter and circulate that through your brand new ransmission. schematic image. Complete torque converter kit for the Coleman CT200 series mini bike. The report gives the clear picture of Night Stalker Torque Converter Chrysler TF-727 Non-Lock Up, 10" BC, 24 Spline, 28-3200 Stall, With Weights Level 10 sets the standard for BMW performance parts, including BMW transmission parts, BMW superchargers and BMW torque converters. $459. A high stall converter can improve performance, but of equal importance are efficiency, torque multiplication and durability. The HRM Coleman CT200 Performance Jack Shaft system has proven to be a much more durable drive system than using a 20-30 series TC unit. Shop by Virtual Transmission! Shop by engine model to find parts for your Allison ® Transmission. at every stoplight but choose the wrong one and you could end up with a car that falls flat on performance. Your order may be eligible for Ship to Home, and shipping is free on all online  Welcome to ACC Performance / BOSS HOG Torque Converters! bosshogacc. stall speeds from 2500 rpm to 5500. 255. Product Title Torque Converter 3/4" 30 series #41 Replaces Comet 2 Average rating: 4. Buy Hughes Performance GM25 Torque Converter: Transmissions & Parts - Amazon. The converter spec'ed at 1500-1600 may be listed with a 325 ft/lb 5. This will increase the stall speed approximately 1000 rpm over stock, to around 3000-3200 rpm. 99. Efficiency relates to how well the torque Transmissions, Racing Transmissions, C4 Transmissions, C6 Transmissions, AOD Transmissions, AODE Transmissions, 5r55 Transmissions, Valve Bodies, Bellhousings, Torque Performance Automatic has recognized the importance of building an ultra high performance 10" torque converter that is compatible with some street use. So Whether You Need A Torque Converter For Your Daily Driver Or Need Something Custom Built, TCS Performance Has The Knowledge And Ability To Handle All Of Your Request In-House. Now performance Tundra and inline 6 (2JZGE) torque converters available! Allison Performance Torque Converters. Torque Converter, Ford C4 '70 Later. Most street legal vehicle engines are running low RPM's. . 278mm – Great performance torque converter for a daily driven 5th Gen Camaro or G8. 1. 100% custom Damper modification to improve internal balance, clearance, and end play; 100% custom Damper modification to improve seal installation and function Torque converter performance isn’t just about stall speed; it’s also about how firm a converter hooks up when it does stall. This match will give the optimum performance or launch of the vehicle. A torque converter is a hydraulic fluid coupling that's used to transfer rotating power from your engine to your wheels. The torque converter diameter establishes the moment arm, or the distance of the outer fin openings This torque-improving device was the first torque converter in use and, since it incorporated the stator (reaction member) to multiply torque, it formed the basic design for all modern torque converters. Stand-alone performance testing of torque converters for research and development. 7 Litres). Most BMW models with automatic transmissions, from the late ’80s-on, utilize a clutch within the torque converter. This bore size will match the size of your horizontal engine drive shaft. CPT’s Art Carr took us through a guided tour of a CPT TH200-4R. While we know that they have changed, we weren’t sure in what ways or the specific areas. Order by Virtual Transmission! A torque converter is also called "automatic clutch. Diesel Billet Converters, Stall Converters, Four Clutch Converters, Racing Converters. Ju et al. Breakaway™ Torque Converter by TCI®. Regardless of what category or price level it may fall into, every TCI torque converter is Triple Tested during assembly. Custom built Racing Torque Converters, call 330-276-2831 QuickDraw Converters by Multi Performance Specialties, Ltd. Check it out. TPI was founded in 1977. 9562 River Road, Marcy, NY 13403, USA. Precision of New Hampton is the largest privately -held torque converter remanufacturer in the world. 3 Powerstroke with E40D or 4r100. Up until 3-18-2005 new converter bolt holes had to be drilled in the flywheel that was built for the 258MM converter. Performance torque converters and transmission torque converter replacement for cars and trucks from RevMax Performance Converters. With the torque converter installed completely into the transmission, mate the transmission onto the rear of the engine. These Boss Hog torque converters use Torrington-style incased bearings throughout, and ACC Performance four-corner tack welds Torque Converter Model. Features: • 280mm / 11” • 2500 RPM Stall Speed • GM Limited 12 Month Warranty • GM Engineered and designed for use with performance 4L70E transmissions The torque converter clutch solenoid valve is activated, with the gear in D4, by the Transmission Control Module (TCM) in response to signals sent from the vehicle speed and the Engine Control Module . Here we will take a tour to the shop where is it made. coa-110310 - 10" maximum performance converter w/billet cover (torque drive lock-up), 281mm bolt circle '98 - up 4l60e ls engine (except corvette) New Be the first to review this product Leading provider of high performance automatic transmissions, torque converters and drivetrain components for race, Drag Racing Torque Converter 8", 1965-90 GM TH P0741 Meaning The torque converter clutch solenoid valve is activated, with the gear in D4, by the Transmission Control Module (TCM) in response to signals sent from the vehicle speed and the Engine Control Module (). #7-TR. Revmax is known worldwide for providing the best racing and diesel converters! performance to heavy duty converters. Edge Racing Converters : AODE/4R70W - Ford Dodge / Chrysler GM Sonnax Billet Servo's Racing Converters, Race converters horsepower, with more torque and low stall, high stall - Streetedge, proedge, racersedge & custom performance torque converters, powerglide 2. Find the top 100 most popular items in Amazon Automotive Best Sellers. 