4l60e valve body gasket identification

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From 1993 to 2000 is one design and the other, which includes the 4L65E, is from 2001 and up. For the low-reverse boost valve a 0. GAS06 750E Plate, Valve Body (Bonded) (V8 Engine) (4L60E, 4L70E, 4L75E) . Now I have the trans back together and it fells like its in two gears. 93-00 1 4L60E. Designed utilizing the latest technology, this product by Pioneer Automotive features premium quality and will perform better than advertised. 4L60E Neutral Safety Switch MLPS 4 & 7 Pin Connector (96-03) This is a brand new 4L60E Neutral Safety Switch MLPS 4 & 7 Pin Connector Black Plastic. 282" or 0. Velvet Drive 71C/72C Torque Specs Jun 4, 2015 - Information on GM's 4L60E Transmission Valve Body. ORDERS - Valve body separate plate -Separator of the overrunning clutch, Forward (Input) Clutch and Low/Reverse. Years of research and testing have enabled ATI to design optimum oil circuitry for all popular transmission applications. valve body. 0L Jetta Golf MK4 TDI Engine Beetle 4 Speed 01M325039F 01M325283A 3. Home > TRANSMISSION PARTS AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION KITS > GM Rear Wheel Drive > 4L60/65/70E > Gaskets & O Rings > 35133BK 4L60E 4L65E Transmission valve body gasket set 1993-2006 4L60E transmission valve body gasket set 1993-2006 TH-700R4 Transmission Identification [by: M&M CUSTOM] TH-700R4 Identification numbers: A diagram of the transmission pan gasket showing the orientation of the 16 bolts that hold it to the transmission main case: The left side of a 1991 TH-700R4: Another left side picture: This right side pic is of an '89 and later 700R4. TCI told him they only give a 30 or 90 warranty on street/strip transmissions, or something like that. If the valve body ends up warped, or if the gasket fails, it’s entirely possible that the gear won’t engage. See Reviews. Servo. Set of New 4L60E Valve Body Gaskets used for 1993 - 2000. The input shaft snapped & there was no heavy duty parts at all in that transmission, just a shift kit. . 4L GEN III Hemi Headers Oil Pans Gen III Hemi Swap Radiators Oil Filter - Adapters This time we are back to the 4l60e. 1L, 6. REPRINTING IN WHOLE OR PART WITHOUT THE EXPRESS PERMISSION PF PRECISION INTERNATIONAL IS PROHIBITED. EPC Solenoid, Early. Remove the 3-4 accumulator spring, 3-4 accumulator piston and 3-4 accumulator piston pin. GM 4L60-E Valve Body Identification Guide. Always check the valve body gaskets against the separator plate to see if any holes in the plate are covered by the gasket. This kit has a new design isolator valve that works perfect in worn bore without requiring special tools or machining. Is this easy to do while the tranny is on the trucks lifted up or do I have to pull the tranny. This master rebuild kit includes: A Transtec overhaul set with every rubber seal, gasket, o-ring, metal clad seals, and Teflon sealing rings that you'll need to complete your rebuild Valve body Valve body gasket check. Gasket, 700R4 / 4L60E, Pump, Late 1983-UP. They say just to replace the valve body with the new design and that fixes the problem. 18 Dec 05, 2015 · In this video, i show what i do to the valvebody on every overhaul to help prevent code P1870 or P0894. See Fig. RWD 4 Speed. However, maintaining the transmission gaskets is a duty often overlooked. '96 computer isn't compatible with '96 3-2 control May 04, 2018 · Valve Body Issues- A bad valve body can make the reverse gear not work in the 4L60E. The separator plate was warped in the area where the accumulator springs press against it so I decided to replace it. Toyota A340 Series Valve Body Gasket Identifier. Solenoids, shift cables, filters, & more. Park Pawl. 2003 CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1500 5. ACDelco 24221350 GM Original Equipment Automatic Transmission Valve Body Spacer Plate Gasket. No More Gasket Alignment Or Cross Leak Issues 4L60E Forward Piston - In Valve Body. This gasket on a TH350 sits against the valve body. 1. CAUTION. 