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Ships from Kalamazoo MI Brendan - That was a good description of the damper action and its effect on engine performance. If polishing doesn't cure your carb problem it's possible to buy a new piston and dome as a matched set from the SU Carb Company, if you go down that road it would probably be best to get a new damper and spring while you're at it. Before tuning the carburettor, carry out all the checks in Checking and cleaning an SU carburettor, and bring the engine up to normal working temperature. Special Price AU$0. main Jets, needle valves, seats for the bowl floats, spindles and bushes, throttle disks, and screws. Almost gone. One problem with trying to deal with it on the message board is the sheer volume of information offered and available against the time available to post it. My car is a 1974 TR6 frame off restoration, engine modifications: 9. plunger's if you call them that. idle, acceleration, cruise), despite the fact that the engine demands vastly different amounts of fuel and air for different situations. A useful caution for fellow members is “make sure they keep the damper caps tight”. Rebuild Kits Float Needle Metering Needle Damper Spring Throttle Shaft** Floats ASTON MARTIN DB1 2 Liter Thermo 1949/50 SU 2xH4 AUC 485T DR/1450 6151 DR AUC1167 TS1500 NT-03 DB2 2. SU carb rebuild kit. Remove the needle by undoing the lock screw in the side of the piston. This fits all SU carburetors including but not limited to MGA, MGB, MGC, MG Midget, Triumph Spitfire, Sprite, TR3, TR4, TR6 There are two types of needles available for the SU carburettor, biased and unbiased. The manifold vacuum causes this piston to rise allowing more fuel into the airflow. The purpose of the SU damper is to retard the rapid upward movement of the piston on the rapid throttle opening associated with acceleration. GGL9035X. The dashpot damper slows movement of the piston in the S. Fibre Washer for Carb Damper - HS4 SU. SU needle comparison chart - since 2003 Jet HIF38/HS2/HS4 (0. 1 1/2. BN1, BN2, Early BN4 Sep 09, 2011 · The SU carb constantly adapts to whatever conditions the engine is experiencing seamlessly, whereas other carbs have discrete circuits for different sets of parameters, and transitioning between them can be less than smooth. 3 crank, it has a eaton m90 blower running at 7psi, it has one 2" HS8 SU with the highest flowing grose jet needle & seat valve, it has a KX needle wich is about as rich as i can get, very thin and fragile, i have just fitted a brand new needle and main jet becuase the last one was slightly bent. Remove the 3 screws that hold the damper to the carb body. Mini Spares stock over 9000 Classic Mini parts and accessories. Order online all Classic Mini SU Carburettors, service kits & parts from Mini Sport, worlwide delivery AUC 4387 370-520 SU Damper Spring - red AUC 4641 SU Banjo Bolt-Start Carb-float bowl - steel AUC 4667 370-550 SU H Type Choke Return Spring AUC 4751 SU H Type Thermo (Start Carburetor) Washer - fibre AUC 4753 SU H/HD Type Start Carburetor Washer - fibre AUC 4900 370-650 SU H/HD/HS/HIF Damper Cap Washer - black fibre AUC 4943 SU Lift Pin Seal The Phoenix Engineering kit was the SU carb mod that was available back in the day. The SU Reference Catalogue. . Also check the level of oil in the dashpot - the domed piston chamber at the top of the carburettor. This means that the speed at which air flows over the jet never varies. skillshack. SU carburettors parts are widely available, so you should not have any problem sourcing the service parts you need. 30 All returns must include a copy of the invoice. Fuelling Accessories. U. If the invoice is lost and cannot be located the return will be delayed. Carburettor Damper oil 125ml. Running rich, fouling plugs. When the dashpot damper plunger or the dashpot oil reservoir walls wear, the carbs will become momentarily too lean upon acceleration. Burlen, diagrams are in short supply. 99 INC VAT Preface: Before turning any nuts and bolts, let’s review the basic design of the SU carb. H4 SU. Genuine SU carburetter dash pot damper for the HIF44 carburetter fitted to the Rover Cooper 1275cc from 1990 to 1992. SU. BRITISH LEYLAND. , us . 95 BOTTLE 139746 - Mahle - Carb to Manifold Gasket - SU/ZS SU Jets & Tuning While doing a fairly major tune-up on my 120 OTS I again encountered the irritant of having the (SU) carb jets stick in a raised position after I have loosened the adjusting screw and am trying to richen the mixture. There were obvious telltales where the shaft had passed through the bushes, but no shoulder to catch on a fingernail. MG Midget and Sprite Technical SU carbs damper springs BBS discussion at MG-Cars. Finally 25p new diaphragm . Spray all joints and connections in the intake manifold with carb cleaner. I’m wondering if anyone has run into this issue before. Top up the oil in the dashpot and see if you can feel the damping resistance when you try to lift the pistons; as long as that’s okay it’s no problem that the piston drops down. 090) HIF44/HS6 (0. EN 469-2 Carb idle screw springs, (2), Aftermarket $ 4. 