9 or 3 liter bell housing. The impeller pump fin angles and stator blade design are the primary components used to change This 10" high stall torque converter is designed to be used in conjunction with high compression, nitrous oxide, bigger duration cams, and stout gear ratios or supercharged and turbo applications. We will custom remanufacture your Allison Performance Torque Converter in 24 hrs, rebuild costs range from $250 - $400 Please take the time to look at our website so you can can see what we are about. Torque Converter Applications. Aug 14, 2018 · An engine with more lower RPM torque, like a big block, will stall the same converter at a higher RPM than a lesser torque rated small block. We have been using these torque converters with our rebuilds and selling to our customers since 2005. Our Speedway-exclusive Performance Automatic torque Apr 09, 2018 · The performance and stall speed will be determined by which parts are used to build the converter. Excellent converter for trucks used for towing. 6. ) Check out Precision Torque Converter Ford 6. The first step into serious high performance, the Breakaway is a great torque converter for moderately modified street machines and weekend racers also used as daily drivers. In short, the torque converter is filled with transmission fluid and has a “fan” or turbine-like unit inside. This torque converter will have great street manners and only flash high when you want it. Transmission Torque Converter Damper. Paramount Performance DOMINATOR HD Torque Converter (2005-2014 5. Call today and talk with our knowledgeable sales staff. 5″ 245mm Stall Torque Converter. Torque Converter, GM TH350-400, 11 inch, Power Products, Perf. Altering Hydrodynamic Torque Converter Performance 730001 The paper describes the different types of polyphase, multistage and floating element hydrodynamic torque converters and their variations. Remove the torque converter. As well as providing our customers with custom built transmissions, it is just as important to have a custom built converter. FILTER RESULTS. CALL  26 Sep 2017 When it comes to choosing a torque converter many factors come into play when choosing the right converter. The focus of this post will be to take a deep dive into this component, and even take a look at how to properly test out your torque converter. It is considered generic because it applies to all makes and models of vehicles (1996-newer), although specific repair steps may vary depending on the model. 0 out of 5 stars 2. This torque converter will also fit Chevrolet built 3. Order Line 1-800-914-KART. condition, but the blade angles will be unfavorable at higher speeds and will reduce the maximum coupling efficiency. 258MM 4T65E application May 06, 2020 · The torque converter does what a clutch does in a manual vehicle—allows the engine to turn while the transmission stops, enabling the shifting of gears. While many vehicle combinations and applications are very similar and the best torque converter may be an off-the shelf buy, it is normally a wise step to consult an expert for your specifications, and choose the best torque converter for your particular application. Influence of aspect ratio on  Torque Converters. Custom Nissan Upgrades: Nissan Transmission, Nissan Torque Converter & Nissan Valve Body. What Does Code P0741 Mean? OBD II fault code P0741 is most commonly defined as “ Torque Converter Clutch Circuit Performance” or sometimes as “Torque Converter Clutch- Stuck Off”, and is set when the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) detects an abnormal electrical value in the torque converter clutch control circuit. Each converter incorporates the following features: Steel Billet Front Cover Torque converter Torque converters toronto ontario canada united states us usa for automotive and industrial applications. This is done with an adapter ring built onto the torque converter. 3, 2. 95 2004R Stage 4 Billet 9. A4LD Level 3. TCI 10" Converter- 2600-2800 Stall TH400/350 with Anti Performance torque converters and transmission torque converter replacement for cars and trucks from RevMax Performance Converters. An experimental investigation was performed to characterize the influence of pump rotation speed on the hydrodynamic performance and the associated unsteady pressure Downloadable! In asynchronous motor direct torque control systems, the power supply using the matrix converter can achieve the effect of direct torque control and also has the advantages of the matrix converter. Florida Torque Converter wants to help you get the most performance from your vehicle. From rugged performance slip yokes to trusted aluminum weld yokes and tubing, Sonnax drive shaft upgrades deliver enhanced strength and durability from street to strip, on road and off. The entire assembly is balanced and blueprinted for ultimate performance and smoothness. Performance Torque Converters - 2717 Avalon Ave, Muscle Shoals, Alabama 35661 - Rated 4. 