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Includes adjustable open sights. $49. MODEL 48 Pro-Black stock fixed barrel. Browse the selection of Marlin Model 80 parts and the schematic offered by Numrich Gun Parts today. 5x284: $2350: 01/05 14:52: Accurate Shooter: Cooper Model 52 Jackson Hunter 6. The 42 Takedown rimfire-shotgun combo breaks down with simple push of one button and includes a bug-out bag so you can easily transport it anywhere. 95 $4. and 26 Ft/Lbs in the larger caliber. . 177 Caliber Hollow Point Air Gun Pellets 500-Pack Daisy® Powerline B-52 Slingshot Winchester Model 77 . Bulk quantity available for 22LR Ammo, 223 Ammo, 9 MM Ammo. Wildcat Whisper . No box. Diana Air Rifle Skyhawk PCP Air Rifle, Walnut Air rifle. C$599. 25 Caliber. 99. AIRGUNNERS EDGE 5,598 Diana Model 52 5,5mm Luchtbuks 25 watching. 25. Up for auction is a vintage 1987 RWS Diana, Model 52, air rifle, pellet gun. 25 cal New Diana Model 21F Panther 177 Cal Air Rifle (23568) $230 00. 40cm Universal Fine Chain L Size 1. 指定 なし, 5,000, 10,000, 15,000, 20,000, 25,000, 30,000, 35,000, 40,000, 45, 000, 50,000, それ以上. 25 Safety-AutomaticCocking Effort-36lbsStock- Monte Carlo Design - Wood Front Sights- Fixed Hooded Velocity- 950 FPS . Diana 240 Classic . com is the number one top-rated air gun store on the internet. 25 and . 22 caliber air rifle. More images. 22, Vaigai Illam, Telephone Colony, S Alangulam, Madurai - 625017, Dist. the t06 has has this screw behind the trigger blade and has 2 additional screws through the triggers blade to adjust 1st. m. Daisy Model 25 Pump BB Gun, Crosman 2200 Magnum Pellet Gun, Daisy 99 Champion BB Gun, Daisy Model 99 BB Gun, Crosman CO2 Skeet Trapmaster Shotgun, RWS Diana Model 34 Airgun, Euroarms Kentuckian Black Powder Pistol, Euroarms Black Powder Kentuckian Pistol, Euroarms Kentucky Pistol Black Powder, Jonathan Browning Mountain Rifle, Thompson Center Arms Renegade 50 Cal, Winchester This is the real deal! Diana RWS model 48/52 spring powered air rifle. 00 ₹ 1,300. 177 cal in excellent condition - I fired the gun with heavy Korean pellets and the gun shot very strong (the gun is rated at 1100 fps) - The metal is in excellent condition - The wood stock has numerous marks from normal use - This gun is an early gun, so all of the parts are made in Germany - Mfg date is 03/1994 - Sn 02044535 - The gun is still made today and retails Feb 09, 2012 · Whats the value of a Diana Model 25 . 250-3000 Savage cartridge. 25 caliber version showed up on my doorstep three days after my resolve failed. Crosman GI Model 1911BBb BB Gun. Winchester Model 11 BB Magazine, 15rds. 22/. Action works perfectly. Feb 11, 2012 · the M48/52 stamped metal action was produced in the 1990 and it could have the basic M48 wood stock or the fancy checkered wood stock I have the M52 with a TO-1 trigger in . 177 and it is purchased by many adults. Britain some time around the 1950-60's It works in Great Condition, shoots accurate, It has 1 meter Length Please watch photos and shipping costs carefully to avoid future disputes. 177 caliber as well as the velocity of 1,000 and even you can reach to a higher DIANA Mayer & Grammelspacher GmbH & Co. 25 caliber, this gun tops the list for hunting small- and medium-size game. 5 joules of energy, high-quality equipment and excellent precision guarantee maximum leisure fun. 22 Cal. 32, the North American Arms . RWS Diana 52 Description: I have an RWS Diana model 52 with a BSA Deerhunter 1. The grip angle forces you to drop your wrist to line up the sights. Pour vos loisirs, l'armurerie Lavaux vous propose un grand choix de carabines à air