76 AU$83. Fits 3000 (BJ8, BJ7, BN7, BT7). Now to synchronize the SU Carbs. To eliminate droplets of fuel forming on the needle it is located within a bushing located in the underside of the piston . Special Price US$0. Apr 18, 2016 · A quick snippet from our MGB service guide available at www. D2 SU Carb D3 SU Carb D4 SU Carb D5 SU Carb. Carb Needle Valve, 70-71 240Z Code:11-2551 Price: $10. typo Stromberg 175 CD-2 SE, see Fig. Always carried spares after that. 00. Zenith to Twin SU Carb Conversion (US 1500) Another conversion by Howard Baugues. So whatever demands are puts on the engine, the SU accommodates them perfectly and delivers just the right amount of fuel. The needle number is stamped on the side. Spoke to the old fella about 30 Car & Model Year Mfg Type Carb Spec. Quantity in Basket: none S. SU DASHPOT is suitable for use in pre 1940 SU carburettors, which do not incorporate a damper in the dashpot assembly. 635" H/HS/HD Type. Sep 01, 2014 · This lower-than-ambient carburetor and damper oil temperature should tend to make the viscosity of the Mobil 1 15W-50 closer to that of the SU Damper Oil while the engine is running. Damper, spring, carb assembly Pic6 Don't forget the C shaped spring clip if you have an SU with bearing damper piston Pic7 Standard 1300 manifold (cutting out the 2 holes) Pic8 This manifold is a 1300 single point injection one Pic9 Cut out the manifold to suit the single inlet of the SU (1600 8v Vitara manifold) Pic10 More follows HS4 1. Myth One: Blowing thru an SU will cause the carb to explode, burst, spit fuel everywhere, change funny colors, or simply dissolve into a gas cloud. Aug 02, 2017 · · “Don’t use dashpot oil / no dampers / no piston springs” The SU carb is a precision instrument and every part of it is present for a specific and important reason. First point of call. Check that the needle has been centered correctly. Reply Monday 10th September 2007. Mini Dash Pot Damper - HIF44 Carburettor. The SU's dashpot has a fixed hydraulic piston, damping the main piston as it moves upward. CRK104. Mine are a pair 175 CD-2 from a Lotus Elan and despite an excellent supplier here in the UK. The most common type of SU is the HS. Also check all vacuum hoses and the vacuum canister on the distributor. Damper Gasket, SU HS Carbs (AUC4900) SU HIF Carb (LZX1739) Price: $40. Add to cart Details. The fuel flow through the orifice is dependant on the orifice area *and* the pressure drop across it. The slotted end of the test rod should fit tightly for lifting the piston to the top level. May 14, 2009 · Hi, I think your car has the HIF6 carbie. just got round to fitting su carbs are very forgiving, unlike a fixed jet carb going too big doesnt have much of a down side as given the correct springs they wil only open as far as needed so they wont suffer really low airspeed and poor performance compaireed to say a oversized weber or one with excessively big chokes in it Order your Triumph Spitfire HS4 (1 1/2 inch) Carburettor Components - Dashpot, Piston, Spring and Damper - 1500 Engines only ⛽ Fast, worldwide delivery British car experts ♚ PayPal & other payment options ⚑ 370-756 HIF44 Carburetor Damper for Supercharger| The new Sprite/Midget supercharger system uses the same Eaton positive displacement roots-type supercharger found on contemporary OE applications such as Mercedes Benz and Jaguar. I recommend that doubters try the Mobil 1 15W-50 for themselves; the proof is in the pudding. carbs and is the bit that screws out on the very top Nov 23, 2013 · The 'E' Type Forum. Be careful when removing the assembly as the needle is sticking out off the bottom and you don't want to bend or break it. Genuine SU Dashpot Oil. Burlen LTD (UK) is "The Worlds Sole Manufacturer of Genuine SU Carburettors, Fuel Pumps and Spares. 