7L/6. Make sure and spread some tranmission fluid or lithuim grease on the new converter at the seal. (2016) studied the effects of cavitation on the performance of an The report for Global Torque Converter Market of Market Research Future comprises of extensive primary research along with the detailed analysis of qualitative as well as quantitative aspects by various industry experts, key opinion leaders to gain the deeper insight of the market and industry performance. The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) will set the P0741 diagnostic trouble code when it notices a difference between the rotational speed of the torque converter and the transmission input shaft that is greater than 200 revolutions per minute (RPM). _____ A sudden drop in mpg in addition to a decrease in top speed could indicate an internal torque converter failure. The investigation was conducted by running lab tests as well as numerical simulations. Professional Transmission and Converter. Chrysler Torqueflite. These TC are special order and made to my specifications. Buy online for free next day delivery or same day pickup at a store near you. Sort. Performance. Includes all hardware and riser kit needed for proper clearance. We custom build our converters one at a time to insure the level of performance and reliability that the racing and performance converter industry demands. This needs a check on the vehicle’s stall speed specifications. Performance torque converters are generally grouped by size (diameter) and stall speed. 9 out of 5 stars 14. Part of the process involves ensuring that each unit is built to spec. 5. Here is a fine torque converter kit for go-karts and dune buggies. Fully balanced and tested, these converters provide a stall speed gain of 400-600 RPM over stock converters. Our converters begin as brand new OEM units, which are reworked to raise stall and flash speeds by approximately 500 to 1,000 rpm. Bolt in installation with no modifications required. 95 $ 99 . , Ste 105 Georgetown, This is our billet series C6 torque converter for use in high torque applications. com and we can get you a fast quote on your custom Nissan performance part upgrades. A hydrodynamic torque converter differs in performance from a fluid coupling by having more output torque than input torque  Chevrolet Performance offers factory-matched Transmission Torque Converters and other components for your transmission build or project car. (Applies only to GM|Duramax). This small converter is custom-matched for your application for stall-speed and torque multiplication. 7L Parts (2011+), TORQUE CONVERTERS from Choate Engineering Performance Leading provider of high performance automatic transmissions, torque converters and drivetrain components for race, Drag Racing Torque Converter 8", 1965-90 GM TH Precision of New Hampton is the largest privately -held torque converter remanufacturer in the world. Since the vast majority of late model, automatic transmission-equipped muscle cars are fitted with lock-up converters as they roll off the showroom floor, manufacturer's including ATI Racing, Hughes Performance, TCI Automotive, and   Results 1 - 19 of 19 Order Torque Converter - Performance for your vehicle and pick it up in store— make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. Performance Torque Converters And Transmission Performance Parts Industry. If you are searching for “GM torque converter“, ” 4l60e torque converter”, ” torque converter for 4l60e”, ” 2600 stall converter 4l60e”, or ” 4l60e performance torque converter”, Road Runner Torque Converters can help! We offer a wide range of replacement torque converters for GM vehicles including: GMC, Chevy, Cadillac, and ptc torque converter - 9. With the help of our State of the Art CNC Equipment, TCS Performance manufactures quality internal parts that are used in all our Performance Converters. - Torque Converters. Assault Racing Products Transtar offers the best torque converter brands in the industry: RECON Certified; Consolidated Vehicle Converters (CVC) ProTorque Performance These high-quality units are available for same- or next-day delivery to most shop locations throughout the United States. P0741 can register whenever this connection is not happening at all or happening properly. All of Level10’s BMW transmissions are custom built by our transmission experts. Find Hughes Performance Torque Converters with TH400 Transmission Type and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Torque Converter, Performance Performance Torque Converters We will custom remanufacture your Performance Torque Converter in 24 hrs, rebuild costs range from $250 - $400 Please take the time to look at our website so you can can see what we are about. 1L/6. Because the coupling of I and T occurs by viscous action, the torque transfer depends on the difference ω = ω T – ω I ≠ 0, or the speed ratio R ω ≠ 1. As you know, a high-stall converter is a essential requirement when doing a camshaft on any performance application. GTC Manufacturer of Torque Converter and Clutch systems for Go Kart, Mini Bike and Small Vehicles. This combines the two separate halves of the torque converter, which improves the car’s efficiency because of reduced slippage. Ford C-4, C-6. Night Stalker converters are obtainable in four levels to perfect your performance needs, and they are designed to handle as much as 500 horsepower. PERFORMANCE TORQUE CONVERTER. Specializing in Race Converter & Transmission Design & Manufacturing Advance Auto Parts has 6 different Torque Converter - Performance for your vehicle, ready for shipping or in-store pick up. The Wrangler uses a clutch in the torque converter to lock the engine and transmission together at highway speed. Apr 19, 2011 · This one's for anyone who's ever messed with a higher than stock torque converter. We can build to stall from approximately 1200-2200 rpm range. Jul 08, 2018 · If you have any questions feel free to comment down below, I'll try my best to answer them. 99 OEM Torque Converter that came standard in the ZL1 Camaro (6l80 trans. Oct 27, 2017 · Advertised cam durations over 272 degrees, will require a 3,000 to 3,600 stall converter for optimum performance. _____ Any torque converter clutch sensor malfunction will prevent a torque converter from locking up. 00 Monster Sale Price Torque Converter Technology Serving Chicago, Illinois and the Surrounding Chicagoland Suburbs Torque Converter Technology has a custom built converter to meet your needs. Custom built performance transmissions for Ford, Chevy, Dodge, GMC, Jeep, Buick, Pontiac and Oldsmobile and More. 8L & 4. Measure the distance between the flexplate and the mounting pad Hemi Torque Converter This is the Hemi Torque Converter you need if you are putting down a lot of power. Features fully TIG welded fins, modified stator and stator caps, and one piece billet cover. to/2Tl8eU3 Also don't forget to like and subscribe Performance Torque Converters, Muscle Shoals, AL. $189. The company specializes in performance converters for This item is a Remanufactured torque converter by Precision of New Hamtpon. Outlaw Torque Converter WILD BOAR Chrysler TF-727 Non-Lock Up, 10" BC, 24 Spline, 32-3500 Stall TORQUE CONVERTER. ) & LSA CTS V (gen 2, 6l90 trans. 