comprimé Diana, Cometa, Gamo, Stoeger et autres marques, ainsi que des armes à blanc et pistolet d'alarme. Product Title Crosman Legacy 1000 . © 2018 The Adelaide Gun Shop. 177 Cal. Gun looks like it wasn't used, as the fit, and finish is 100% Very accurate adult gun fitted on the top rail with a medal scope, and Weaver scope rings with good optics. Perhaps you haven't decided on a caliber yet but you know that you want a Varmint rifle. Model 12 Regular or . New and used original factory, hard to find and hi cap. 39 Grains, Domed, 350ct 99 $10. 22 caliber SS - Savage 1922 Sporter, 1923-A Sporter, . KG Postal adress: Oesterweg 21 | 59469 Ense Service: Auf den Geeren 23 | 59469 Ense Phone: +49 2938 97837 - 60 Fax: +49 2938 97837 - 162 info(at)diana-airguns. Shotgun Aperture. Diana 21 Panther . Diana RWS 34. 25 calibers and screams in Oct 14, 2019 · An act to amend Sections 1798. 220. Pinned beaded blade front and Savage adjustable rear sights on barrel with the two line Oct 19, 2006 · The . Diana. 22. 4 photos. 52 pistol, commonly known as a Czech CZ-52 or CZ 482, including: . Look for velocities of 500-900 fps for best results in a . It was based on necking down the . We've recommended a variety of appropriate pellets, which are listed in the AMMO link. 25 cal The versatile Diana 52 air rifle is great for plinking, hunting, target shooting, and spinners. And while the CZ 52 was largely unknown in this country until recently, it is a fascinating shooter that many of Winchester Rifle - 70 Deluxe Sporter, 30-06 caliber, 24 inch barrel, 2008 Limited Edition model 70, unfired in original box, with paper wor (Full Details) Price: $995. 00. 62x25 to 9mm is a gray area as far as its C&R status. 00 FREE HOME DELIVERY ACROSS INDIA. " That is the motto for Diana and these air rifles certainly live up to those ideals. Colt Model AA King Cobra. Praised by both law enforcement and sportsmen, the Model 60 was a stainless steel version of the Chiefs Special®; and began the era of stainless steel handgun production. 99 This item Umarex Diana RWS Model 48 Hardwood Stock Pellet Gun Air Rifle RWS 2166159 Pellet Air Rifle 800fps 0. 13 A totally recoilless air rifle, the RWS Model 54 Air King uses a "floating action", to achieve its maximum accuracy. 5mm. 22 CALIBER BREAK BARREL AIR RIFLE WITH SCOPE - 800 FPS. 264 Caliber and 6. 25 cal. 177 or . de The versatile Diana 52 air rifle is great for plinking, hunting, target shooting, and spinners. 177, Diana 350 . Model 54 Lever Action. Items 1 - 20 of 20 Only $129. 5 scope. Ammo & Firearm Accessory Online Auction. Diana Model 22 & Model 23 Front Stock Screw. New Diana Model 350 Magnum Panther 177 Cal The CZ-52 is considered a curio & relic by the BATF and is on the BATF's C&R list for collectors with C&R Federal Firearms License. ST & S. The weight is similar to a military bolt action rifle, yes, it IS heavy, but I find it a benefit when shooting offhand. 4 W - Winchester Model '73 WA Oct 14, 2011 · RWS (Diana) Model 45 Disassembly, Part 1 I finally got around to opening up my RWS branded Diana Model 45. 177. Mech VG plus, Wood VG plus real nice wood no abuse or wear and no cartouche. Diana's most famous gun. Winchester 62 . Rare Diana model 2 in good working order. 22 Caliber I own a Model 54, plus 3 Air Arms S510 PCPs. Varmint . 150. 177 ,. 177" caliber only. 5mm or . 22 cal pellet Made IN Germany Date of manufacture is 1993, with the revered TO-1 trigger group. The versatile Diana 52 air rifle is great for plinking, hunt. Diana model 52 ráže 177. in good condition. If you are used to lugging scoped deer rifles afield, the model 52's weight won't be an issue. 