09. Carb oil leaks out I had the carbs (SU HIF4's) rebuilt in April and have been working to get them adjusted (I'm having a little trouble with the mixture). It has only one jet (except in a few special types) and very few moving parts. Stock info sufficient stock / low or 1 in stock / Out of stock. Also for 75-80 cars that have been converted to SU carburetors. User Review - Flag as inappropriate I own this book. it has had a complete re-build all new jet, butterfly vale and carrier, nuts, springs and float cut off. 60 Pair of SU Carb Float Bowl Bolt Cap SU for H4 SU Carburetors MGA MG Crest Brass. At the throat, an HS6 Fiber washer used under the damper cap on SU HS carburetors. Although I would like to see any one of these happen for simple bragging rights, it is simply not so. insure the damper hole has a couple of squirts of oil in the pistons. Nov 14, 2015 · Recent SU Carb Damper threads Sign in to follow this . If the spring in the dashpot is different what is it? and does anyone know what sort of pressure it is? 3. SU Carburettors & Parts. Remove the suction chamber and look at the end of the damper rod with cap screwed snugly into the chamber neck. when SU ceased original equipment carb production. In my new found enthusiasm for getting my Series 1 back up and running, I was rummaging through my spares and found an SU carb that was previously attached to another Sep 29, 2019 · Hi All I have posted in the International as this a carb question and not just series related - moderators please move if needed. $4,000. Unscrew the black plastic cap at the top of each carburettor suction chamber and gently lift the piston and damper up to the top of their travel. Some Triumph fanatics say that there is an actually dash pot oil, but mine have worked fine with motor oil - transmission fluid would be too thing and run past the diaphragm. su carburettors - how they work Basic knowledge Even though the SU carburetter (carb) is a very basic yet precise instrument, some fundamental understanding on just how it works is needed to be able to deal with common problems and tuning. Removing the dashpot cap can readily identify this type of carburettor, as there is no damper rod on the underside. They also have a manual for Zenith-Strombergs, which, while similar, are a whole 'nother beast. NOT included. Special Price AU$83. Dec 19, 2014 · How does one select the dashpot spring when modifying SU's ? If I want to find out about needle selection, there are a million documents online but almost nothing about the spring. When i rebuilt my SU,s a well known carb restorer * This is for HS4 SU's- (1/8-3/16") if you are dealing with 1", H's, HS2's HS6's, HIF's, etc. Ive never used them but I'd say they will need a seal kit. PISTON DAMPER. Just wanted to add to your excellent guide. In my new found enthusiasm for getting my Series 1 back up and running, I was rummaging through my spares and found an SU carb that was previously attached to another Hi Miles, I think 20-50 is the recommended damper oil. On 16th August 1994 the final units, designated HIF and KIF, were produced, direct descendents of the original To attach the tuning tool to the carburetor, simply remove the damper on top of suction chamber and insert the test rod into the hollow piston spindle. This needle is held in the fuel flow orifice. They may be filled with dirt, or may never have been there, but they don't get worn away. Solex Carb or SU Damper oil, available from some mail-order places. EUR 10. 81 Regular Price US$78. Black Capped Plastic. but it doesnt keep the regular SU location It can be run with a single or duel SU's and is very common with the brit cars turbo and super charger set ups. Sep 25, 2019 · Im needing to put oil in my SU carb dashpots. On standard suction chambers (ie without a damper rod guide clip, or upper circlip on the piston rod), the level must be 0. It is very reliable, but it can become dirty and choked — and some parts wear out. They should be removed from the engine for cleaning. 25") single carb to replace original one used on 850 and 998 Minis. fitted with Single HS4 Carb. Make sure the fast idle screws are clear of the fast idle cam The SU is a constant velocity carb. The HIF, overleaf, differs in some ways. 2 Ounces. This will create a drag or side force on the hollow piston rod and restrict normal piston movement. Factory recommendations may be motor oil, or special damper oil. add to cart SU carb dashpots, plus general carb blathering. AUD434E - MGB 1972-1973 PAIR OF HIF SU CARBURETTORS - RECONDITIONED. EN 472 Carb float, composite Carb Damper Oil Sale Price:$10. (MS2953) The LHIC is the type fitted to 998cc and 1098cc Mini models with single carburettors. EUR 11. What do any of you use for oil in your dashpots. This is for 125ML or around 4. SU website. Nothing changed during 1500 production, and nothing changed during 1600-1622 production. it requires no mods to the carb since SU's are constant vacuum carbs and being in front of the turbo SU carburettors are a brand of carburettor of the constant-depression type. Click here to view our full range for the Range Rover Classic - 1986 to 1991. After much delay I have relaunched the Carb. Page 2 of 5 - D. Float chambers The float chamber of the carburettor contains a float and a