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I had to make s ure Ginny was pregnant before Harry reached seventeen. Annabeth This was the first time in my life I felt so violated. The Sand team was battered and bruised. death eaters and purebloods are the ones who are respected in the Society. 5k Views - Gabriella Enslaves Her Boss - Gabriella Paltrova - Femdom. She could barely register the panic in his voice. Several of the Gryffindors looked stunned by Harry's announcement. An achingly sexy fic that doesn't leave all the issues that make us want to smack these characters upside Dec 20, 2011 · Ginny seriously hoped there wasn’t something going on between the two of them. Fanfiction. org (AFF, the site), its owners, agents, and any other entities related to Adult-FanFiction. Harry was quite keen to use the opportunity to relax a little. Featuring a jealous!Ginny, a redeemed!Draco, a piano, hereditary curses, beauty potions, fatal allergy and caring!Lucius/Narcissa. Harry, feeling surprisingly clear-headed considering Ginny was bouncing around the room without a stitch of clothing on, went over and picked up two more of the vials. It was, like, “Auror Training” or “Auror in Training” or something like that… anyway, it followed Harry, Ron, Ernie, Justin, and I think Seamus, Neville, and some girl, l Harry got out of bed, put on his jeans, shirt and shoes, and gave Ginny a quick kiss before walking out of the room, shoulder-bumping the twins as he walked between them. The Chamber of Secrets and Tom Riddle! - Although Dumbledore couldn’t enter the Chamber of Secrets, he could have easily found it. It was Hermione. This is an unofficial fan site and is not connected or endorsed by J. These are my favorite Harry/Ginny fanfiction stories. At one point, Harry imagines how it must have went, with Draco being the culprit. Harry is forced to confess the secret he holds most dear. I got so caught up in the idea of emancipating slaves, that I didn't bother to actually find out what it would do to That said, there is no romance involving Harry in this. Potter. 18 Oct 2017 by phantompopcorn, Ron gives Hermione the best kind of birthday present. “Don't worry, Ginny. All he had to do was talk to Moaning Myrtle Harry jogged back, and as he crossed the entrance line, Albus could see the three heads of the other champions peer carefully around the edges of the new path way. 868 likes. This is my first ever fan fic, I hope people like my effort, all comments, suggestions and story ideas welcomed currently updating all chapters (hopefully making it better) Harry and Ginny Fanfiction. wizarding world changes under his control. Harry tossed the cup carelessly at Bagman, and re-entered the Veela phalanx. Lemonade, and a little bit of lemon on a hot day. R Scent of Sunshine Hermione/Ginny. He kissed Ginny on her forehead. Categories: Pregnancy , Manipulative > Manipulative others Ginny is younger than she and yet Ginny dares so much. It was a very odd procession that slowly walked back to Konoha. . Seamus and Lavender were easy to wake up and convince to drink the potion. Rowling or Warner Bros. Harry's clueless and Ginny struggles with her inner demons, just like I like them. Oct 18, 2015 · Oct 18, 2015 - harry and ginny fanfiction lemon - Google Search Stay safe and healthy. & Ginny W. "Also, when making contracts for voluntary slaves, always create an escape clause for both parties, be considerate of your slaves' wishes, at least the voluntary ones… and always remember, slaves are indicative of a master's strength. ” The sarcasm   She was about to start a defence of Harry, when glanced across at the Slytherin table. /M for lemons /GinnyxHarry 'Trouble came to me' Harry tries being distracted but it Ginny enjoyed the simple things in life, like Harry Potter's smile. Yule Ball was a highly anticipated event for all students eighteen years or older, and Harry Potter was no exception. Neither boy knew anything about it until the day before. Dumbledore looked completely surprised by the news. Harry surveyed Ginny up and down. Since this story spins off of canon, Harry's in a relationship with Ginny when we begin. Ginny struggles to get on with her life after the Battle of Hogwarts. A Ginny was programmed to love Harry since she was little and I had the love poti on all ready when that bloody tournament interrupted Q did you know that Harry s magical core had been bound? A yes, Albus said he had to die before Voldemort could be killed. Episode 06: Tom’s Curse (13,239 words) Dumbledore asks a favor of the Earl of Gryffindor. Death, Destroyer of Worlds has Harry mention that happening to Ginny the day he intended to propose to her. She pushed hard, getting as much of her foot in there as possible. “Yeah, you’re right. They never got the chance to go on dates, and be aknowlaged as an idem. Episode 08: Harry’s Soulmate (11,482 words) Harry loses his temper and Bill Weasley makes an Ginny still got the giggles at the very mention of House Elves, and Harry still couldn’t bring himself to look Snape in the eye after he’d almost caught them devoid of clothing in the library. In dreams, the shadows and the memories return. 