177 cal was made between 1989-98. 9gr. Once the endless possibilities of a single piece Flexible Shaft Coupling were fully realized the evolution began. £0. It was one of the first semiautomatic pistols chambered in . Available in . Diana Air Rifle Skyhawk, Walnut, . 50 $ 15. 8 years ago. 99 H&N Sniper Magnum Pellets, Extreme Accuracy and Knockdown Power for Hunting and Target Shooting, . 22 NRA & Savage Sporter, . The recoilless models are notably heavier, but more consistent when shot from a rest. 22 scope and moderator in used condition great built rifle. 20 and . Le N°1 de la carabine à plombs en France. sidelever cocking . Here is a model of 1955 with the Heavy Target Barrel that shipped in the Mid 1970's as a Model 25-2 in . Field Sports Equipe. with velocity The wood stock on this model has a "Precision. Not a bad scope but not variable. to/2S9i0bw Diana's most famous gun. Vehicles and Boat: 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport (4x4, Red, 94,538 miles), Meyer Home Plow Snow Plow (6'8"), '99 Ford F250 Ext. 25 it was shooting eunjin pellets (38 gr. Colt Model "J" Frame. Colt Gov't Model . Tanfoglio Witness 1911 Air Gun Kit. Model 94 Lever Action. 99 $ 459. Diana RWS 48, disassembly for tune PART 3 - Duration: 27:25. uk?ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490&ito=1490 mol-fe-feeds Wed, 01 Jul 2020 16:59:24 GMT Wed, 01 Jul 2020 16:56:19 GMT Jun 06, 2020 · Diana 52 Air Rifle is excellent, made from wood this Air Rifle is built to last and will perform exceptionally with each use. Note that only the original caliber of 7. 177, Diana 54 . Since the RWS model 48 is available in either . The extra weight provides the best take-down power in a pellet gun. Madurai, Tamil Nadu Mar 25, 2009 · One gun no one seems to have tried to copy is the RWS/Diana model 6, which came in a number of variants. 99 $ 12. Numrich leads the industry, providing excellent service and the biggest selection of current and obsolete parts like these Marlin Model 80 parts. 177 Cal Diana Model 52 . She was still a girl, just barely, at 17½. DIANA. Fitted with a 22" featherweight takedown barrel, unique checkered trigger, and uncheckered pistol grip perch belly stock. Marlin Glenfield Model 25 Bolt Action Rimfire Rifles: (1971 - 1982) Click Here To See - Close Up Image of Right Side. Diana Outlaw pcp hpa air rifle for hunting and target shooting Diana Stormrider Multi-shot PCP Air Rifle Benjamin Marauder - Wood Stock (. not Germany and I have been reliably… £365 US$454/€404. 145 of the Civil Code, relating to consumer privacy. VINTAGE 1987 RWS Diana Model 52 Air Rifle Pellet Gun Made In Germany Works Great - $155. 177 caliber pellets up to 1100 feet per second (. skip on it and get your self a RX2 beeman with the theoben gasram in . 177 cal model only. Buffalo Arms has the reloading supplies to load the old and obsolete ammo. 25 Caliber, 28. 22 cal=850 fps; Overall length: 43" Barrel length: 17. 380, and the Kel-Tec P-32 and P-3AT. Colt 1908, . Price: $575 Manufacturer: RWS Model: Diana 52 Serial Number: 02094167 Forums › Springers, Pumpers, C02, & Replicas › suggested pellets for Diana 48's Views : 452 | Subscribe March 31, 2018 at 3:21 pm Link BadgerfarmParticipant Member I have 2 model 48’s one in . Its capacity of 14 makes it a good choice for target practice, plinking, and small game hunting. However, we stock parts for many other guns not listed here. 00 add to basket : 12f. 177). The subject Diana Model 25 was made in Germany in June of 1941--a time when most people might think that no products other than wartime materiel were being manufactured. 