needle valve. The design was in quantity production for much of the twentieth century. Carb Damper Dipstick, 70-71 240Z Code:11-2561 Price: $5. The B 20 B engine in the 1800 model and in cars intended for USA and Canada is fitted with two horizontal Setting up an SU carb - Number_Cruncher : As you accelerate, the damper slows the rise of the needle *and* the dashpot. The damper is at the very top of all SU carbs and must have oil in it otherwise the piston moves too quickly which causes all sorts of eratic running/starting problemsit should be filled up to cover the little brass damper in the top. 100) HS8 (0. its the most common SU/turbo set up and we know its works. The damper rods can occasionally get bent which will force the damper piston off center. Carb. If your Stromberg is over rich, runs poorly on closed throttle, or seems to consume damper oil faster than gasoline, then we can make it perform like new again. what if any are the differences between a normal HIF44 carb and a "turbo" one is it just differnt springs in the dashpot and needle or is there more to it than that 2. Pair of HS 2 SU's, completely rebuilt with all new components, mounted on 72 Spit Mark IV What type of damping fluid do I use in the carb dashpots, an The SU Carburettor High Performance Manual (SpeedPro series) - Kindle edition by Hammill, Des. BUT there is a 16 week turn around But for all the bits; 1 x Rebuild Kit Full set of gaskets and seals for both. Use engine oil (MS#20 or 10W-30) for damper oil. The SU carb is a semi-downdraft, variable venturi carburetor—semi-downdraft because the carb tilts toward the engine and variable venturi because the size of the venturi varies. 1937 was the year the ubiquitous H-type SU carb was born featuring a range of choke bore sizes from 1-1/8 inch to 2 inches in 1/8 inch increments; a carb to cover all applications and so successful was the design it stayed virtually unchanged right through to the end on the 1950s. Thread: SU Carb damper brass slide guide: Kirk Trigg, Oregon, USA. I have managed to press one out of a junk ebay carb from my spares. Excellent before and after sale service, many hard to find parts exclusively available in our online catalog. Damper oil Top up each of the piston dampers with carburettor damper oil. The S. US manufactured and ethanol ready. DAMPER RODS -SU CARBS. 00 My TR-6 has twin Stromberg 175 CD-2 side-draft carbs and for the past 33 years, I've just put regular motor oil in them. The only things that can be varied are the jet and needle valve, the idle mixture, and the damper oil! Of course, this means if you modify your engine, you probably will not need to modify your carb to compensate. View SU Carb Dashpot Oil. Carburetter Company Limited also manufactured dual-choke updraught carburettors for aero-engines such as the Rolls-Royce Merlin and Rolls-Royce Griffon. " HIF44 Carb Damper. This is the correct oil for filling the dashpot dampers on all 1945 and later British cars using SU carburetors. GENUINE SU CARBURETOR Damper Oil Dashpot Oil MG, MGA, MGB, MGC, MG TD MG Midget - $18. 2. MGB SU Pancake type air filter assembly 62-80 Item #: A102 Foam elements 5 1/2 X 1". This delay in piston movement causes a momentary decrease in pressure at the throat, thus achieving a momentary increase in richness much the same as with an accelerator pump. 1 x SU HD6 Carb YELLOW DAMPER PISTON SPRING for DAIMLER Dart SP250 Sport 1959-64. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. This subject is a regular message-board poser. Suitable for use in SU and Zenith-Stromberg Carburetors. By BlueTR3A-5EKT, November 14, 2015 in General TR Technical. SU DAMPER is suitable for post 1940 vehicles using SU and Stromberg carburettors incorporating a damper Mini Twin HS2/HS4 SU Carburettor Service Kit. SU Carburetor Damper Oil Dashpot Oil Volvo Amazon 122 122S 1800 142 144 PV 444. If you use thinner oil it will cause a lean condition on acceleration. info MG-Cars. More Information. If you have any photos or other information on SU Even though the SU carburetter (carb) is a very basic yet precise instrument, some fundamental understanding on just how it works is needed to be able to deal with common problems and tuning. * This is for HS4 SU’s- (1/8-3/16″) if you are dealing with 1″, H’s, HS2’s HS6’s, HIF’s, etc. SU carb problem. 