00) 4l60e transmission oil pan 1997-2003 - deep with bolts gm chevy (US $44. If you are rebuilding a 4L60E transmission, get a good manual, either a factory service manual, or the ATSG 4L60E guide. Colorado, Hummer. Free next day delivery or same day pickup. HYDRA-MATIC 4L60-E ELECTRONIC CONTROLS ABC123 Entire Article 2000 Chevrolet Camaro This solenoid is used to control TCC apply valve. I rebuilt a 4l60e trans with a master kit from a local trans shop and had them test and repair my valve body. Lever Boots, Gear Shift Boots, Bearing Seal Gaskets, Transmission Insulators, Gearshift Lever Knobs, Oil Seals, Gasket Sets. There is a HUGE checkball as pictured and I don't know why the hell it's there. Accessories/Related Items. The 4L60E transmission was the electronic transmission that replaced the GM Turbo Hydromatic 700R4. Are you looking for the best Pressure Plates for 4L60E (M30), 4L65E (M32) transmissions? Shop them all here today at Cobra Transmission 1966-74 Mopar B-Body 1967-76 Mopar A-Body 1970-74 Mopar E-Body 1972-1993 Pick-up & Ramcharger Gen III Swaps Holley Terminator-X Gen III Hemi Systems Gen III Hemi Mounts / Brackets Gen III Hemi Mopar Crate Engine Installation Parts QA1 Suspension 5. The 4L60e has a rectangular pan & gasket of 16 bolts and the 4L80e has a more oval-shaped transmission pan with 17 bolts. The cost of replacing a bad transmission valve body will depend on the make and model of your vehicle. Identification. C. 2 out of 5 stars 12 B&M 70360 Shift Improver Kit For 93-02 4L60E Automatic Transmission Valve Body Kit VALVE BODY CASTING - 1995 models are now machined to accept the added TCC PWM Solenoid, as shown in Figure 1. 17% off. 4L60E transmission oil pans do not come from the factory equipped with drain plugs. 296" works well. (1993 Only). Mfg Retail: $16. Easy to use parts catalog. 4l60e valve body gasket identification 2003 4l60e complete grand master upgraded performance transmission rebuild kit(US $1,240. shuttle shifts. V. Apr 21, 2015 · Valve Body– The valve body is an important step in modifying the 4L60E for performance applications. THE PROBLEM SOLVERS. Before the valve body can be bolted on, the separator plate needs to be modified. Item Information Need Assistance? For eBay help, general parts questions, even transmission technical diagnosis/repair help, message us on eBay, tech support is always free. Remove the remaining valve body bolts except for one near the center of the valve body. The 4L60E and its variants were in production from 1992-2013 and can be identified by the square 16 bolt oil pan and 4 forward gears. You can see the pictures of the gasket in the specification above. The kit of bearings is also ordered for the transmission reassembly. Place the gasket behind the plate and hold both up at light to check for covered holes. 1018 Video 733,015 views · 38:26 · 4L60E Valvebody Quick Tip - Duration: 4:25. RockAuto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers' doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices. 4l60e 4l65e 1993-1996 super master rebuild kit hd high performance kolene steels zpack Precision International 1993-2003 4L60E 4L65E Overhaul Kit with Piston Lip Seals and Farpak Pan Gasket Raybestos 700R4 4L60E Z-Pack High Performance 3-4 Clutch Enhancement Pack Identification Guide GM 6L45, 6L50, 6L80, 6L90 Figure 1 Figure 2 Machined-Figure 2 Down Boss Valve Body Casting Identification Look for the machined-down boss on the upper valve body (Figure 1). com. 700R4 gasket sets contain all the paper gaskets, piston lip seals, rubber components, external cover gaskets, with 4 valve body gaskets. So here I Feb 20, 2009 · There are two possible lower valve body gasket for the 4L60E and only one possibility for the 4L65E. Control module sends a frequency signal to TCC solenoid to gradually apply or release TCC. This Zip Kit ZF6-6R60-ZIP is designed for ZF6HP19, ZF6HP26, ZF6HP32 (Generation 1) and Ford 6R60, 6R75, 6R80 NOTES: The separator plate has a bonded gasket which. 