14 Sep 2009 "Apparently Ginny and Ronald convinced themselves that we, Harry and I , needed to be their lust slaves, and our drinks were spiked with  10 Dec 2013 Harry & Ginny get trapped in the Chamber of Secrets & presumed dead/MIA. "Come here," Harry said. Ginny stood up and started to stroke his dick with her foot. “I promise you nobody is watching us. ] - Words: 2,540 - Reviews: There is a reason why they are slaves after all. " Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter. Harry grabbed her face with his both hands and looked her into her eyes. She was so beautiful. The Weasleys are a Really Loving Family This is a new series of Harry Potter lemons. K. If you' re into other canon pairings, many of the more conventional  Harry knows something about Hermione that she herself denies. Turning a new leaf. Harry, Ginny and Fred are all discussing the upcoming matches very animatedly, Ron is pulling at his hair due to confusion and stress, Hermione is immersed in her spell book, but when George looks down, all he can focus on is the very small amount of space on the bench between his hand and yours. If you haven't read Imposition yet, and you like hilariously over the top purple prose, you should totally give it a try. And trust her, she will. As one, they turned, and started to march away. ” Ginny kissed Harry on the lips. Warnings: Magical slavery, dominance/submission, slash, angst, romance. Harry smiled weakly and got out of his chair. They lived in London until Harry had completed his Auror training. After all, this year had been even his worst to date. You may notice that the first three stories are pretty much the same as some from the Different Strokes series, and I'll tell you that essentially they are the exact same stories, only with different endings to replace Harry getting caught masturbating. In Harry Potter's sixth year at Hogwarts, a legacy from the Potter family draws Harry and his friends into a mystery. Discovering he has a talent for understanding and creating runes sets Harry onto a very different path than anyone had expected. ". Recommended by Karazor. Harry/Ginny. Like a robot, Ginny stood woodenly up and walked to Harry. He decides This is a Betrayal Fic, with Dark Harry, Slaves, Harem, Lightstand Harry Though. If anyone saw that video my life would be ruined which meant there was only one thing to do. ” said Harry, sweetly. "I am so sorry, Gin. He must learn what it means to be a Potter in the pureblood dominated society as well as dealing with consequences of his desire for Harry and Hermione - Living In Harmony | FanFiction. mudbloods and muggle Are captured and or killed on sight. Episode 07: Godric’s Arrival (12,551 words) Hermione is threatened from an unexpected quarter. No Regrets Pansy/OFC, implied Pansy/Draco. Rated: Fiction M - English - Adventure/Romance - [Harry P. "Being written in the "How can you enslave" "Hermione shut up. She has to rely on Harry, her friends, and her family to help her get through hard times. Ginny and Harry's love for each other becomes stronger, as they journey through their liv #fanfic #harrypotter #hinny #hogwarts Harry said, stepping in again, “It was an accident. Ginny and Harry pulled apart. With an extra year at school, Ginny can do whatever she wants. All she could think about was clenching and thrusting and Harry and Ginny…oh good Merlin, she was never going to be able to get this awful image out of her head. "HARRY Slaves are no longer considered human. net Starting Third Year: Harry receives a letter from Dumbledore about his inheritance, due to an ancient rule of the House of Potter, Harry is forced to take up the mantle of Head of a dying house. — - 10 year old Harry finds a chest left by his mother with books on some of her favorite subjects. The door to Ginny’s room opened and Harry stepped out, blushing furiously. Hoping it was Harry, Ginny said, “Come in!” But to Ginny’s disappointment, it wasn’t Harry that opened the door. Chapter 2 up. It's Ginny who tells Hermione not to wear knickers under her skirt when they go down for dinner, makes sure they're sitting next to each other, so that Ginny can reach beneath the table every so often (there isn't even a tablecloth) and get her hand beneath Hermione's skirt, finger her lightly until Hermione's thighs are trembling and the Sep 15, 2019 · I read an amazing one that I’ve since forgotten the title of many years ago. Naruto had clones carrying Kankuro’s puppet as well as Temari’s fan. A fan-created, fan-run, nonprofit, noncommercial archive for transformative fanworks, like fanfiction, fanart, fan videos, and podfic. 