00 SU Carb Service - Expanded Version (including Adjustments) Adjustments: If in the course of performing the previous cleaning and preventative maintenance, items were noticed, as explained in the Inspection Items, which didn’t seem to be as they should, the carbs may require some adjustments. There are folks who claim ATF works great and Singer sewing machine oil is fantastic, but I'd rather be rich. Damper Oil. Unscrew the damper rod and set it aside. co. 76 Regular Price AU$94. Your local library should have some books on SU carb problem - Triumph Bonneville - Andy 1955 : True, when I had a 74 Sunbeam Rapier spent loads of time trying to sort it twin Strombergs. insure the damper hole Model (Site) Category Schematic Key Name Application QTY; Austin Healey 100, 100-6, 3000: Fuel, Intake & Emissions: H-Type Carburetors. For the Chamber And Piston Assembly and Cap And Damper Assembly, the 1500 and 1600 parts have different numbers, and the numbers changed with the model change. 1½”HS4 SU Carburettor. Have your "Uni-Syn" type carb synchronizing tool handy. SU > SU Carburettor photos and information Posts Welcome to the relaunched Carb. 60. With the dampers in place, remove the air cleaners and lift the vacuum pistons with a finger through the carb intake with the engine off. 161 186 202 carburetor Carb Carburetor 87 thoughts on “ Zenith Stromberg Carburetor Repair Guide ” Mark Swift 30 Aug, 2018 @ 10:22 at 10:22. The fuel level should be about the same on both carbs, a littlebelow the top surface of the jet. Nowt wrong with the SU carb. The Stromberg 175CD (constant depression) carb is substantially different from the SU carb, although the operating principles are similar. Lift the piston. if you put too much in , it will spit it out through the hole in the damper lid, unless you have the sealed Rover V8 Carburettors and Carb Components - Rover SD1, TR8 and MGB GT V8 All parts listed are suitable for saloon, sports and 4x4 applications unless otherwise stated. FUEL_SYSTEMS,FU_CARB_MISC for MG Midget Austin Healy Sprite Sprite and Midget Plastic Dashpot Damper For Hif38 1. " The SU carburettor is simple to strip. Bottle. Nos 1965-1967 . for use with 1½” HS4 SU Carburettor AUD679. (Right-hand steered 1800 cars are also fitted with this type of carburettor). The oil is there to slow the movement of the piston. Twin HS2/HS4 Carb Service Kit. The SU has one jet which must supply fuel during all stages of engine operation (i. 86 AU$0. 0 correctly bring the jet adjusting screw back to it's original position and re-install the hydraulic piston damper. Whatever, with the measurements you can adjust the fill volume as needed. A dashpot is a kind of damper, using a fluid, whereby the motion of a body through a fluid or the resistance of a body to the movement of fluid, provides a force. Retaining clip on the damper rod of early ball-bearing suction chambers, which prevents the damper being pulled all the way out of the piston. When there is not a sufficient amount of damper oil, acceleration and other operating performance features become sluggish. I learned something else, too. Sep 29, 2019 · Hi All I have posted in the International as this a carb question and not just series related - moderators please move if needed. Rover played around with these dampers with different length rods so look for the number on the topof your old one. " 4 bolt su carb oil q's 1936 and the company became SU Carburetters Limited. 22 piston damper. Application SU DAMPER OIL is suitable for post 1940 vehicles using SU and Stromberg carburettors incorporating a damper in the dashpot assembly. A surcharge of £100. Following is as basic a description of what's going on that I can manage! SU, 1-barrel Carburetor Rebuild Kits and Parts. Hitachi Twin Carb Air Cleaners; In general on a given manifold you can use SU, Zenith-Stromberg (ZS) or Hitachi sidedrafts, but note that the linkage, hose locations and air cleaner attachment will vary. 70 This product is not currently available. 60. Note: for inlet manifold heater and bypass pipes, thermostats and housings plus temperature sender units, please refer to the Cooling Section. BACK Re: TR3 SU Carb Mystery? It's usually the very last fractional turn of the big nut on the jet assembly that pulls the jet off centre relative to the needle. SU Carburetor Damper Springs "Blue" MG Midget, Lotus Elite,Sprite 948 1098 1275 5 out of 5 stars 1 product rating 1 product ratings - SU Carburetor Damper Springs "Blue" MG Midget, Lotus Elite,Sprite 948 1098 1275 B. 5oz @ 2. I know they make a specific SU Damper oil but I doubt if its as special as its price reflects. Genuine Part # AUC8112 (021-093) - Carburetor damper & piston, su/hd8 carburetor. 5 Su Carbs Sprite and Midget Su Hs4 Carb Jet Sep 13, 2014 · Just been emailed by Burlen www. 95. In between efforts, I have found that the oil in the damper tubes is leaking down into the carb throats and fouling the pistons. It is a nice little reminder for the purpose of originality. I've also got a chrome fuel block to go with the set. It is resisted by the piston spring (in terms of position) and the damper (in terms of speed of rise). Note: You can check for matching float settings, after setting the mixture, by removing the pistons, and peering down at the jets. In my Haynes SU Carburettor book for the HIF Type it says: Fill the piston rod with oil. In the side of the piston you will see a screw. Austin. This is where the special tool mounts. 