12 pin case connector. Gary Ferraro 44,292 views · 4:25. This iden-tification system is not foolproof, because Nov 12, 2014 · 4L60E Bonded Valve Body Separator Plate From 1998 and up GM has introduced about 13 separator plated in the 4L60E, 4L65E and the 4L70E automatic transmissions. (See Photo 6. For service inquiries, please see details on Sonnax’s Limited Lifetime Warranty on remanufactured valve bodies. 4L60E Performance Specs. On average, a transmission valve body piece will cost you anywhere from $200 to $500. GAS07 103E Lower Valve Body . It fully replaced the 700R4 by 1993 for trucks, SUV's and vans and in 1994 for rear wheel passenger cars. Seperator plate  TH700-R4 / 4L60E / 4L65E / 4L70E. 4L60E Identification can be quite the chore since the transmission has been in production for so long. Refer to ATSG 4L60E Transmission Repair Manual (GM THM for Sale New or Used 4L60e Valve Body - Repair Shops Can Save On Rebuild Costs $ 34. This valve body is better than OEM , it features many Sonnax upgrades to increase reliability over the standard OEM valve body . 99) Mopar performance p5007172 - transmission overhaul kit, a-727 trans, new (US $175. This will also enable you to remove the 3-4 accumulator piston and piston pin. 3-2 Control Solenoid, PWM (metal, white) 10-15 Ω. , and will burn lock-up clutch and 3-4 clutches up. The Trans-Go reprogramming kit comes with everything needed to fix the valve body and make it suitable for high-horsepower. You will need to drill or widen some of Gasket, 4T60E Valve Body to Spacer Plate 1991-92 Gasket, Valve Body to Spacer Plate (4T60E) (91-92)84321B HAS A STENCILED IN GVB & A INK #762 OR 8678762 Product Details $2. During 1982 thru 1993 model can identify the correct checkball place- ment diagram. Hummer H3 Automatic Transmission 2007, Valve Body Kit by Pioneer Automotive®. Transgo (46-PLT-96) 4L60E Transgo, Valve Body Separator Plate (1996 Automatic Transmission Valve Body 01M Transmission Wiring Harness Replacement for 99-05 VW 2. 95. Welcome to our 4L60 products page. ) Some of the accumulator assembly parts will The 4L60 designation, while the same for the 4L60 and 4L60E represents the fact the transmissions are four gears, Longitudinally positioned, The engine is capable of supporting a 6,000-lb Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). 05. 06-ON 1 4L60E. Figure 8C - Transmission with aux. Both of these are situated beneath the region where the 1-2 accumulator was taken out of. 1982-93 by Superior This high performance valve body kit is designed to deliver the following: Super positive shifts, When a car performs to the best of its abilities, a fully functional transmission helped it get there. Input Drum. B. GAS04 103E Lower Valve Body, White Stripe 01-ON 1 4L60E. It is probably one of our most popular shift kits. 00. Valve body side gasket. the “E” at the end of 4L60 indicates that it is electronically controlled. In 1993, an important change did occur and that was the conversion of the hydraulic logic shifting system over to an electronic one. VALVE UPGRADE Corrects/Prevents/Reduces: FIXES late shifts - Sticking TV Valve. Holding the valve body securely, remove the last bolt and lower the valve body, separator plate and gaskets. Pump Body. TRG-4L60E-HD2. We remanufactured all makes and models. In drive, one or two the truck will move forward if I rev it to stall speed but hard and it will stop as if the park break is on. This valve body is valve body 1/4" checkball 6-pack 200 200-4r 400 46re 46rh 47re 48re 4l60e-4l70e 4l80e 4l85e 4r100 4r44e 4r55e 4r70 4t60e 4t65e 5r44e 5r55e 60-40le 60-41sn 6f35 6f50 6f55 6l45 6l50 6l80 6l90 6t30 6t40 6t45 6t50 6t70 6t75 a340 aode e4od It seems like everybody who rebuilds an automatic transmission has a picture of the valve body with all the various valves and springs spread out on the workbench, so here ya go. OIL PUMP BODY - Oil dam added to the pump body casting in the line