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Also, maintenance is much easier than the reverb post, and seemingly much less frequent. Mar 22, 2016 · Giant Dropper Issue - posted in Tech Q&A: Wondering if anyone has any experience of a Giant Dropper not locking when it comes back up? It hasnt been used for about a month but that might be coincidence. It is one more fairly complicated component of your bike that may end up needing maintenance. 101 Lake Forest, CA 92630 +1 (949) 742-1180 We talk you through the essential post-ride maintenance and answer some common questions about dropper post-care here. Oct 17, 2017 · TranzX Dropper Seatpost - Review. , Canada, Race Face Performance Products is a global cycling brand with a rider-first focus. With some light maintenance you can significantly prolong the life of your dropper post. Install the dropper post to your ideal height in the frame and lightly secure the seat clamp. Reply. E13 TRS+ Dropper Post Reveiw. Posts with extremely tight tolerances for side play tend to be inherently higher maintenance which was something we wanted to avoid. This means you'll be primed for the upcoming terrain so you can attack a climb or descent without having to stop to change your saddle position. Not sure how Fox handles situations like these. 2 dropper for my XC hardtail ('14 Specialized Crave) so the eten was the solution. This makes it more compact and lighter. The updated  It's probably the best selling dropper post and there is absolutely no reason why, Reverb IFP tool – you need this to set the IFP at the right depth for your post, service and maintenance is key to happy forks and dropper get booked in you  30 Mar 2017 KS Dropper Post Maintenance. Shop now at crankbrothers. One 15 minute clean/repack in that time. Luke Lydiard riding a rock wall in Truckee, CA while testing the Giant Contact SL Switch dropper post. Remove the lower cap using a 8mm hex key. looks good and it's a practical enough solution for remembering the height you prefer it at. Many of the parts are still in the original plastic. 5 wt mineral oil - same as 2. Step 3: Install Remote Install the Remote, without cable or housing attached on to your handlebar (See remote specific instructions below). 99 $100. The Forte Clutch Dropper Post is a great way to share that electric commuter bike. The Kind Shock Lev is one of the most popular dropper seatposts on the market. 00 View Detail. "If you're going to ride gnarlier trails, if you’re going to get agro on the bike, if you’re riding a 650B wheel versus 700c, or if you’re loaded down with a weekend’s worth of bikepacking gear, a dropper will more easily let you change your body position without your saddle The new wireless electronic SRAM AXS Reverb dropper post switch mounts in a conventional style and is also thumb-actuated, so we had to get a little creative. 00-$499. Also, if you have any other suggestions for reliable dropper posts, or if you’ve tried bikepacking with a dropper and have something to share, leave your thoughts in the comments below. Seatposts Jun 12, 2020 · Whether Kashima is actually necessary on a dropper post is very questionable but if you have a Fox shock or fork with Kashima, there is something to be said for matching your dropper with them. This usually makes it quiet easy to perform maintenance as well as handle any technical questions you might have. 5 mm hex key. I've got a KS under-the-seat-lever dropper post, and I love it! I'm a big fan of under the seat levers, over the  28 Apr 2020 Crankbrothers Highline 3. Ive got the info on how to break it all apart for a cartridge replacement but wondered if this A sealed cartridge allows for easy maintenance and can be replaced should the dropper post life wish to be elongated. The pressure should be 250-300psi with the post Apr 28, 2020 · Shop for Dropper Posts at REI - Free U. The bottom of the post is just as easy to run the cable, similar to threading a brake cable through a lever. . You can really help your search by narrowing down what options apply to you. So why spend $300-400 for a dropper post that will Dropper Post Maintenance I’m looking for a place that may be able to bleed/rebuild my 2016 Rockshox Reverb dropper post in the GTA. Always check your air pressure after servicing. However the Kashima Coating which is the cherry on top starting flaking off within 6 months of use and it is now all over the post. With a bit of iterative testing, we found a placement for a SRAM eTap Blip button (from the eTap Red Road/Triathlon groupset) that suited her, and by cutting a hole in the grip we were able to install it so all she has to do is tap the The new wireless electronic SRAM AXS Reverb dropper post switch mounts in a conventional style and is also thumb-actuated, so we had to get a little creative. The maintenance is simple and as with any other part escencial. Here’s how to service your post. Despite the price, the Transfer is an excellent investment for anyone that wants flawless reliability from a dropper post. The hydraulic drop system is contained in a user-replaceable sealed cartridge. Long-term testing proved the saddle can endure the standard wear-and-tear that a daily commuter or adventurer can throw at it – and look fantastic doing it. com I use a Specialized SLR dropper lever. The updated Bontrager Line Dropper Post is easy to set up and now even easier to service. com. Dropper Post - Surface - Gearshop - Silverbacklab; Sector Kids Saddle Replaceable self-contained pneumatic internal cartridge makes for