5 - 1, cam BNW 290, good roller rockers, ceramic headers, alloy fly, alloy harmonic, etc . SU DAMPER OIL is a mineral based oil containing anti-corrosion and anti-wear additives for the lubrication of pistons and dampers in SU and Stromberg carburettors. What's New 3 12 24 72. The later carburetor pistons from an XJ6 Jag, V12 Jag, Lotus, Jensen, etc. Menu. carb dashpot damper metro turbo hif44 Dashpot damper for the HIF6 METRO Turbo carb plus many other variants of the Metro. Buy OEM Part # B18562 (220-225, GGL9035X). For light damping (faster response): Marvel Mystery Oil (very good for this application) Automatic Trans Fluid 3 in 1 oil. This type of carb is not easy to modify relative to a Weber-type which can me modified in ten-thousand different ways. We Find Damper Springs Are Most Effective At Fine Tuning C Product Search: SU Carburetor Parts 114326 - Burlen - SU Dashpot (Damper) Oil 125ml Bottle $10. SU damper oil or a thinner oil like 3in1 to adjust the throttle response to your liking. These have been sitting in my shed for too long & I haven't had a chance to use them. The end result is a constant vacuum across the jet bridge. 1 1/4" HS2. Mini SU Carb Dashpot Damper Austin Morris Rover. Recent SU Carb Damper threads. 6. This is due to the requirement to provide a richer mixture upon acceleration, which is satisfied by the restricted air opening created when the dashpot is struggling against the damper action. . Suits SU & Stromberg. Weber Nos 1965-1967 . Burlen suggest "When the correct spring is fitted it is usual to obtain full piston lift at full throttle and at approximately three-quarters of the maximum rev/min. MGB : SU HIF4 Carburettors PDF catalogue - page 44 • The following parts are available in this group. SU HIF 44 CARB CARBURETTOR CLASSIC MINI METRO. The British SU carburettor's main piston carries a stepped needle. sucarb. 37 US$57. 00 excl VAT will be charged in addition to the unit cost if it is supplied in advance. Nos 1965-1967 Shelby Mustang Holley Carburetor List 3259-1. Genuine SU kit. Because of the limited airflow capacity of the vent hole in the damper cap of the damper rod, a small amount of the oil that is above the damper tube will be pumped down the exterior sides of the damper tube by the air compressing above it slightly when the vacuum piston rises, providing essential lubrication to the bushing inside of the vacuum V8 Register – MG Car Club 180519-MGBGTV8-SU-carb-floral-clip-R1 V8NOTE541 2 a damper coming loose, but I suppose it could. Others have fitted SU's but have had to make the manifold (quite a squeeze to get the carb in) Phoenix shortened the dashpot top to get it under the main frame tube. #auc8102hb-mgtf auc8102hb mgtf hex brass damper mgtf h4 $100. Jan 15, 2011 · SU's are SU's, and the balance is one that won't be covered in a short post. This is intended to grow over time to become a very useful resource for all models of SU Carburettors, as fitted to many British classic cars such as Jaguar, MG, Morris, Austin, and more. There are only two adjustments on the SU's. vizard Tuning Bl's A Series And Twin Carbs - posted in Problems, Questions and Technical: Try looking at the original question with female logic and the answer is simple, you dont need opinions or science to prove twins are better for low down quickyness, the female logic will simply tell you because it does well, that the answer my wife gives me for most questions. TCTF, ZenithStromberg carb dashpot damper hif44 mini cooper 1990-92. D SU Carbs. 86 Britcar has a complete range of Carburetter and Components - SU (V8 Twin Carb L/R Petrol). Special Price US$69. 99 This product is not currently available. Su Turbo Carb? - posted in Problems, Questions and Technical: I have a few quesions 1. SU's guzzle this, and it should be checked every 200 miles and replenished with FRESH 20/50w ENGINE OIL. uk It's important that the dashpot on your carburettor is filled with oil, preventi SU Carb Dashpot oil. NOTE: The Hitachi sidedraught carbs are on the left side of the A-series engine. Note that some SU Carbs have a small breather hole in the top of the damper rod, the D series SU Carb has to be fitted with a solid damper rod cap. SU Hitachi carb Parts: New parts installed: Throttle shafts & bushings (Datsun OEM) , throttle valves, New floats NOT included , float valves & pins, nozzels, meetering needles, air piston return springs, dampers, suction chamber & float bowl retaining screws & all seals & gaskets. Do not use SAE #30 or higher weight oils. SU Carb Adjusting 2. The little brass slide guide in the front carb of my newly acquired MGTC was missing. 