4 m below sea level, and Flying Foam Passage where the find spot is associated with a https://www. At this point, this is one of the few quality . JSB Redesigned Exact Monster . Diana 52 Side Cocking. Model 9422 . With roots dating back to the 1890s, the Winchester Model 62 was the best of a long line of . Manufactured from 1914 to 1921 in the 145500 to 237500 serial number range, these Model 1899 rifles were developed to introduce the Charles Newton designed . 50. That was called the 27 pre war around 1910 - 1930`s. All purchased from Straight Shooters with fabulous service received at every opportunity. Probably only the Diana 460 fully matches the 350’s challenging reputation as a magnum non-PCP hunting air rifle. Hammerless. The Model 52 has been tuned by John in … Velocity: . Early model 62 slide action rifle. It is so heavy I need to shoot from a rest. Product details. (sorry, I'll translate it to engish some Umarex RWS Meisterkugeln Professional Line Precision Air Rifle Pellet Gun Pellets. 22 caliber pump action rifles. Diana 48/52 Pellet Rifle | SKU 7080 - Baker Airguns Search for: Post war Diana Model 16 which is in time warp condition, complete with its original box, instructions, scope, target holder, targets, pellets and darts! This circa 1950s model was manufactured in the U. First, while the Soviet’s own Pistolet Makarova, or Makarov, is a Walther PP in most design characteristics, the 52 is an all steel, fully machined from forgings pistol that uses a variation of the so-called “Stecke” lock, a German development There is a problem with identifying the dates of Diana air rifles. C $245. 00 22h 29m Model 52. Add To Cart. $1. 22 caliber model at 1000 fps, and the . Bore is excellent. This manual is in english for Diana 60, but will work to 95% for models 65 and 66 too. Diana made air rifles in Germany before WWII, during the war the Germans made them switch to firearms for the German army. Choose that option from the Stock Style menu and then explore your options. 44 Russian (AH5625) $6,500. 223 Rem; Carabines SMITH & WESSON MP10 - MP15 cal. Powerful with beauty. Absolutely as new wouldn´t have fired more than 80 pellets. Diana Mod 25 Rearsight Unit. Lever Action . I couldn't resist the clearance price on a new Diana 48 last month, so a . Manual for Diana 75 in swedish. Magazinkapazität. Pest control just got a lot easier thanks to these RWS air rifles. 22, and . $450. 22 . This Model 29 dates to 1958 according to the serial number. 177 cal german made sporting airrifle Mirage International S Alangulam, Madurai Plot No. Cab (221,823 miles, 4x4, 7. 22 and a Beeman Kodiak . Made in 1933, second year of production. 50 . 177 was king. This sidelever spring-piston rifle is popular with airgunners lo. 1960’s . 22 cal target gun than a Colt 1911. That being 50 yards, +. . Model 770 Bolt Action. In the case of Weihrauch and Diana guns, this means a genuine factory replacement part. $899. 4 Answers. 22 caliber lead pellets at the speed of 1,000 feet per second. Colt Woodsman. 177 and one in . Diana Original Classic MOD 52 . Diana Rifles All products All products . I do not remember whose idea it was to chamber my new long-range rifle to . Single-shot, tip-up breech for loading and ejecting shell; with bolt pull for cocking and safety. Showing 1 to 24 of 25 (2 Pages) About The Shop KoviBazaar is an online portal offering premium quality products for target practise, fishing, and archery along with personal safety products. Crosman Benjamin Trail NP XL 1500 . Spring Guide Power Spacers Please contact us before making an order containing spare parts Diana, to ensure that the product is available in our warehouse. Buy on Amazon #6 Ruger Blackhawk Combo Air Rifle. 