easy maintenance. oneupcomponents. S. I owned a reverb for a while, and after about 50 hours it died on me. I bet a 30. Find out more at www. May 19, 2019 · I took delivery of my 2019 Levo back in November and rode it most weekends over the winter. The dropper that can rightfully be credited with launching the whole dropper post craze is fittingly known as the Gravity Dropper. My gravity dropper was amazing for 3 1/2 yrs. When talking about the insertion length, this is the portion of the dropper post that is inside the frame: it is the distance from the top of the seatpost collar to the bottom of the post. This is my first dropper post and I'm glad I upgraded. Tailored to the needs of XC and marathon racers, it is the youngest offspring of BikeYoke's dropper family, based on the award-winning Revive dropper-post technology, but with the internals modified to work perfectly with the shorter Sevive SL travel. Unused. WERX, Suspension, and Dropper Post Service. We engineer this in to ensure the post stays snag-free as grit and grime builds up over time. Shop All Maintenance Shop for Dropper Posts Mountain Seatposts Parts at Nashbar E*Thirteen TRS+ Dropper Post 30. Apr 02, 2020 · Our dropper post teat team consists of two very experienced professional mountain bike testers. Jul 25, 2016 · Video: How to bleed a RockShox Reverb dropper seatpost. Modification of the seatpost in REVIVE dropper post according to the steps detailed below. No other post can get your saddle lower. Mar 20, 2017 · Based on my experiences with other mechanical dropper post interfaces - Gravity Dropper, Fox DOSS, and Command Post - I will certainly be taking the e*thirteen TRS+ apart again as part of the test to check for wear. 170mm Dropper Post - adjustable* down to 120mm. Factory Series 36  E-BIKE SYSTEM:info@tranzx. Ideal for burgeoning riders who want to try a dropper post for the first time, the PNW Components Ridge 125 dropper post has a sealed hydraulic cartridge and coil spring for consistent performance. It may seem a little outdated by now, even in the most recent Turbo LP version, but its 100% mechanical construction and ease of maintenance are still winning over new buyers today. Maintenance. KS USA 13 Orchard Ste. After the unboxing and getting the wheels and bars up, I wanted to release the dropper post back up it came dropped out of the box, after pressing the lever and the dropper going up I found out that it didnt want to lock once fully released. May 29, 2016 · There are dropper posts available in almost any shape and size. Its not stealth but is all clean, clear and tight. Do not use adapters or shims, or modify the seat post or bike frame in any way. A bicycle seatpost, seatpin, saddlepole, saddle pillar, or saddle pin is a tube that extends upwards from the bicycle frame to the saddle. Forks, Shocks, Seatposts. We have over 300 brands for bicycles, components, apparel and accessories in our assortment. Oct 23, 2016 · The Brooks Cambium C17 saddle is a beautiful, well-designed addition to any bicycle. A dropper post is pretty complex and needs maintenance with fluid changes, overhauls, and seals – much like our suspension fork and rear shock. The Devine SL is a light production dropper post with a total length of 400mm and 80mm infinite drop. 99 $50. Completely redesigned from the ground up, with improved serviceability, decreased weight, reduced length, and decreased insertion depth. 00 Rating: 9/10. Nice quick fix! If you want to clean, undo 5 minute mechanics! Check out this valuable nugget of knowledge that will help keep your bike running smoothly. With a dropper post you can adjust the height of your seatpost on the fly, so you can enjoy every trail section while still being able to pedal uphill Iridium Dropper Post For many riders, the dropper post is the most important innovation in modern mountain biking. Almost every time I have taken a test ride on a bike with a dropper post, the post didn’t work right. com Posts about dropper post written by mtbboy1993. Manual instructions and maintenance. co. Oct 17, 2017 Id love to see external routing for easy setup and maintenance but thats just me. A streamlined design with fewer moving parts and better seals makes for a dropper post that performs consistently and requires less maintenance. Again our insider engineers at BikeYoke, KS & 9point8 gave us the full lowdown on the maintenance that a dropper post requires. Alloy #7075-T651 Control lever up & down 0 mm. X-Fusion’s Manic has a lot going for it. e*thirteen's new TRS+ Dropper Post is fully rebuildable, reliable, and affordable. standard shipping on orders of $50 or more. See | Download. This time a bunch of the pawls on the collate that hold the post in place broke off. E. 2 Dropper Seat Post with 100mm travel- including Handlebar Remote and accessories. 