4L NAG1 300C, Charger, Challenger, Magnum, Jeep SRT) - PPT-HTTC For example, if a motor has 400 ft-lbs. Precision remanufactures 2700 different types of converters - over 500,000 per year. Welcome to All Torque Performance Please visit our online store or contact us at (916) 550-2622 with any of your converter needs we do it all! Paramount Performance has developed a quality high-stall converter to further enhance your performance modifications on the new 8 speedread more View Details $1,395. 1-24 of 61 Results. 8, 2. Designed with heavy-duty heat treated internals and high strength bearings, you can expect longer life along with a substantial increase in performance over a factory torque converter. _____ When a torque converter couples, the one way clutch free spins. Keywords. Depending on your year however, you may need to provide the 4-letter code from your existing converter. just the facts; off road series; pro series. When it comes to your Chevrolet Vega, you want parts and products from only trusted brands. Jan 30, 2019 · More modern iterations of the torque converter may come with a lockup clutch. Here is how torque converter work in your Lexus V8. With over 30 years of experience we can meet all your demands and exceed expectations!! Yank It & Get Off Quicker The end result is a BLUEPRINTED* torque converter that will perform better than the original. 3. We are members of the Torque Converters Rebuildiers Association. Download Torque Unit Converter our powerful software utility that helps you make easy conversion between more than 2,100 various units of measure in more than 70 categories. In normal operation, the two axes have different speeds, and the Chevrolet Performance 4L70E Torque Converter. Higher Stall & Higher Torque The reason for considering a B&M Torque Converter boils down to performance. The longer you drive with a malfunctioning torque converter, the worse your vehicle's performance gets. Lock-up piston operation will then be controlled. Slide 1. 4L60E/4L65E Transmission (1) Performance Torque Converters - Racing Transmissions - FTI A High Performance Torque Converter and Racing Transmission are a must for a race car and this is FTI's specialty. This device is found in every automatic transmission, acting as the lungs of this machine. Browse Torque Converters Products. Torque Converter. The Punisher Pro-Street is a high-performance AODE torque converter of the 12 7/8" size with an expected stall speed of 2300-2500 RPM. 15,004 likes · 19 talking about this · 839 were here. Don't show this again. With Torque Converter Technology it's easy to add some pep to your street rod, improve your towing performance or knock time off your ETs. You should choose a Champ Torque Converter based on the RPM level where your vehicle's engine makes the most torque. What the P0741 code means. 700R4 Torque Converter 1650 Stall Lockup. Powertrain CAE Technical Specialist. Replacement belt is #9. 186, 0. PTC is backed by over 90 years of combined experience. In modern usage, a torque converter is generally a type of fluid coupling (but also being able to multiply torque) that is used to transfer rotating power from a prime mover, such as an internal combustion engine or electric motor, to a rotating driven load. Should your vehicle's torque converter malfunction due to wear and tear, then your vehicle's driving performance is bound to suffer. This report introduces the  Discover the best Automotive Performance Torque Converters in Best Sellers. Higher stall speed is the key. There are also two types of stall; the foot brake stall and the flash stall. Will convert a digital signal for use with an engine control module or other device that requires analog (0-5V) TPS inputs. Edge Racing Converters : - Ford Dodge / Chrysler GM Sonnax Billet Servo's Racing Converters, Race converters horsepower, with more torque and low stall, high stall - Streetedge, proedge, racersedge & custom performance torque converters, powerglide Sep 30, 2018 · P0741: Torque Converter Clutch Circuit → Performance or Stuck Off. Additional cooling is a must. Power Products Performance Torque Converters, Power Products, Perf. I totally understand the main reason for running a high performance torque converter is when you have a camshaft or a turbo that is bigger than stock, which requires it. Items 1-11 of 11. 4″ bolt circle, 26 spline, fits 164 tooth flexplate only. $280. Using MSC Adams to understand Automatic. Yank SST 2800 4L60E Texas Speed & Performance 1621 Aviation Dr. iesel Performance Converters is a torque converter building shop. 00. Welcome to Performance Torque Converters! Please contact us at 256-383-6868 for questions or available options. 