4 oz. That last turn needs to be made really slowly with no jerk of the spanner. 61. Someone who used a re-tapered needle and heavier damper oil (which is intertwined with spring weight, as well as supplemental weight on the piston which also affects how it opens) may have a na engine which will fall on it's face from mix dropout if the piston opens a velocity drops too fast. Many of us have touted our preferences and discoveries whilst playing about over the years. Spits & backfires. SU and ZS carbs are set up so that a thicker oil will resist the piston’s attempt to rise in the dashpot for just long enough that the engine’s increased load (when the throttle is opened) will pull more fuel across the bridge; this enriches the mixture and temporarily bumps power up to help the engine achieve higher speed more readily. Does anyone know what needle id be The SU damper is intended to slow the piston rising, to enrich the mixture when you boot it, but should then drop easily back down with little or no damping. The biased needle has a collar and spring attached to the top of the needle. This allows the damper piston to rotate. 125) Chart Annulus area (mm2) Diameter (mm) Needle 1 Needle 2 Needle 3 Jan 23, 2013 · Hi all I just searched half a dozen different seacrh terms here re carb dash pot oil and didn't come up with anything. ) SU HIF (B20B/D 71-) = In stock Throttle disc 140 SU carb 237451, +SU HIF B20A/B20B, +B21A carburettor 237704 Carb damper oil, SAE 20 (for dashpots) 110 kr Holden red 6 tripple su carbys. Nov 25, 2007 · Per the '72 FSM the damper oil volume should be "approx. Order online all Classic Mini SU Carburettors, service kits & parts from Mini Sport, worlwide delivery SU Carb damper oil, OEM $ 18. 3 cc". 95 Quantity in Basket: none The most common cause of fast idle is vacuum leaks. Equipped with floating needle. Aug 03, 2011 · right all you need is a hiff44 carb which is a 2inch su carb you can get them off a rover v8 or somin simler, metro turbo carb has the diaframe in it, u can buy a metro turbo carb rebuild kit and it comes with everything you need to make it useable to be put onto a turbo setup ether blow through or suck through, kits are like 35poud i think, your best bet is to get in contact with one of the 114326 - Burlen - SU Dashpot (Damper) Oil 125ml Bottle. Take the dashpot off. 5in (13mm) above the top of the hollow piston rod. Quantity in Basket: none: SU Carburetor Rebuild Kit, 70-72 240Z Code:11-3151 Price: $33. 17. Also people forget to check the oil level in the damper for SU's and Strombergs. The dashpot acts as a restriction to the increasing airflow. 1938 and Restore lost performance with a new SU HS2 (1. Note: You can check for matching float settings, after setting themixture, by removing the pistons, and peering down at the jets. SU carb leaning out and the starving - posted in Engine: I have a 179 with a 3. Price: £14. Good looking set with polished parts. It seems to be just peened S. 80. It is priceless. - check the spec for your carb. Followers 0. Hot this week. pump-effect of the piston damper I have used thicker oil to reduce the acceleration lean-out that the engine gives upon sudden Apr 29, 2020 · To identify a carb with an adjustable piston, look for two notches found across from each other on the steel tube that serves as the damper oil reservoir. EN 472 Carb float, composite Dec 12, 2011 · I have been to view many cars and one of the things I look for which gives a good indication of how it has been looked after is the oil level in the carb dashpot. In figure 2b the engine’s speed has increased considerably, as has the engine’s air deman and the piston has risen to its optimum position for the given speed. This item is by SU Carburettors. Registered Office: Burlen Ltd, Spitfire House, Castle Road, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 3SB Registered in England and Wales Registration Number: 2005550 VAT Number: GB 423 5232 84 Su Carburetters are The Worlds Sole Manufacturer of Genuine SU Carburettors, Fuel Pumps and Spares. add to cart Review of SU nomenclature: Recall that using the old imperial numbering system, the number after the HS is carb throat diameter, in 1/8" increments over 1 inch, so carb shown on left is actually an HS4 (1 1/2", and never used on B18 or later motors), also confirmed by the tall aspect ratio of the dome over its Dashpot. The pointers fit into the test rods and will help to compare the movement of the pistons. SU Carb damper oil, OEM $ 18. Apr 24, 2012 · The 1972 Datsun service manual specifies to "use Mobile SAE 10W-30 for damper oil. Undo that screw and the needle will drop/pull out. When new carburetors are installed on the engine, or when overhaul is performed, damper oil must be added without fail. Constant choke: With this type of carburettor the air-fuel mix is kept at constant pressure, with demand altering the provision of flow into the engine. SU Damper Oil Info A great site rich with information about damper oil and SU carbs. 