pressure passage, as shown in Figure 10, to prevent the passage from "spreading" and creating fluid leakage. Buy an automatic or manual transmission & parts built to fit your make & model. Designed utilizing the latest technology, this product by ACDelco features premium quality and will perform better than advertised. Lower valve body can also be referred as the gasket between the spacer plate and valve body. June 06, 2018 Number of Valve Body Solenoids: 5: Remanufactured 4L60E Valve Body (1993-1994) 8678393 Full Sonnax Updates Buy this high-quality remanufactured 4L60E valve body from GMTransmissionParts. The 4L60E transmission is designed to handle a max engine torque of 360 lb-ft. Will fit years from 1993 - 1994. GM048 April 12, 2017. GM 6L80E Transmission (6L85E 6L90)-GM 6L80E Transmission 2wd or 4x4 STOCK REPLACEMENT Includes: Precision Gasket & Seal KitOEM Friction & Clut Gasket, Auxiliary Valve Body 1 82-84E B12167 8653947 Gasket, Auxiliary Valve Body 1 L84-86 B12199 8643863 Gasket, Auxiliary Valve Body (Blue Stripe) (8664847) 1 88-01 B12437 8666381 Gasket, Auxiliary Valve Body (Orange Stripe) (8660789) 1 87-01 B12436 8666380 Gasket, Case Center (1-2 Accumulator) 1 80-01 B12022 8643618 ATI valve bodies and gaskets for drag racing and high performance use. SPRINGS. Core Charge: $0. . 1st design 3-2 valve. The spacer plate looks great so I don't think it's to compensate. V. Mechanically, the transmission's power transmitting core remained the same, but the valve body and actuation system for the clutches, bands, etc. GMC Yukon 2004, GM Original Equipment™ Automatic Transmission Valve Body by ACDelco®. Aisin Warner experts with highly trained valve body technicians. '94 computer won't recognise new TCC strategy. Please See Page 1. This makes it difficult to have them handy when you need one as a transmission mechanic and frustrating to order as a do it yourselfer. This listing is for a Remanufactured GM 4L60E Valve Body, model years 2003-2008, (Valve Body Gasket Set Included). Transmission identification is a common issue among classic car enthusiasts. A Brand New 4L65E, 700-R4, 4L60, 4L60E Valve Body to Case Plate. At AutoZone, we know how crucial new gaskets are - so we carry all the transmission gasket replacements you need to keep your car roaring down the road. 00) new Pump Body and Pump Cover Assembly with an added oil dam in both components, as shown in Figure 10. The kit of valve body gaskets is one of the most frequently ordered spare parts. 5R110W Transmission Diesel Pressure Test Chart · 5R110W Transmission Clutch Pack Clearances & Gear Ratios Electronics & Solenoids · Gaskets, Seals & O-Rings · Technical Repair Manauls · Valve Bodies · Shift Kits · Snap Rings  5R110W Transmission Diesel Pressure Test Chart · 5R110W Transmission Clutch Pack Clearances & Gear Ratios 6T30 6T40 6T45 6T50 Torque Specifications · 4L60E Valve Body Rebuild Instructions · 4L60E/4L65E Rebuild Kit Options  4L60E (electronic) models. The 4 indicates that this is a 4 speed transmission, with it being an automatic transmission in this case. 4L60E Separator Plate Update 1996-2008. The added TCC PWM Solenoid is exactly the same and will interchange with the 3-2 downshift solenoid (See Figure 1). In Stock. 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L70E Bonded Separator Plate [IPN6-K33599] - 4L60E, 4L65E and 4L70E Universal Bonded Valve Body Separator Plate with Integral Screens 1998-Up. Sonnax rebuilt valve body GM052 is no longer in production. Stator. Has holes in plate, marked in diagram below. 