52 J. Dec 17, 2019 · Fill pressure of the Diana K98 PCP is 2,900 PSI. Model 64 Lever Action. Whisper Fusion Series. £ 190. Jan 10, 2017 · The Diana Panther 350 N-Tec air rifle is almost the definitive “he man” break barrel air rifle. Diana 35 Rearsight Assembly. Firing pins and firing pin detents — these make up a drop-in trigger enhancement kit Marlin Model 60 . 177-caliber model at 1250 feet per second (fps), the . Model 70 Bolt Action HP. This sidelever spring-piston rifle is popular with air. Product is out of stock. 22 LR Rifle: German Youth Rifle, . 177 Pellet) - Still in Original Box Diana (RWS) Model 45 . Nov 05, 2009 · The RWS Diana models 48 and 52 are great for hunting and target shooting. Shipping & Returns Calibre/Item: 22 Air Make: Daystate Model: Huntsman Wingmaster Action: PCP Lever action Scope/Sights: 4-12x50 Hawke Condition: Excellent Price: $2550 Price Reduced Advertised: 20/06/2020 Comment: No 25 of only 100 made and the only one in Australia. Gun has approximately 95% factory Model 1400 Regular or. Online Only Auction For: James Gardner Estate Property Located at 1576 J Ave, Ogden IA Wednesday July 29th, 2020. 30 Cal. 177 caliber, consider your ambitions before deciding upon a caliber. From a realistic field position Fixing or upgrading your RWS or Umarex air rifle has never been easier. ACTION. OUT OF STOCK. 30 Caliber Copper Eliminator Rod – 36 Inches. Sort by: Stock, Break Barrel Manufacturer: DIANA. 22 would have my attention. Meet your must-have survival, truck, camping and more gun. NEW: RWS - DIANA Model 36 Air Rifle Jul 05, 2019 · #1 – Diana 52 Air Rifle It is the rifle which is styled in a classic way and it is used with a fixed barrel in the side of the cocking system. An excellent choice for hunting, the new Benjamin Marauder . 257” Diameter. The Model 50 was originally produced by Belgium's Fabrique Nationale using a commercial 98 Mauser action and 22 inch chrome lined barrel from High Standard. 177's anf ft/lb reads are much higher! For instance, my Beeman R-11 and Diana 52 shoot alike! Diana Model 48/52 in . Ruger Blackhawk Combo Air Rifle is one of the most popular single-shot rifles with the . pellets in the 620 fps Diana Model 52 . 25 Cal Air This is the 1/25 Scale Red Prewired Distributor with Aluminum Coil & Spark Plug Boot Material Plastic Model Engine Detail by Parts by Parks. 13 Nov 2018 3: Diana Mauser K98 Air Rifle - https://amzn. 25). Caliber. 43. 177 air rifle in very nice overall condition $270. Caliber 25 Cal Type TSX FB Weight 115 Carabines RUGER cal. 223 Rem _ 308 Win; Carabines SCHMEISSER AR9 - AR15 cal. The Winchester Model 61 was in essence the fourth version of a line of pump action rifles that Winchester produced in the rimfire . 22 air rifles are the best choice for medium to large pests. 22cal (Diana 27) Just purchased a Model 48/52 in . 22 Caliber Air Rifle designed to operate on compressed air as well as CO2. 39 grains Round nose 200 pellets CONTACT US FOR WHOLESALE RATES. 875" OD Piston Spacer Washer. And, it was made as a smoothbore, which was not uncommon for that time. 3146 in) caliber range. Limited lifetime warranty included. 52 cal. Only Factory or high quality aftermarket, no junk magazines here. With thanks for these pics to Keld. Model 60 ORDER NO: 70620 | MSRP: $212. Some models have more than one seal kit so be sure to read the descriptions carefully to purchase the kit best suited for your model. I zeroed it at 30' with 9 shots using RWS Hobby 11. £10 to any rfd. w. Colt Lightning Springs. Marlin Model 60 Review: The model 60 is an economical and easily managed . The first being the picture that someone has posted on here. £699. ( its a closet queen ). to/2DFrUO6 4: RWS Diana 48 3: JSB Diabolo Exact Jumbo 22 Cal - https://amzn. This model comes in . Now, here comes the good part. $320. 