16 Jun 2017 So, 2nd Gen? See my post from a few days ago. We recommend Slickoleum Grease  Buy Funn Funn UpDown Dropper Post online at the cheapest price from New The cartridge design means easy maintenance and servicing for the users. We talk you through the essential post-ride care and answer some common questions about how to look after your dropper. ” Their technology and promise of reliability come at a price Keep the fun rolling with clean frame lines with the FOX Racing Shox Transfer Performance Series Dropper Seatpost - Internal Routing. The answer—like most real ones—isn’t clear-cut. Jul 12, 2017 · Tech Tip: Dropper Post Maintenance and Trouble Shooting July 12, 2017 Lukas 55 comments Leave a Reply Cancel reply X-Fusion Hilo 27. It requires less maintenance and the maintenance is less expensive when you need it, so it will likely last you longer as well. Posted 2 years ago vmgscot Jun 26, 2012 · Tech Tuesday - Specialized Command Post Blacklite Maintenance. Also before your ride, you may want to drop the post and extend the post a few times to get the fluid in the post working up and down. It’s shaped just like a SRAM shift lever. That in my opinion is the best dropper lever you can buy. Dirtlabs MTN T-shirt. Your Cable Dropper Post Smooth | Mountain Bike Maintenance. This will automatically reset your hydraulic circuit to “new. They also boast that the hydraulic system of the Revive is basically “maintenance-free. Now available in up to 210mm of travel. Call us at +1 (949) 742-1180. In this short video, we'll show you how to install your TRS+ Dropper… Mar 29, 2020 · Curious - has anyone added a dropper seat post with internal cable routing and make it work with a Stromer? I have an ST1x, and was hoping to get a PNW dropper suspension seat post with internal routed cables to keep the clean look. I haven't done Brand-X Ascend Dropper Seatpost (125mm & 150mm) Precisely engineered to bring you fast and smooth operation on the trails, the Ascend dropper post will get you into the optimum riding position in a flash. Rockshox Reverb stealth and KS Integra versions) you will Think I still have one somewhere. Just like your car, your bicycle requires annual maintenance that  5 Oct 2015 Added Maintenance. A dropper post is a great upgrade for any trail or enduro mountain bike. Would recommend. It looks like there might be room behind the battery where Dropper posts are everywhere in the world of mountain biking, including right in the firing line of dirt and water from your rear wheel. Never force a seat post into a frame. 9 would last forever. We stock leading dropper posts from Satori & KS Lev for the comfiest ride! May 16, 2018 · Now check out part two, The Low Down on Dropper Post Seat Bags, featuring a full list of bags, packing tips, and our bikepacking with a dropper post wrap up. So what’s changed? Brass keys- we have changed from pressed keys to cylindrical turned keys; these are easier to replace on servicing and allow for tighter Service kit to assist in scheduled maintenance and/or rebuild of RockShox dropper seatposts. Dropper post levers are something a lot of us overlook, we want our dropper to work but don’t think about the button that makes the magic happen. After several hundred miles lets take a closer look at the OneUp Dropper post to see how its posts quality and affordability compare. instead they spell out O N E U P C O M P O N E N T S with the letters evenly spaced apart down to the MIN insertion line. Suggested Guides. Dropper posts are even used by some DH riders on more pedally courses and XC racers are also beginning to use them. If you have an older dropper post, you may want to try applying Grease to the post like: SRAM Butter Grease - "When the post is clean, apply some lightweight grease to the top of the lower seatpost. Flush fluid through with the syringe and with a few lever flicks until no bubbles come through and you are done. 00. Our lead tester is our former Senior Mountain Bike Review Editor, Pat Donahue . What a difference it is has made in my riding, my descents are faster and more controlled - it is well worth the extra weight. Great dropper post all around but the lever is flimsy and will brake easily. After testing a bunch of levers, from the plastic ones to the ergonomically weird, even the best in class, we decided we could do better. Logo · Products · Dropper Posts · Ether · Remotes · Accessories. TOUR · SQUARE · BASELAYER · AFTER RACE & WORK WEAR · JUNIOR Stems & Spacer · Saddles · Seat posts · Pedals · Luggage racks · Mudguards  3 May 2018 If you ever need help finding the right dropper post for your bike we they can be high maintenance due to super tight tolerances required to  Simple construction aside, the action of this new post feels super-dooper smooth, and far silkier than any dropper. Actuation force and mounting options are much better too. TranzX · COMPANY · CUSTOMER · HISTORY · ENGINEERING SERVICE. Featuring a black anodized upper post and hydraulic internals, this dropper stealthily supports your saddle to seamlessly manage transitions from screaming descents to buttery-smooth singletrack and everything in Jun 04, 2020 · The Cascade Dropper Post and 2x lever were perfect for me to get a dropper post on my older mountain bike and it did exactly what I needed it to: drop, raise, and stay still. nz | Pushbikes on Facebook | Instagram  13 Mar 2017 If your dropper seat post is operating very slowly up or down, apply a mechanics repair and maintenance training for beginners, enthusiast,  22 May 2019 video will show you how to service a Giant Contact dropper seatpost. No more complaining that the seat is not back at the correct height. Shop All Maintenance Shop for Dropper Posts Mountain Seatposts Parts at Performance Bicycle RockShox Reverb Stealth B1 Dropper Post (MMX Right Step up your MTB game with a dropper post. Seatposts. No tools are needed. This is the first time I've owned a bike with a dropper post, is there anything that I should be doing to maintain the Oct 05, 2015 · A dropper post is naturally going to have a lot more material and mechanical parts than a standard post. The Ascend XL 150MM has a valve in the head of the post to adjust air pressure, bit other that that, identical to the PNW one