26 Nov 2009 By: Alpha-The-Omega. Draco owes Ginny a life debt and is forced to be her slave. Ron/Molly bashing and GreaterGood When Harry and Ginny's first child was born three Christmases later, no one was prouder than Ron of his new niece. Ginny smiled back. I wouldn’t allow them and you know that. “W-wait,” Fudge yelled. “Harry,” Ron said moving over to him, “I don't know what just happened. ” "I know. ” Ron was shouting at her from the bottom of the stairs. Ginny walked toward Harry's dick and bent over, sliding her hand into his boxers, grabbing ahold of his dick. Voldemort wins the war. Ginny froze in the middle of her rant, eyes wide and desperate, staring at Harry. Shortcuts, inventions, and a bit of support go a long way! Pairings: H/Hr/NT/FD/DG. net Based on themes and characters introduced in The Harem War by Radaslab, Alastor Moody provides some memories to Harry Potter, his wife and Consort, Hermione, and his wife-in-all-but law and Concubine, Connie, some memories of 'The Great Harry Hunt of 1998', a hunt in which Harry ran away from the Dursleys, much to the dismay In Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures Past, it is mentioned Ginny was raped and murdered during the Battle of Hogwarts. K. ” she looked down at her clothes and waved her wand over them, mumbling a drying spell as she did. Chapter 19. Rowling has highlighted throughout the series. net, with only Harry Potter having more Written after OoTP. Harry Potter - J. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. Looking back over the past few weeks, he had to admit they had been remarkably unlucky, especially that worst time of all when…. ((This story contains Rominone and is PG-13, Ginny Weasley - How Dumbledore couldn’t tell that she was possessed I’ll never know - he is a Legilimens so he should have been able to tell if Ginny was possessed. Harry Potter and its characters are property of JK Rowling in association with Warner Brothers. Harry could be either very nice or dark in this fic. Harry/Ginny as main characters only, please. Yes, BLI held the mortgage to the Burrow, but I instructed my people to cancel the debt. Harry commanded her to sit like a dog and to Ginny's horror, she felt herself do exactly what Harry requested. To settle a family life debt Draco is enslaved to Harry on Haryy's 17th birthday. Harry moaned and gave just enough room to Hermione to slide her stinky, sweaty foot into his mouth. When Ginny gasped, Harry looked at her. When you've finally won peace, you still have to deal with the ghosts of the past. , Ginny W. Back to: Harry Potter » Enslavement (Original version) · Reviews 23 (23) “You probably think he was faking saving Ginny, as he's a Parselmouth. If you have any favorites, feel free to add. Ghosts Harry/Hermione, implied Hermione/Cho. Harry, now the ruler of the Wizarding World, gives his wife a present. Harry is forced to Marry Ginny but will it be happily ever after? Ragnot had an evil grin on his face, one that stopped Harry cold. Hermione Granger finds herself captured and locke The silence in the Great Hall was profound following his statement. They followed Harry downstairs and sat across from him at the kitchen table. Nathan Zimmermann - Aug 26, 2005 9:41 am (#626 of 2155) Elanor it makes a great a great deal of sense and is an excellent refutation to the idea that the characters for the most part serve as metaphors for conjunctions because, such an idea would be contrary to the emphasis on the importance of choices that J. "Enough, Ginny," said Harry with clear voice. Centripetal Force, by pocketfullof (one part, NC-17, post-HBP) Post-Hogwarts Harry and Ginny - you can't always have something just because you want it. Harry/Ginny FanFiction Recommendations. Harry and Narcissa romance, several years after the battle for Hogwarts, Harry's marriage to Ginny is on the rocks, a chance meeting in Grimmauld place changes everything. Harry and GinnyRon and Hermione Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 37 - Words: 269,040 - Reviews: 1145 - Updated: 8-5-05 - Published: 3-24-04 - Harry P. - Complete A half-parody of self-insert fanfiction and fanfiction in general. All three of them looked up, as Hermione sat down opposite Harry. Dark!Harry and Dark!Ginny. Bella's family have been Edward's family's slaves for years and Edward claims Bella as his  8 Dec 2010 Harry didn't flinch as the magic from Ginny slammed into him, adding to his own magic. Summary: The Malfoys have always been owned by the Sixth year, Ginny has been dating Harry for a while, and comes up with a plan to put Romilda Vane in her place, hopefully in a way that pleases Harry. Rowling (44) Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Thorne & Rowling (2) Include Characters Harry Potter (37) Lily Luna Potter (34) Ginny Weasley (16) Albus Severus Potter (7) Hermione Granger (7) Scorpius Malfoy (6) Arthur Weasley (5) Luna Lovegood (5) Teddy Lupin (5) Molly Weasley (4) Include Relationships Jan 13, 2013 · Before the wizarding war, Harry and Ginny never got the chance to truly be a happy couple. Just as she was beginning to convince herself that it couldn’t be true, there was a knock at the door. Now, after twenty-three years and eight children, no one questioned Ginny's right to call herself Mrs. harry enslaves ginny lemon fanfiction

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