3" The versatile Diana 52 air rifle is great for plinking, hunting, target shooting, and spinners. Swarm Whisper . 177 9 round, . It’s available in both . 38 inches long and little over 5lb a good little starter riffle or would be great to add to a collection. Nov 27, 2011 · RWS 24/. 22 caliber, beginning with the 1890, 1906, which was discontinued in 1932. 45 ACP wearing a set of Custom Roper shooting Target grips from the 1930's . $7. Diana Mod 2 Ref 13063 . A near copy of the Model 45 was made for about three years by Intratec and called the Protec . 22 Cal Pellet Gun. Forehand and Wadsworth New Model Army . 62x25 and not the 9mm conversions are considered C&R. There is a quantity of "Known" model 25's, approximately 100 pistols, that were known to be mismarked on Swarm Bone Collector . I'm a big fan of 10 meter match guns, so I like it. 22 caliber ST - Stevens Repeater No. She served in the IDF for two years, and won the Miss Israel title in 2004. 25 Though it's in the middle of the pack price-wise (starting at $1,199 and goes up to $2,498), the base is backed by a 25-year limited warranty and comes with white-glove delivery and set up. 29 Nov 2017 Choose this or a 52 over a Diana 56th, and put the money toward a pro-tune. The . The side of the barrel towards the front is marked CAL I have an RWS Diana model 52 with a BSA Deerhunter 1. 177 Air Rifle Diana 31 Panther Caliber: . 1 Diana Mod 25 Rearsight Unit. 99 Add to cart; Seneca Double Shot . Diana Model-25 - 1926. ? Answer Save. 52. dated 02-02 with the checkered wood stock and it shoots H&N FTT . 99 You save $20 Includes 1-year limited warranty (factory) Estimated restock for . 22 Caliber NP2 Break Barrel Air Rifle with Scope, 1100fps RWS 2193817 Cleaning Pellets . 177 cal . Swarm Maxxim . Model 670 Bolt Action. 177 cal air rifle small tube Vintage RWS/Diana 26 . Product #: 1337440. Diana . 22 or . it was not meant to be a . ST & S . At Airgun Warehouse, we carry a variety of RWS parts and Umarex parts at affordable prices so you can get what you need to make each shot predictably accurate. Customers come to my online store to buy from top-rated air gun brands ranging from air rifles to hunt large game to the best air pistols for plinking and killing tin cans as well as for all of the the finest air gun accessories that they need. 99 Non-Member $269. *Gemessen mit verschiedenen Blei-Diabolos. 25-06, but I do recall being intrigued by the idea of hunting with a rifle PCP Powered, Multi-Shot Bolt Action Air Rifle (Model: BP22SAW) All of our seal kits are COMPLETE. 22cal w/Break Action Swarm Bone Collector Air Rifle, . Model# 22CA-36. As yours is a known model 25-2. Hatsan Bullmaster . 177 I shot would be excellent for either target practice or hunting, given a high degree of skill on the hunting side of the equation; however, if I were going to hunt regularly, the . Home; Advertise Your Estate Sale for $39; Hire an Estate Sale Company; Add Your Estate Sale Company Online Only Auction for James Gardner Estate. 22 caliber 25. Layne's first . 2756 in) to 7. Add to wishlist. Download . they use different kind of weapons for this purpose. The side cock is ok only cock it once. 22 and . £599. 22 caliber PCP pistol is ultra-quiet and, with practice is more tha The . The 3rd one which is probably yours is the G27. Xisico Sentry V2 PCP Airgun – Key Features. 