in terms of operation, maintenance etc. Our carbon components are all proudly designed and manufactured in-house. Make sure the SWAT latch and dropper post plastic tube are installed in the frame  20 Feb 2019 This is PNW's top shelf dropper post, that comes stock with one of the best levers in the business, a solid warranty and it's fully rebuildable S U S P E N S I O N. Fall Line 175-200mm Stroke (IN STOCK) The Fall Line™ Dropper Post with Remember that the difference is either: hydraulic (only reverb) vs mechanical actuation OR hydraulic (most) vs mechanical (Command Post, DOSS, Joplin) holding mechanism. A bit of play is totally normal, usually around 1-2 mm side to side. Required maintenance for the life of your bike. Aug 07, 2018 · The Ritchey WCS Kite Dropper Seatpost helped convert this diehard high poster into a dropper devotee. Nov 19, 2019 · I've had a Fox Transfer dropper post for around 4 months. S. 99 $500. Exclusive Back Country Pyrenees with Basque MTB Aug 28, 2018 · Dropper Post Not Locking - posted in Tech Q&A: Hey guys! Okay, so today was brand new bike day for me. Understanding the KS Dropper Seatpost Models There are many dropper seatposts to choose from now and it can be difficult to understand the differences between them, so we've put together a chart to help. It is impressive how easy all of these wear parts, including the bushings, will be to replace when the time comes. 30. The dropper actuation mechanism is the method used to raise or lower the post. \r I\'m very happy with the bike yoke and i\'m considering buying another one because the first one only has 125 mm. 6 mm. 1 Actuator Only) Connect cable and housing to the Dropper Post Open the actuator by hand and place the cable barrel into the actuator cradle. 🔧 Su 9 Hacks To Keep Your Cable Dropper Post Smooth | Mountain Bike Maintenance Install the dropper post to your ideal height in the frame and lightly secure the seat clamp. Browse through top brands including Specialized, Rockshox dropper posts and Fox Racing Shox posts. My Bronson came with a budget dropper. All-New versions of the Pine now come with the option of 90 and 110mm of travel. /Travel 80 mm. The "high spots" will push the grease out of the way, in to the "low spots" where you might otherwise see moisture and oxygen. Dec 23, 2019 · MBR Editor’s Choice 2019: Brand X Ascend dropper post £139. Fail safe dropper post ★ 3 lengths, travel 140 / 170 / 200mm external cable routing mechanic, solid from 440 grams 4-fold indexed for all bikes Purchase everything your bike needs in the Seatposts - Dropper Posts category in our shop. They are  17 Sep 2018 This should take 5 mins or less and can be done with your Dropper Post on your bike. Since it's cable actuated, it's incredibly easy to install. maintenance routine the cable affixes with the nipple at the seatpost end. Like many others I needed a 27. In general, you don't have to worry your seat post slipping. And, it’s important to recognize, that a dropper post needs to be treated differently than a regular seat post. There are three types, mechanical, hydraulic and electric dropper post. Really this is about placement. Well, the title says it all. First, a few definitions. 2019 Dann wird es Zeit herausfinden, wie ihr dafür sorgen könnt, dass eure Dropper Post in Bestform bleibt. If you're going to be diligent about maintenance, then the Reverb's remote gets bled with the rest of the post, so it should be solid all the time. Absolutely love the ease of maintenance, It's a 5-10 minutes process to disassemble, clean, lube and reassemble. After about 2 years with the new post working , with me riding 1-2 times a week the post failed again. The dropper post, however, is a crossover that has been slow on the uptake despite options available from Magura and Thompson and one from Raleigh included on the Stuntman. Different Dropper Posts. We've been obsessed with shaving every last millimeter from the latest OneUp post to give you the the shortest stack height and shortest total length of any dropper post. Dropper Bottle Aromatherapy Supplies, dropper bottle, GT Seat Post, plastic dropper bottle, schwinn seat post, Glass Eye Dropper Bottles, crankbrothers Bicycle Maintenance Multi-Tools, crankbrothers Bicycle Pump, crankbrothers Bicycle Maintenance Tool Mountain Bike Dropper Post Suspension Seat Post Mechanical Travel 35/125/250mm Features: 1) Mechanical, Maintenance-Free, Zero Swing! 2) Customized Length and Travel from 350x35 to 545x 250mm. We have been designing and manufacturing leading-edge performance cycling components, clothing, and protection for over 25 years. Sure, there are many out there that are reasonably good, but very few that are reliable for much longer than a year or two depending on how much you ride. IMO, the hydraulic dropper post are a night mare for maintenance. The hose is threaded through the frame, cut to length and then screwed by hand onto the lever. Tools for the job. Easton Haven The Haven dropper post has a “Quick Connector feature [that] allows tool-free easy disconnection from internal cable routing without losing tension settings, making it easy A streamlined design with fewer moving parts and better seals makes for a dropper post that performs consistently and requires less maintenance. I’ve also met people on the trail who couldn’t get their dropper post to work. $22. It is a dropper post that BikeYoke says will solve reliability issues, save money, save time and don’t need to be sent to a service center. Super durable, budget friendly, mechanical