8 based on 183 Reviews "Some of the best people in the world and Results 1 - 24 of 61 We have the best Performance Torque Converter for the right price. P0741 Meaning The torque converter clutch solenoid valve is activated, with the gear in D4, by the Transmission Control Module (TCM) in response to signals sent from the vehicle speed and the Engine Control Module (). We make torque converters for all makes and models: on highway, off highway, as well as OE converters in small runs up to 20,000 a year. Stall 1900-2400 rpm Designed to be used in slightly modified, street driven vehicles. The first automotive torque converter was tested in the 1920s in Germany, and torque converters were used in railcars in the 1930s. If you buy a custom built racing torque converter from me, here is what you will get: TCS is a well-known and highly regarded manufacturer of High Performance Torque Converters. DPC has several converters in high horsepower trucks, including it's own Pro Street race truck, proving the DPC product's strength and reliability. Comet TAV2 compatible 30 Series, 340 Series, 40 Series, 44C Series, 500 Series, 94 Series, 102 Series Apr 28, 2020 · As the transmission has evolved, the torque converter had to follow suit. The 727 Torqueflite torque converter is one of the most critical components involved in getting maximum performance out of an automatic transmission equipped vehicle. BD Diesel Triple Torque Force Big Spline Track Master Converter for Dodge Cummins 1994-2007 47RH/47RE/48RE (High Stall) (0) Reviews: Write first review Item #: 1071218X-HS Aug 20, 2018 · Why the HRM chain drive Jack Shaft System is a better option than a belt drive Torque Converter. A systematic checkup by a professional is the best way to isolate the cause of the operating problems and recommend the most effective solution. The objective of PTC is to design and build a quality torque converter that will fully meet the needs of the Street/Strip and Race converter enthusiast. Yank SS Series Torque Converter, GM Truck & SUV, 6-Speed Automatic $ 950. Tahoe Steve 56,494 views Nov 18, 2015 · We recommend Torque Pro. Performance A4LD. Jun 22, 2018 · Diagnosing torque converter issues could be a challenge, but there are several signs you can look for, and a set of simple tests you can conduct to determine whether the torque converter is causing the problem in your car. It can power 1,000+ HP cars. Since we know K = 150, we can predict the new stall speed if torque is increased to say 500 ft-lbs by rearranging the equation to rpm = K*sqrt{torque}. In a high performance application, particularly a car used for drag racing, you want your torque converter to stall at the RPM where your engine has its peak torque output, giving you the hardest launch possible. To find out the latest in the torque converter innovation, we reached out to Chris Sehorn, owner of Circle-D Specialties. The best part is, our Chevrolet Vega Torque Converter - Performance products start from as little as $171. Fillyour new TC wil fluid, normally you'll get atleast 2 quarts of fluid in it. " Street Raptor torque converter " Fits 700R4, 200-4R and early 4L60E transmissions (1982-1997). Please call us and speak with a sales rep if you don't see your specific make/model listed! Call 727-868-9462! A torque converter is found directly between the engine and the transmission gear housings on cars and trucks with automatic transmission. The P0741 fault code is a transmission fault code for “Torque Converter Clutch Performance or Stuck Open”. BRAND. This is the Comet TAV2 Series 30 style kit with a 40/41/420 chain sprocket available with either a 3/4" or 1" bore drive clutch. BD Diesel Triple Torque Force Big Spline Track Master Converter for Dodge Cummins 1994-2007 47RH/47RE/48RE (High Stall) (0) Reviews: Write first review Item #: 1071218X-HS TCI 700R4/4L60E Street Fighter 10" Torque Converter, 30 Spline, 3500 Stall Speed, 12" Lock-Up $ 593. 10-inch high-performance ACC Performance Products Plus Boss Hog Night Stalker Series torque converters can take you from towing to rock crawling. Performance Torque Converter. Our quest in the performance torque converter industry is to provide the highest quality and service to the racing and performance community. When the best will only do, look no further as there is not a better torque converter on the market than a Revmax. Call to speak with an Arrington specialist to get the right converter for your application. Most of the factory torque converters are 12-13 inch diameter and have  In these circumstances, we are studying the analysis of torque converter internal fluid flow using computer to see its feasibility as a tool to predict the characteristics and evaluate the performance of torque converter. 65 Yank LS Power Adder Series Torque Converter, 1998-02 F-Body Speedway Motors and Performance Automatic have teamed up to provide true performance and streetability in a value priced torque converter. A torque converter, which is a hydrodynamic clutch in automatic transmissions, transmits power from the engine shaft to the proposed model in [7] is useful for investigating the parameters' effects on the torque converter's performance. Options  Performance Torque Converters and Performance Transmissions - FTI builds the best Racing Transmission and Racing Torque Converter available. 00 All of the performance torque converters offered by Speedway Motors are engineered to provide improved strength and durability. Torque converter clutch circuit malfunction is the technical definition of this trouble code What the P0740 code means The powertrain control module can vary the application of the torque converter clutch for optimal vehicle performance. Power Products, Performance Torque Converter, GM TH350-400, 11" (2000-2400 Stall) GM TH350-400 10. Tech Support Line 318-925-2224 . JLR. Stall speeds of 1000 to 2000 rpm over stock converters can be expected. The torque converter must be installed correctly and completely into the transmission pump assembly or transmission and/or torque converter damage will occur. When your vehicle is slowly coming to a halt, the torque converter only receives a small amount of torque. If you are a human and are seeing this field, please leave it blank. " Presently, most These cars have higher performance than conventional cars, thus improving the mileage of the cars comparable with that of manual transmission (MT) cars. Check the seal, make sure it is in good shape and still plyable. Allows better lockup, less heat, and better fuel economy. Unmatched personal service and consultation take the mystery out of torque converter selection. We carry a full line of stock replacement torque converters as well as custom built high stall performance torque converters. 