5" SU carburettor with LHIC (left hand inter-connect) - this carburettor would be on the right side of a twin carburettor kit. Careful that you don't bend the needle. see Fig. Single. 72 US$0. Please note : This item is supplied on an exchange basis. » SU Carb Specific Type Parts & Components Piston Damper Spring, 'red' 4. #aue900 su carb gasket set hv2 hv3 hv4 h1 h2 h4 d4l uba d2 d3 d4 d5 om $20. No casting marks but is an SU HIF carburetor Took carb off & apart, cleaned it up, left most settings the same, added damper oil to the top of the carb. SU carb and Vac advance logic. For moderate damping: 20 or 30 w Engine Oil 20-50 wt Engine Oil. info Welcome to our Site for MG, Triumph and Austin-Healey Car Information. Unscrew the damper cap, withdraw the damper and top up the reservoir until the oil level is 1/2 in (12mm) above the top of the hollow piston rod. don't over fill. The opening between the piston and bridge is now much larger, but the air velocity over the jet is the same as it was at the lower speed (the air velocity is proportional to the throat area). SU Carburetors - Since 1976, Terry's Jaguar has been in the business of supplying a wide range of parts for Jaguars - everything from XK120, XK140, XK150 and all XKE / E-Type Parts models right through to the latest Jaguars on the road. The supplied air filter with the kit will be long gone now. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The SU Carburettor High Performance Manual (SpeedPro series). Twin SU Installation A page that shows many closeup photos of a twin SU installation on a 70 Spitfire. Carb Damper Oil. The level marks are grooves in the shaft 5 and 16 mm above the top of the damper piston. Haynes has an excellent manual just for SU carbs, it covers operation, theory, rebuild of all models, and has needle charts for hundreds of car/engine/carb set-ups. For example, the spring ensures that the piston is pushed downwards against the upward force on the piston of atmospheric pressure. The float bowl is the same as the H series SU Carb, as is the piston. Damper Assemblies. The bushes in this carb looked like Teflon and I think have been attended to more recently. More vacuum is felt at the needle. e. the throttle adjusting screws which adjust the idle speed and the jet adjusting Checking damper oil. , will fit and are a common and relatively easy-to-obtain improvement. The B 20 B engine In the l20 and 140 models is fitted with two horizontal carburettors of type SU-HS 6. Mar 16, 2011 · this is an SU draw thru set up. In an SU, the force required for the piston to lift is caused by engine vacuum. Jam Nut, Rear Brake Hose, Bonnet Pin, Manifold (NT606041) SU Technical document: HIF carb, no ball bearings on the left, early ball bearings on the right, both showing the oil level below the top of the hollow rod. Haynes has an excellent manual just for SU carbs, it covers operation, theory, rebuild of all models, and has needle charts for hundreds of car/engine/carb setups. uk Price for both to be restored £220+vat. SU carb dashpots, plus general carb blathering To muddy the waters on damper fluids . I have a standard spitfire Mk4 with standard SU carbs that i had reconditioned last year by a reputable company. Buy Genuine OEM SU Car Air Intake & Fuel Delivery Parts and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! 1 1/4" SU Carb HEX Brass Piston Damper &Gasket for May 11, 2017 · The second carb rebuild went pretty much like the first except that the throttle spindle was worn far less. 6 Liter Thermo 1950/53 SU 2xH4 AUC 556T GB/1450 6151 GB AUC1167 TS1500 NT-03 Oct 19, 2008 · When i used to run a SU setup like this on my Shovel, i used to hold the piston down with the piston damper by unscrewing the piston damper out of the suction chamber and holding it on the top part of the piston, that would increase the amount of fuel allowed into the chamber when starting it from cold, it used to start first or second kick Enthusiasts not familiar with SU carburettors may not be aware of the benefits of regular damper topping-up or what to do, so this note is a straightforward guide. If you notice a decrease in RPM you have located a vacuum leak which must be repaired. su carb damper

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