dropper post with bar mounted control 3 height settings: fully extended, fully dropped, and halfway Hard anodized slider, angle adjustable 2-bolt clamp, and rubber boot included Dec 06, 2016 · The Manic is a cable-actuated, internally-routed dropper post with no defined stops in its travel. MTB COMPONENTS . This service should take less than 20 minutes and should be completed every 250-350hrs of riding depending on the conditions in which to ride. showcase a new dropper seatpost at Eurobike. Shockcraft is a New Zealand engineering business specialising in mountain bike suspension, parts & service. The Contour V2 post includes significant improvements to make things run smoother, last longer with simpler maintenance. Apr 03, 2020 · BikeYoke Revive. The warranty applies only to the Jun 17, 2016 · 12 Ways to Use a Dropper Post. The cable-actuated hydraulic locking design provides proven functionality for bikes with internal routing. Crankbrothers is the leading brand of pedals, wheels, dropper posts, pumps, tools, and accessories. Vyron eLECT and we are always willing to assist you if you need any help during maintenance or have any issues with MAGURA products. With our wide range of Dropper Seat Posts for sale, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your biking needs! Visit BikeExchange. The amount that it extends out of the frame can usually be adjusted, and there is usually a mark that indicates the minimum insertion (or maximum extension). The e13 TRS+ dropper post is a mechanical dropper post available in 125 and 150mm drops, and it has the best mechanical lever and action on the market now. It just broke but I think only because it is 27. The exact needs vary a bit from post to post and have a lot to do with how each dropper functions. 99 $200. Apr 18, 2018 · The post itself has anodised markings for height but they are not numbered. The warranty is expressly limited to the repair or replacement of the defective part and is the sole remedy of the warranty. It’s always been worth spending that much on a dropper. With a bit  20 Jul 2019 dropper post running smooth with some cheeky hacks along the way. Travel: 80mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 170mm |  26 Oct 2018 With the DownLow dropper post removed from the frame, install the cable please coordinate all service and maintenance through your. 00 *For those who ride lift-accessed DH, Park, or Extreme Freeride or in extremely wet/muddy or dry/dusty environmental conditions where trail debris is sprayed onto the fork or shock while on the trail, FOX encourages riders to perform maintenance earlier than recommended above as needed. Tools required include a bench vise, aluminum axle clamps, hex keys, zip ties, 5w synthetic oil, Slickoleum, a shock pump, a valve tool and patience. We take the best engineered suspension and upgrades from the corners of the world and combine them with our own in-house engineered modifications and tuning into a package that will give you the best performance and ride quality you've ever experienced. 2. There is a better way. Actuation. Bike Components. Replacement cartridges are available separately. Mtbr tested the 125mm 31. 9 & 31. pushbikes. The dropper post also will come up faster thanks to an enhanced valve technology to unblock the seatpost. Running the cable is a breeze, with the end of the cable threading through the lever, tightened by a grub screw. It also has a good amount of adjustability and is silky smooth. Support. Most common seat post diameters in the industry have settled at 30. tr:hover {background-color: #ddd;}Race Face Turbine R Dropper PostIf you’re in the market for a new dropper post, it’s your lucky day. tw. If you’re tightening it too much, this can prevent the dropper post from sliding as freely as it should. Once you pull it out of the sleeve and clean it down its back to running smooth again. Jul 13, 2017 · The under bar thumb lever works exceptionally well and is included with the Drop Line dropper post. Maintenance on this post, aside from needing a new cartridge, often just involves the standard stanchion lube. Dropper posts give you more freedom of movement when riding, which is especially useful on technical trails and steep descents, because you can move your centre of gravity backwards for increased stability. With a bit of iterative testing, we found a placement for a SRAM eTap Blip button (from the eTap Red Road/Triathlon groupset) that suited her, and by cutting a hole in the grip we were able to install it so all she has to do is tap the The new Vyron generation reacts and moves faster now: in the blink of an eye the dropper post will receive the „command“ from the handlebar, due to a newly implanted impulse technology. This accommodates Brand-X Ascend Dropper Seatpost (125mm & 150mm) Precisely engineered to bring you fast and smooth operation on the trails, the Ascend dropper post will get you into the optimum riding position in a flash. DROPPER POST JD-YSP15 DROPPER POST 04 DROPPER POST 05 YSP12L JD-YSP12 ISO MTB / Pat. It’s also a more resilient alternative to the tried-and-true leather options. So we made the Loam Lever. Your new seatpost is warranted for a period of two years from the date of purchase. ” Whenever. Pat has spent the past couple decades working in the bike industry and is currently the co-owner of a bike shop in South Lake Tahoe, CA. The cable setup is quick and easy. Throughout the week the post continued to perform well, a small amount of play developed but was totally unnoticeable riding and hasn’t got any worse in the time since. I love this dropper post and cannot remember what it was like to ride without it. Show product. For hardcore XC racers (and self proclaimed weight weenies), the extra grams are a serious consideration. 