9L Cummins is designed to handle daily driving and towing duties while delivering improved vehicle response and reliable performance. JEGS 60401 Torque Converter 3. Discover a universal assistant for all of your unit conversion needs - download the free demo version right away! Diesel Performance Converters produces some of the best torque converters available for high powered diesel trucks. 866. 9 as it's only application, and they can get a pretty tight estimate of stall speed. We take the TIME to ACC Performance 48402 Boss Hog Torque Converter 5. Packing a 2-Year Warranty with it, the F4RMD is rated up to 500hp with new lockup mechanism, Torrington bearings, high performance sprague, and billet cover. 5 inch. The SuperMatic Torque convertors from Chevrolet Performance are designed to provide long life when matched with a SuperMatic Transmission. We supply made-to-order performance converters at the top end of the market and  This study is aimed to investigate flow phenomena in a torque converter by CFD analysis. Torque converter, cavitation, C- factor,  2012 MSC UK USER CONFERENCE. TH350 et TH400. 018, belt option 725. This converter also features heli-brazed fins, heavy-duty steel splines, and roller bearings to ensure dependability. This diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is a generic OBD-II powertrain code. Lock-up performance testing. We don't do budget off-the-shelf solutions. You also have to be aware of that capacity because you can’t have too much, or it will hinder performance at the track. Also described are all possible methods of combining torque converters with gearing to alter their performance. TCI strives to produce the best torque converters in the industry. Get hundreds of free tech resources online 24/7. As the diameter of a torque converter decreases, the stall speed (RPM) goes up. HP Series Billet Stator Torque Converter Converter Diameter - 258mm This is a modified factory converter with billet stator. You’ll get great starts off the line and everyday drivability in a direct bolt-in replacement. Lab tests  We also offer high performance torque converters for the most popular automatic transmissions. Price Torque Converters. 4. Nip these problems in the bud by ordering your replacement Ford Mustang torque converter from AutoZone. 100. TCI Torque Converter (2,800 stall): https://amzn. The torque converter clutch solenoid valve is activated, with the gear in D4, by the Transmission Control Module (TCM) in response to signals sent from the vehicle speed and the Engine Control Module (ECM). 00 Dec 19, 2009 · Hughes Performance torque converter Discussion in 'High Performance Modifications' started by clay taylor, Dec 19, 2009. Please call us and speak with a sales rep if you don't see your specific make/model listed! Call 727-868-9462! 103 High Performance Quad For Kawasaki ATV. Lenco and much more  Performance Torque Converters for GM, Ford and Dodge from PATC. Call 973-827-100 or email us at info@levelten. The torque converter clutch solenoid valve is activated, with the gear in D4, by the Transmission Control Module (TCM) in response to signals sent from the vehicle speed and the Engine Control Module . 4401. Shop now for the best prices. Let's say you're going from a 12 inch converter to a 10 inch or even a 9. 5" - turbo spline - ls1 pilot/bolt pattern - 15-40 - ptc9. If you are searching for “GM torque converter“, ” 4l60e torque converter”, ” torque converter for 4l60e”, ” 2600 stall converter 4l60e”, or ” 4l60e performance torque converter”, Road Runner Torque Converters can help! We offer a wide range of replacement torque converters for GM vehicles including: GMC, Chevy, Cadillac, and Jul 01, 2002 · Turbo Action notes that inaccurate engine power and torque estimates provided by the customer can have a serious effect upon the performance of the torque converter. Sean Biggs. When you are ready to installthe new converter. Features fully TIG welded fins, needle thrust bearings, 4340 turbine hub, balloon plate, billet cover and heavy duty sprag. If you have a problem with your fins coming loose this is the way to go. MSC UK USER CONFERENCE 2012   Essentially, the transmission enables the engine to operate within its optimal performance range regardless of the vehicle The torque converter is filled with transmission fluid that is caused to circulate through the pump-turbine-reactor by   The objective of this project was to investigate the transient performance of a three-element torque converter used in automotive applications. Chevrolet Performance ZL1/LSA Torque Converter $ 461. 3L 90° V6 Engines. 75" Bolt Pattern 11" Diameter 2000-2400 Stall: In Stock Sonnax offers cutting-edge transmission, torque converter and driveline products for the automotive aftermarket. GM Powerglide. Predator has a shoulder at the crankshaft base that sits about 1/8" lower than a Honda or Clone engine. Please fill out our torque converter questionnaire for best results. The sealing gap between the stator crown and pump or turbine core of the production converter is usually larger than that of prototypes because of fabrication method and tolerances. Just tell us what your needs are and we will build a torque converter that will get the job done and hold up under the most extreme conditions. Our 10" Pro Launch converter is designed to be used in conjunction with high compression, nitrous oxide, bigger duration camshafts, stout gear ratios, turbochargers and blower applications. If you have too little holding capacity, you will start to blow through your converter and experience slippage. billet front cover; furnace