35920 700R4 Transmission filter 1987-92 4R70W Ford Transmission Valve Body Gasket Set 1996 and Up - 4 pieces, Free Shipping on Transmission Valve Body Gasket Set. Apr 12, 2017 · Remanufactured Valve Body GM052. If this procedureis tried just by dropping the valvebody it may or may not work depending on There was a problem with the valve body on the 4L60E transmissions used on the 1996-2000 model year trucks. Apr 10, 2020 · Next, the valve body, gasket, and separator plate can be taken off of the transmission. Bottom: No vent at  10 Oct 2014 4L60 Transmission, No 3rd Or 4th Gear, Disassembly And How To Diagnose The Problem - Duration: 38:26. This valve body, casting number 8678393 works in GM 4L60E transmission model years 1993-1994. This part combines all of them into one plate that can be modified to fit your application. Even if you plan to replace the gasket, it will be easier to remove the gasket in one piece than to clean off all remnants of the gasket from the valve body or separator plate. This is a good way to identify if you have a 4L60e or a 4L80e transmission in your car. 12 Apr 2017 Number of Valve Body Solenoids, 4. The Transgo 4L60E-HD2 is meant for crisp muscle car or full race shift performance. S. It shifted so hard I had to replace the valve body. We have basic This kit contains the additional large, circular wedge type pump to case seal as well as the correct valve body gaskets needed for 2004 and later models. Sun Shell- A broken sun shell will cause the 4L60E to lose reverse. 3-2 Control Solenoid Control module modulates current (duty cycle) to control 3-2 control solenoid. 4l60e / 4l65e valve body assembly complete ready to bolt on out of the box! 1993-1994 4L60E VALVE BODY REMANUFACTURED quantity. The L indicates that the engine is longitudinally positioned. The General Motors 4L60E is a 4 speed automatic transmission with overdrive and torque convertor. Front pump internal passages different to match new TCC strategy. 4L60E Modifications. 7L, 6. 85 FREE shipping 4l60e automatic transmission TCC regulator valve kit Need tool 77754-04K GM 4L60E Automatic Transmission Overhaul Kit & Parts General Motors 4L60E Hydra-Matic Transmission electronic (M30 or M32) Free information is provided here to help you in troubleshooting your 4L60E problems. 3L V8 Transmission-Automatic Parts | RockAuto Perfect 4L60E rebuild kit for the builder who doesn't want to mess with the valve body. 4l60e valve body gasket identification. 2-4. Generally, if the “A” boss is machined down, this indicates an MYA/6L45 unit (see chart below). On the low-reverse boost valve, measure the long valve land for size. D. TCC Solenoid, None. To reduce oil pump fluid leaks. See more ideas about Valve, Body, Transmission. GM 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L70E Valve Body 2003-2008(1 YEAR WARRANTY) Sonnax Updates - $266. I had a brand new set of valve body gaskets. Dec 08, 2013 · I have a complete rebuild of one o this units, but I think is a little vauge since I explain to refer to the teardown video to do the "Reverse of Removal" which is not always plausible. It will fit 4L60E transmission years from 1996 - 2003. 1992-1993 are cross-over years, so your vehicle could have the earlier non-electronic transmission instead. Planet. Tighten the two M6 X 35 and one M6 X 65 hex cap screws for the accumulator to the same torque specification. Insert a few other valve body bolts in various locations to align the gasket and plate properly, then tighten the three M6 X 18 hex head cap screws for the stamped steel plate to 100 in/lb, or about 8 ft/lb. Monster Transmission provides transmission parts for all transmission year, make, and models. However, it is one of the more expensive car part replacements that you will need to make. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Front Some 2006-On Units utilize Bonded Valve Body Plates, the Kits include Replacement Valve Body Gaskets and Screens. Manual Valve, Non-vented. The B&M Drain plug kit is inexpensive Inconsistent Shift Points Valve Body Assembly ~ Separator Plate or gaskets misassembled or damaged. Our ready to install valve bodies with new electronics are the perfect solution. GAS08 Main Case to Transfer Box Gasket see Appropriate Transfer Box Section RUBBER COMPONENTS The 4L60E transmission has been in production for over twenty years, even longer if you consider the fact that it came from the 4L60 (700R4). The other option is the more aggressive kit, the TRG-4L60E-HD2. Intensively operating rear planetary gear is usually replaced on old cars. Booster Valve- A bad booster valve can leave you without reverse in a hurry. 