00-$49. Wherever. Price: £390. Flexible like you — in any terrain! To prevent the saddle from getting in your way while riding downhill, it should be off. Anybody know any shops that can do this? Technical and Maintenance Support The Seatpost is mechanical, this means there is no air, oil, or seals that can leak. But since this doesn't work so well off the descent, there's only one solution: you need a height-adjustable seat post. Here you have access to over 50,000 products, 20 years of experience, fast shipping, a Trusted Shop and personalised service. Originally, it worked well, but now it's noticeably slow to pop back to the extended position. It has been slightly used for about 6 weeks. com | BIKE COMPONENTS:info@jdco. After this, it is a case of installing the syringes, thread one onto the post and push and twist the other onto the lever. Needed maintenance. 2. What’s relevant for this conversation is how a dropper post is activated. you're probably already using your dropper post to get your seat out of your way in tight sections and steep descents—but this humble component has so much Aug 24, 2017 · This is my first mtb with a dropper post. Dass man seine Kette im allerbesten  19 Oct 2019 Dropper posts are everywhere in the world of mountain biking, including right in the firing line of dirt and water from your rear wheel. The proven Transfer seatpost gets lighter and tighter for 2021. With routine maintenance it has been super reliable. 16 Jan 2019 Maintenance of the post is easy enough with normal tools. Seem to remember it requiring a perfect fitting post to seAtube. Bike Yoke has added a sweet little reset set valve to the post. Replaced it with a WolfTooth and it works great. "Use a dropper post to add versatility to your bike," says Chris Jacobson, Product Manager for PRO Bike Gear. 26 Jun 2019 The new RockShox dropper post has return speed adjustability, a new "Vent Reverb Stealth Dropper has Vent Valve for Easier Maintenance. The added complexity, weight and service requirements are potential detriments for even early adopters. 24 Aug 2017 All posts have issues, had 2 Thomson break with the first 5 miles of use. au now. The OneUp Dropper post is now available in 120mm, 150mm, 180mm and 210mm lengths and all can be shimmed down in travel by 10 or 20mm. Instructions and OC 2 DROPPER POST. FEATURES. The future of dropper posts  3 Dec 2017 Overall, the RockShox Reverb Stealth is an exemplary dropper post, and is always a welcome sight More involved maintenance; Expensive  2 Sep 2017 British brand U. This should take 5 mins or less and can be done with your Dropper Post on your bike. e. In fairness the other dropper posts in the group suffered the same fate. 00-$99. It doesn't take much grease to do the trick, since the seat post is already quite snug. Of the 11 bikes included in our Editor’s Choice this year, four don’t come with a dropper post – now considered an essential feature for any serious mountain biker. Step 2b: (V2. Replacing the cable and housing is something that should be a part of routine maintenance every six months anyway, but the Highline has proven it can hold up to the elements. Turned out the cable was not pulling. Available at REI, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. One time the mechanic had to hit the post with a sledge hammer because it was jammed. I have many dropper post and this is one of the best. 6mm diameter seat post. Just a push on the lever and it is right where you want it. With a simple and reliable cable actuated remote you never have to bleed your dropper remote again. Annoying. I saw someones posting on the command post thread that had this same problem and Specialized ended up replacing most of his post for a bit over $100. The special grease they use is expensive but should last about four rebuilds. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Thank you for purchasing the most innovative hydraulic dropper post on the market - the BikeYoke REVIVE. Manuals / Spec Sheets · Maintenance Videos · Warranty. Remove the cartridge fixing screws from saddle clamp body using a 2. Two different lever designs as well as four travel variants ensure that the dropper post fits every bike. PNW Components Cascade Dropper Post, 125/150/170mm Travel, External Routing, 3-Year Warranty Kind Shock KS Lev Dropper Post IMPROVED Full Service Kit, Oil&Air Seals The kit is the product of many years of experience and research, brought to you by Sheeep Suspension Laboratory - the first and only independent suspension tuning and maintenance workshop in Israel. It had been working like a charm and I had been getting a lot of use out of it. The seat post should always be a slide fit in the frame. Lowering the post travel also increases bushing overlap, which is great for heavier riders. so here is what I think so far. Self contained internals promise maintenance free experiance. If the seat post is difficult to install, there is a serious problem. 150mm Dropper Post - adjustable* down to 100mm. 9/31. With a bit of TLC you c How To Service A MTB Dropper Post | Mountain Bike Maintenance Why should burly bikes have all the fun? We asked that question when we released our first 27. Mechanical ones use a cable to pull the lever which activates the dropper post. Nov 29, 2019 · Dropper Seatposts Now you can have the increased control of a dropper post plus the Thomson name and promise. your Authorized Specialized Retailer for all service, repairs or maintenance. 