brazing; heavy duty torrington bearings; rv & truck series; street performance; lock up series; custom stall converter; midwest line up 2019/2020 A torque converter is found directly between the engine and the transmission gear housings on cars and trucks with automatic transmission. The torque converter allows the transmission to shift gears in an automatic transmission. Jun 29, 2016 · Torque Converter to Flexplate Bolts | Starter Install vid 8 - GM Chevy Tahoe Vortec LS Engine - Duration: 3:44. All of DPC's converters are built on site and to the specific needs of the customer. Paramount Performance has developed a quality high-stall converter to further enhance your performance modifications on the new 8 speed equipped vehicles. Our technicians can also help to design a custom converter specifically matched to your needs, whether high performance, heavy duty or any  . Some are and some are not A worn or dysfunctional torque converter can prevent transmission fluid from being properly pressurized, which in turn negatively impacts transmission gear function and operation. Our D2A module allows swapping between analog and digital(J2716) throttle bodies or re-scaling the output ranges of a throttle body. com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. 56. ATI has over 50 years of transmission, torque converter and performance component manufacturing and drag racing experience. All of our torque  Contact your nearest ASNU branch to get to right converter sent to you today from our extensive stock. To match CPT’s top-of-the-line TH200-4R is a Heavy Duty Mega Torque 10-inch converter. ultra damper torque converter; when is a torque converter not a torque converter? find us here; in the news; products. We also offer high performance upgrades for every converter, ranging from hand brazed fins to billet lids. Level 10 sets the standard for Subaru performance parts, including Nissan transmissions, Nissan torque converters and Nissan valve body kits. Ultimate Converter Concepts was conceived with the idea of producing the finest, most durable converters available on the market today. 10 Aug 2018 Design of experiment (DOE) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) techniques are applied to improve the performance of a flat torque converter. This is a great converter to use with towing! 742042590575 These are quality high performance Converters that offer the same durability as our Dominator but at a budget price for performance Street Machines. Replacement bearings for jack shaft -# 6003; These are after-market pulleys in kit, not Buy Performance Torque Converters at Alligator Performance. CRC offers a complete range of Construction-Mining Equipment rebuilt torque Converters from John Deere, Volvo, Case, Caterpillar, Komatsu, JCB, JLG, ZF, Forklifts - Yale, Taylor, Nissan, Hyster, Clark and many other Mining Equipment, Industrial and Automotive torque converters. 172, and  Performance torque converters are generally grouped by size (diameter) and stall speed. 204, 0. Numerical results well match to the data and indicate that the cavitation causes significant performance drop, as the pump speed increases or both speed ratio and reference pressure decrease. Slingshot are specialists with over 30 years' experience custom building and modifying high stall torque converters. 292. Go Karts with Tires Taller than 15" Require a Torque Converter. 7 6R140 - 6. As the owner of a Ford Mustang, you should always be on the lookout for torque converter issues. 5th15-40 WILL SHIP DIRECTLY FROM MANUFACTURER ESTIMATED SHIP DATE: TBD $1,150. Performance Parts The performance of a large-volume production torque converter is slightly different from those of development prototype due to the core leakage flow. The torque converter is an integral part of the total vehicle combination. TORQUE CONVERTER. Various attempts have been made to predict torque converter cavitation using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methods. They have hands down had the best reman torque converter company we have used with extremely high quality and durability. We configure your BMW transmission, torque converter and valve body parts to spec. They deliver up to 350HP, 350CID (5. There could be a lot of things that could cause problems in the torque converter. If you choose the wrong torque converter, it can possibly destroy, or shorten the life of, an automatic transmission from the added heat. The Banks Billet Torque Converter is also a smart upgrade for trucks modified for increased performance. For optimal automatic transmission performance, Banks recommends its TransCommand to manage line pressure, provide sure and sturdy shifts, lower C4 12″ Torque Converter, 11. 7212 This converter fits both the 6L80 and 6L90 based transmissions. Weird sounds. 9L IDI) (5) Drivetrain / Transmission (1) Differential Cover (1) Engine Torque Converter Rebuilder in Texas. TC_Reman (41) TCI Auto (20) TYPE. Any kind of shock or spin and hook could create a big problem. Also available where extra torque is needed for Towing. This is telling us that there is a problem with the torque converter’s lock-up clutch. Torque converter manufacturers like B&M, TCI Automotive, and Performance Automatic employ techniques that make torque converters more efficient with less slippage. PTC Texas specializes in torque converter remanufacturing in Kennedale, Texas, and serves the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, delivering quality racing parts to drag racing enthusiasts and performance hobbyists. Your engine crankshaft must be drilled and taped for a bolt. Completion testing on production lines . 727 Torque Converter Mopar Plymouth Chrysler Dodge Torqueflite TF 727 Race Torque Converters by JW Performance . The converter performance was compared between different shape converters; traditional circular torus and flattened torus. This component is used in automatic transmission vehicles. 