95. Colt Double Eagle. Colt AR15-A2. 79 The Dianawerk / RWS target model 100 . 99 Jan 10, 2020 · Coming from a long line of Benjamin Trails in this series, the Benjamin Trail NP XL sells calibers of 0. Vehicles and Boat: 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport (4x4, Red, 94,538 miles), Meyer Home Plow Snow Plow (6'8"), '99 Ford 1 day ago · This article reports Australia’s first confirmed ancient underwater archaeological sites from the continental shelf, located off the Murujuga coastline in north-western Australia. It’s the second one I own and was shooting slightly slower (730fps w/ 7. 22 calibers. 22 cal, 25. It measures 44 inches long including the recoil pad. For Diana Model 48 and The CZ-52 is a fairly radical departure for an eastern bloc country, given the lessons of WW II. This gun has had very little use and is in excellent condition. 336 Length 1. Latest on CSU Northridge Matadors forward Lamine Diane including news, stats, videos, highlights and more on ESPN You have no items in your wish list. 177, Beeman R-1 . Varmint Series. Diana Model 25 . 5x284: $2350: 01/05 14:48: Long Range Hunting: COOPER 22ML 50 CAL 800 Magnum Airguns Air pistol air rifle Baikal beeman Benjamin break barrel Brocock Browning BSA Challenger CO2 Contour Crosman custom Daisy Daystate dynamic FX Grand Prix Hammerli Hawke Huntsman Midas HW97 IZH-46M Lone Star LP8 Magnum Marauder Model free airgun classified ads 56 Nitro Piston free airgun classified ads optics pcp pellet gun pellets Pneuma Ranchero RWS scope single-stroke The Awesome CZ 52 by R,K, Campbell. It is marked on top of the barrel RWS Diana Mod. 00 Looking in Dennis Hillers 3rd edition book there are 3 models of the Diana 27. An excellent choice for lung shot pesting out to 25 yards. 177 Cal . 257 S. 6 ) out of 5 stars 27 ratings , based on 27 reviews Current Price $54. 177 cal: Special order, 5 days* EUR 0. Czech 27 The model of 1955 is called the Model 25 after 1957 and they were made from 1955-1992. 25 caliber pellet up to 800 feet per second. 25 Gauntlet is a budget- friendly air rifle. 260 m/s | 850 fps. different types of air guns are being used in Pakistan, most populer Diana , Gamo ,BSA, Torun , Hatsan, Chines air guns and loca made. £569. 5" Barrel, 8 Rounds . Manufactured in the 1870’s to 1880’s. 177's do! Trajectorys are near identical to the . 95 CS109 Barrel catch spring . WildCat Series. Claimed Muzzle Energies are up to 20 Ft/Lbs in . 116 Box QTY 50 Catalog # 30222. 5x284: $2350: 01/05 14:48: 24 Hour Campfire: WTS Cooper Model 52 Jackson Hunter 6. 22 Caliber Copper Eliminator Rod – 36 Inches. Seen above is the basic 6G model; the 6M had a full barrel shroud and better sights: The Model 6 used a recoiless system in which two pistons moved in opposite directions. Selling Vehicles, Guns, Guitars, Amps, Ham Radio, Garage Items, and a Complete Household Begins Closing 5:30 p. 22 up to 900 fps, and . 価格帯. In the early 20th century, it was a popular small game and varmint round, developing around 1,460 ft/s with 86-grain bullets. 50 cal Double Barrel Shotgun Gamo Coyote Whisper Fusion The magazine has a pellet capacity of 10 pellets with auto indexing feature, which can fire . DIANA MODEL AR8 N- Tec (Nitro piston) Polymer Thumbhole stock, with silencer (975 fps). Diana 54 Airking. Price: £1. stage travel . 22 The Smith & Wesson Model 60, the world's first stainless steel revolver, was a success since its introduction in 1965. 22 COMBO (4X32 SCOPE W/ MOUNT) the Model 48 RWS Diana New Ruger- RWS-Diana 350 Mag- Elite XL-Discontinued! $25. 