6mm diameters – 100, 125, 150, and 175mm drop options December 27, 2019 December 27, 2019 Posted in Dropper post remotes, Dropper posts, mountain bike components Tagged BikeYoke, BikeYoke Divine, dropper post, dropper post remote Leave a comment So far this is just a quick review, I have only used these products for few rides. Pull out the cartridge. Re: What Dropper Post for Specialized Fatboy? by RMXByker » August 10th, 2017, 12:07 pm I recently just removed it but for quite awhile I had an older Crank Brother Joplin on mine and felt it was a great fit. Internal cable routing only; New  1 Jun 2018 Put simply, a dropper seatpost is a height adjustable seatpost that allows a rider to quickly and easily lower the Traditionally the first dropper posts were adjusted with a lever at the post itself. + Shop Now + Bike Yoke Revive Dropper Post. When I first posted the review in the April of 2019 I have used this dropper post for few months, but I was feeling horrible most of January & February so did not put it to as much use as I hoped for, but also used it some in January, and trough march. 00-$999. Requires post bleed tool, oil height and IFP height tools RockShox Service Kits Dropper Seatpost Part UPC: 710845806575 1) you want your dropper post to fit you, the rider, and 2) your dropper post has to fit into your bike’s seat tube. 99 Over $1,000. •30. 2 Dropper Seat Post MTB 100mm travel with Handlebar Remote- XLNT Condition! This sale is for an X-Fusion Hilo 27. The second common problem on dropper posts is when the bearings at the collar loosen, creating play between the two seat post components. Their second product is the Revive dropper post. Instead of paying $2/oz for the little 4 oz bottles, you can usually get the 1 liter bottles for less than $20 shipped (about 1/4 the price per oz). THE GOLD STANDARD NOW LIGHTER & MORE COMPACT. 5 weight suspension fluid The Cascade dropper post pays homage to the Cascade mountain range, home to some of the best riding in the PNW. Since some internally routed posts have hardware that protrudes out of the bottom of the post (i. | |. Cost. As bike geometry has evolved over the years, seat tubes have gotten shorter, and bends in the tube have become more common, so the insertion length is important to make sure a dropper post is compatible with your frame. I'd love to see a cable that's mounted on the bottom part of the post Based in Vancouver, B. 9 150 mm Travel with Internal Here's how to quickly reduce the travel of your OneUp Dropper post by 10mm or 20mm. Here’s a few tips on making your dropper post be reliable in the long run… FULL REBUILD Below are full rebuild instructions for your OneUp V2 Dropper Post. Worked well for a first 10 rides or sos Now it seems that maybe 60-70% of the time, the post doesn't come all the way back up. Maintenance and Servicing. 6 Oct 2015 A quick clean and grease can keep your Giant dropper post running nice and smooth. 1 set REVIVE dropper post Jun 28, 2017 · “Is it worth spending $200 on a dropper post?” is the wrong question. Designed in Germany, the Bike Yoke Revive incorporates every conceivable design feature to boost performance and reliability, as well as boasting several tricks up its sleeve to better the competition. The box came with everything you need to back-fit a bike with a dropper post: cable, housing, and even two styles of levers. Dropper posts are still quite expensive, putting them out of reach for all but those willing to put serious money into their bike. I had only ridden my new trail mtb three times, when after I gave it a wash, I couldn’t get my dropper seat post to drop. The KS E20 dropper utilises the technology found in the KS LEV dropper in a more affordable package. The Switch isnt loose and the collar is tight. The surface of the seat post and seat tube are not perfectly smooth. 101 Lake Forest, CA 92630 +1 (949) 742-1180 Jan 21, 2019 · This means “less maintenance than air sprung posts with a smooth, consistent return speed every time, for the life of the post,” according to e*thirteen. My Reverb is on the second year without any maintenance yet. If/when you do invest in a dropper post, it’s always good to practice proper maintenance. it often fails to make it the last inch, which means I have to take my other hand off the handlebars and nudge it. 00-$199. Inside bottom of black post is a disc with holes – use slightly open needle pliers to try to tighten – if it screws in more there’s your fault. 2 dropper post. The Contour dropper post has a proven track record for being high quality, serviceable and wallet friendly. A range of seatposts dropper post parts from Leisure Lakes Bikes 9 / 10 from 550 + reviews FREE DELIVERY OVER £25 11 UK STORES 0% Finance Available REWARD POINTS A quick dismantle of the collar allowed a clean up and regrease to restore performance. Top quality, great selection and expert advice you can trust. Jan 20, 2019 · FWIW reverb posts use 2. Introducing the Race Face Turbine R Dropper Post, a sleek, all black dropper post that features super-fast return speeds The Fall Line™ Dropper Post with DropLoc™ THE REMOTE OF YOUR. The service is fairly simple and should be done roughly every 3 months. A post we’ve had absolutely zero issues with is also the smoothest cable operated dropper around. The new OneUp Dropper Post V2 refines and improves on the award-winning design, shaving every last millimeter from the latest OneUp post to give you the shortest stack height 19. This post is a workhorse, it’s super reliable, loved by our customers and now features multiple travel options. Our cartridge-based system is designed to have the longest service life in the industry. 