83835. After doing some research, we found the ATI StreetMaster torque converter with a single disk lock-up, and it fit the bill perfectly, so we made the call to pick one up. Jun 11, 2020 · The more torque your engine makes, the more holding capacity you need from your torque converter. Performance engines are modified to produce more horsepower and torque and it is essential to know what the peak torque or your engine is and to match the stall speed ratio of the torque converter with the engines power curve. We use only the best alloys for each application and you can rest assured you Sep 11, 2013 · The diameter of a torque converter plays an important role in its performance characteristics. Stock ATS-V torque converter fins are not brazed and much more than 500 whp is asking for trouble with the OEM units. New!. During the stall and acceleration phases , in which torque multiplication occurs, the stator remains stationary due to the  17 Jan 2017 Advertised stall speed ratings of Hughes Performance torque converters are generalized nominal ratings based on use with a properly tuned big block street or mild street/strip engine in a properly matched overall vehicle  2 Jan 2020 Hughes Performance specializes in rebuilding and repairing transmissions and torque converters. This cutaway shows the weak spot (arrow) in the TH200-4R’s intermediate drum assembly Oct 19, 2017 · The torque converter had entirely too high of a stall speed, and it wasn’t allowing the Red Dragon to reach its full potential with our goals, so it was time for a change. Therefore, high  For a street car it is wise to also select a torque converter stall speed that is below the engine RPM at 65 MPH to prevent While the torque converter cover is not actively involved in the characteristics of the performance, it is important that the  BTE is a manufacturing, design, and support company that specializes in high performance automatic transmission assemblies and components for drag racing , off road, marine, and street Race Transmissions & Torque Converters. Larger 10 1/4″ diameter turbine is ideal for truck, nitrous, large cubic inch and supercharged applications. Revmax is proud to bring you the highest quality high performance converter on the market. 6L45/6L50/6L80/6L90 Torque Converter 6L45/6L50/6L80/6L90 Torque Converter Family: Torque Converter Remanufacturing Standards GM 6L45 / 6L50 / 6L80 / 6L90 . Four torque converters with different flatness ratios (0. 300mm – Great performance torque converter for a daily driven CTS-V and ZL1 Camaro. Our transmission experts collect the important information on your Nissan, and then configure your Nissan transmission, torque converter and valve body parts to spec. Jun 19, 2020 · These torque converter are rebuild with performance in mind. Learn about the torque converter and see pictures of a torque converter. Outline. Ford F4RMD Medium Duty Triple Disc Stock Stall Torque Converter is designed for 7. Has special driver clutch and adapter sleave for the 16mm shaft(5/8). The ATS 3029302164 TripleLok Torque Converter for your 1994-2007 Dodge 5. The number one Street/Strip Converter Company in the industry. 6 out of 5 stars, based on 8 reviews 8 ratings Current Price $99. You will need Part#1057 Predator Crank Washer is included in this kit. 208. Performance A4LD, using a 4 liter transmission with a 2. 11783 N Warren St Hayden, ID. What Causes Issues in Torque Converters. Up to 2500 RPM stall speed. of torque and stalls a particular converter at 3,000rpm, K = 3,000/sqrt{400} = 150. Most of the factory torque converters are 12-13 inch diameter and have a stall speed around 16- Butler Performance Inc. AOD et AODE. ATI Performance Products manufactures automatic transmissions, torque converters and Super Damper harmonic balancers for racing and high performance use. We are the largest privately held Torque Converter manufacturer in the world! If your camshaft has an operating range of 1,500 through 6,500, you would select a torque with a minimum of 2,000 rpm stall. 700R4 GM and Chevy Performance Torque Converters #1. This holds true whether you have a restored muscle car, stock street vehicle, hot street strip car, hot rod, street 10-inch high-performance stall-speed torque converter with mounting-ring for gm 400 turbo transmissions. Torque Converters and Flexplates For the all new LS1 - LS7 GM engines GM Transmissions PowerGlide TH-350 TH-400 2004R / 700R4 4L60E / 4L65E 4L80E Ford Transmissions C-4 / C-6 AOD / 4R70W / 4R100 AODE / E4OD Chrysler Transmissions 904/727/500/518 Check with Art for Winters Performance Shifters! Welcome to Art Carr's CP Transmission GTC™ Torque Converter for Baja, Warrior and MB200 Minibikes and Performance Parts. A $150 Refundable Core charge is required. This Performance/heavy duty balanced torque converter has furnace brazed fins and added strength. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Dec 19, 2009 #1 Once you’ve upgraded transmission and torque converter performance, get the power down to the ground with premium-quality Sonnax driveline components. Convert all that money and power to your new slicks, with a new fully customized torque converter! Increase your performance! Increase your et’s! Increase your towing capacity! A custom built torque converter is the least expensive way to get “you” where you want to be, on top! IPT can fix your problematic Volkswagen 01M valve body! Fully built and with worn pressure regulator, solenoid regulator and torque converter clutch valves rebored and replaced with improved components help to restore proper operation with no more P074 A quality torque converter, whether it be for towing, muscle car restoration, high performance, or an all out race converter, requires more than just a high stall speed. torque converter performance

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