102E Upper Valve Body, White Stripe 01-ON 1 4L60E. I went ahead and tossed in the 5 pinion rear and that unknown thicker sunshell. These need an upgrade when putting more than ~300 horsepower through a 4L60E: Input drum Overrun clutch hub Output shaft Secure the work area so that all seven of the check balls will be contained when removing the plate. The 4L60E naming also indicates a lot about the transmission. 2 piece TCC control valve in valve body. Identification has letter V (93-00) on valve body gasket not VB (01-UP), andhas letter C (93-00) on case gasket not CA (01-UP). The 4L60E transmission has proven to be stronger than then original 4L60 and is installed in applications up to 8,600-lb Buy an automatic or manual transmission & parts built to fit your make & model. External  This is a high performance 4L60E valve body that has been remanufactured by trained transmission technicians. Valve Body Gaskets Upper and Lower. Please check with your distributor for availability. Casting, Bottom: Open port over 3-2 valve. 4L65E / 4L60E Valve Body (Premium) (PWM) (On/Off) (03-08) Late 3-2, Late Valave Body Gasket, Fits All Except Hummer/Colorado/Canyon Sonnax AFL /TCC/ACC Valves, New EPC/PSI Manifold & Other SOL Tested, No Gaskets  Order Auto Trans Valve Body Separator Plate Gasket for your vehicle and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. Your order may be eligible for Ship to Home, and shipping is free on all online orders  guide for details. Front. VALVE BODY SPACER PLATE - There were two holes added in the spacer plate to Remanufactured Valve Body Part No. Below is a list of the weak points in a 4L60E transmission. E. 33-10 for Visual Identification. Part #  4L60E KITS, TOOLS and PARTS. 450 A C TH 700-R4 (4L60) 82–93 4 SPEED RWD (Electronic & Hydraulic Control) Revision 02/2017 Discount Automatic Transmission Components Large Inventory of Automatic Parts all in Stock ! FAST FREE SHIPPING - ALL U. ATI compu-flow valve bodies provide the most accurate and efficient hydraulic controls possible for automatic transmissions. External cooler New master rebuild box kit for the 1993-up GM 4L60E 4L65E 4L70E 4L75E M30 automatic transmission. It A TH700-R4 / 4L60E / 4L65E / 4L70E RWD 4 Speed B C D Front Planet E 2-4 Servo Park Pawl Pump Body Stator Input Drum Front Sun Gear Front Ring Gear Shell Rear Sun Gear 1-2 Accum. 4L60E, VALVE TCC TO NON LOCKUP CONVERT 4L60E 93-UP (Transgo ) GM Chevrolet Chevy 4L60E 4L65E Transmission Parts 700, JUNIOR SHIFT KIT 700-R4 81-92 -T. Valve Body Casting # 4209593. In a pre-1987 700R4 - 4L60 trans a larger low-reverse boost valve will hold off the auto upshift to 2nd gear while the shifter is in manual 1st gear. Add to cart. became controlled by electronic actuators and solenoids. Take care to release the lower separator plate gasket. Case side gasket. There are 13 bonded valve body plates for these units. 86 A C TOYOTA A440F , A442F, 450-43LE 4 SPEED 4WD (Electronic & Hydraulic Control) Revision 03/2018 Precision Gasket & Seal Kit Bushing Kit to OEM Specs "HD" Updated Sunshell Kevlar Band Remanufactured 10 VanePump Assembly Includes Teflon Bushing, Hardened Rings & All Updates 500 Boost Valve New Pressure Manifold Filter New EPC & Shift Solenoids Remanufactured Valve Body w/ Street Strip Shift Kit All Industry Updates (1870 code) No Core Charge A buddy of mine bought a TCI street/strip 4L60E and it went out in just under a year. Nov 04, 2019 · Transmission Valve Body Replacement Cost. 4L60E Valve Body Rebuild Instructions; 4L60E/4L65E Rebuild Kit Options; GM 4L60E Hardware Torque Specifcations; 4L60E Filter Style Guide; 4L80E Hardware Torque Specifications; Marine Transmission Information . Valve Body. 4l60e valve body gasket identification

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