5 wt suspension fluid that they sell for suspension forks and rear shocks. USD$299. Jun 26, 2012 Best dropper post on the market in my opinion. NO BLEEDING. To get the most out of your post while keeping it operating smoothly trouble free, you’ll need to perform some basic maintenance. 6 Ritchey WCS Kite Dropper Seatpost with a total system weight of 588g (post 473g, lever 27g, uncut housing 88g). 2 Nov 2018 How to install a new dropper post on your bike: My tranzx ysp 15 dropper post has been malfunctioning: slipping from set height and How To Service A MTB Dropper Post | Mountain Bike Maintenance - Duration: 10:14. Order dropper post seats for your bike from Bike Addict and get delivery anywhere in Southern Africa. Apr 15, 2017 · After chatting to a mechanic where I bought my Haibikes bikes (online) he confirmed to me that I can run the dropper seatpost cable down inside the down tube, under the motor and then up into the seat tube to the bottom of the dropper post and I think that is what I will do. Jun 25, 2019 · New RockShox Reverb Stealth dropper promises more travel, less maintenance and smoother action Longer travel options, shorter insertion length and a new Vent Valve for easier maintenance Share on KS USA 13 Orchard Ste. As a result it was subjected to most of what mother nature had to throw at it. Awesome dropper post, way easier to maintain than a Reverb. Insert a 4mm Hex Key into the Revive hex port, turn it and push down the post by hand. Dropper Post. HELMETS MANUAL. 6mm and comes in various lengths and drops. This article is mostly about mechanical dropper posts because they are the most common out there. \r I still own an \"old\" bike that requires an external dropper post, and i couldn\'\'t buy a bike yoke , that is the only \"bad point\" (one Based on a fully mechanical design, the e13 TRS+ dropper post has a coil spring assembly inside, rather than a cartridge air unit. We recommend Slickoleum Grease, Slick Honey, Sram Butter or any other high qualit COMPATIBILITY: Seat post for frames directly accepting a 31. The Lyne Contour cartridge is hydraulic which means the rider can choose any height to lower the post to. Ex-World Cup downhill pro bike mechanic Henry shows you how to keep your cable actuated dropper post running smooth with some cheeky hacks along the way. 9mm or 31. This includes changing the air cartridge, or just cleaning and re-greasing the post 7 Ways You're Destroying Your Mountain Bike | MTB Maintenance  30 May 2017 How To maintain a dropper post cable actuated lever on a Giant mechanics repair and maintenance training for beginners, enthusiast, bike  maintenance, improper installation or improper use of the seatpost. C. 6mm. Post/Trigger ↩ Total length is the total length of the seat post, from the bottom of the actuator to the centre of the saddle rails when the post is fully extended ↩ Dropper Posts Discipline Select an option All 11 Series Cyclocross / Gravel XC / Trail Enduro / All Mountain Downhill City Trekking Price Select an option All Under $25 $25. Either it wouldn’t go down or it wouldn’t stay up. From $375. Nov. This includes being sure that you don’t over-tighten the seat post collar. This external cable, hydraulic dropper is available in two seat post sizes, 30. One of my other dropper post works very well, but is not serviceable as the bike yoke. The Pine continues the tradition of bringing great, reliable dropper posts to bikes with skinnier tubes, whether it be your classic hardtail, XC bike, gravel grinder or cyclocross rig. /Travel 100 mm. Albeit, no cost maintenance. The OneUp Dropper Post V2 delivers the shortest stack height and shortest total length of any dropper post, and is built to last. The Factory dropper post by Fox Racing Shox with a Genuine Kashima Coat and 175 mm of travel shines in the 2021 model year with reduced overall length and insertion depth. For more maintenance videos, subscribe to the BikeRadar YouTube channel. It bolts directly to my matchmaker clamps. “Is it worth saving a Benjamin or two by choosing this dropper post?” is the right one. Anything but stuck — dropper seat posts. You can find this stamped on your old post or on the tech page of your bike's manufacturer's website. 328 mm. 370 mm. 99. Dec 15, 2017 · Taking the Aeffect dropper post apart wasn't entirely intuitive but overall the process is straight forward and the parts themselves appear to be very well made, especially considering the price. This can be done within a few seconds and only by the turn of a 4mm Allen key, without even having to remove your dropper post from your bike. Call the Giant store in Vegas and order a replacement cartridge while you still can. The Ritchey WCS Kite Dropper Seatpost’s weak point is definitely the lever. If you’re not sure where to start, check out our seatpost buying guide which provides expert advice on which dropper post would be best to suit your needs. 9 and 31. This means no nitrogen charged unit that is not an easily serviceable – the whole post is easy to pull apart for maintenance. Bike Fitting Guide · How To: Adjustments · How To Guides · How To: Maintenance . dropper post maintenance

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