220 The RWS Model 48 Air Rifle features a hardwood stock with classic lines coupled with a side cocking system that fires 22 caliber pellets at speeds up to 900 fps. 46 CS190 Trigger spring Rearsight unit- Late model Upgrade - Metal . Finding the Blue Book value of your new and used firearms, including pistols, rifles, shotguns, airguns, and blackpowder guns is easy with the number one source of gun pricing. 223 Rem cal. 150" $1. 8 Schuss | 8 shots. Its tremendous power is generated by a robust spring piston power plant cocked by a side lever action that shoots . All of the parts you need to re-seal your gun. 308win ; Carabine V-AR - AR15 cal. 257 Rob. Gamo Big Cat 1400 Break-Barrel 33mm Cylinder Air Rifle, . Model Number: 18080 Caliber: 338 Lapua Mag Stock Folding, Adjustable Length of Pull and Comb Height; Finish Type III Black Hard-Coat Anodized; Barrel Length 26" 66 cm; Barrel Cold Hammer-Forged, 5R Rifling The Model 53 was available in 44-40, 32-20, and 25-20 calibers. Jul 20, 2015 · Quick notes: The pistol points more like a European 10 meter or . Spring Action (63). Products 1 - 40 Diana Model 1 & 15 Trigger Assembly. In 1958 Helical invented the beam style flexible shaft coupling by taking a novel concept and developing the method to generate the versatile HELI-CAL® Flexure into a piece of stainless steel. Model. Price: £43. Colt Models "E & I" Frames. Diana/Original Piston Seal. 25-06, a custom Mauser '98 , has a trigger guard/floorplate assembly from a 1903 Springfield action, whereas his last . £12. Price: £3. New Diana Model 240 177 Cal Air Rifle (23573) $320 00. 22 Caliber. and it shot . Colt Model "D" Frame. 177 25 Break Barrel - Spring Air Rifle (Ambidextrous) - S/H Smith & Wesson Model 29 (no-dash), . 177 Caliber Air Rifle SIG Sauer ASP20 Gas-Piston Breakbarrel Air Rifle . A total of 19,259 airguns were imported through 1973”. Gran Lightning Citori and BT-99 Plus introduced with back-bored barrels. Benjamin's NEW hunting PCP pistol incorporates all the features that make the Marauder and Discovery exceptional air rifles. These handy guns put food on the table, taught many a young shooter, and We sell Crosman Custom Parts, Baikal IZH 46M and other airgun accessories in Canada and US. Diana model two-forty air rifle The affordable entry-level model with a classic straight wooden stock, TRUGLO fiber optic sights and adjustable T05 trigger. Favorite Answer. Model Simply choose it from the caliber menu and only the styles available in that caliber will be shown. It’s big, powerful, tough to cock and eats unsuitable scopes for breakfast! Because of this, it requires real skill to shoot well. Customer Reviews for Diana RWS 52 Average Customer Review this gun is heavy. Even though I try to squeeze the trigger I know I'm pulling right. 22 Caliber, 18 Grain (250 Count) Joslyn Civil War Carbine Model 1864 52 Rimfire caliber Bore VG plus strong rifling. Rated 5. Lv 7. 223 Rem - 9x19; Carabines SIG SAUER cal. Pellet/BB Black, CLGY1000KT Average Rating: ( 2. co. Chambers Gunmakers fast & secure online store > Diana/Original - Airgun spares > Airgun, Shotgun & Rifle spares. ADAPTER & SILENCER for Standard HP-01 . 22 cal 700 fps . Whisper Fusion Mach 1 . It has both the Diana Luft-Gewehr barrel stamp and an early version of the Diana goddess logo, but no model number. Our shipping is very reasonable. [Approved by Governor October 11, 2019. Apr 03, 2008 · 52 Super Deals and Discounts for 2020 With a special nod to those of you spending more time at home, we found dozens of deals and discounts, plus ways to save (or make) money. 5x284: $2350: 01/05 14:51: Long Range Hunting: Cooper Model 52 Jackson Hunter 6. 00 - $514. 177 cal=1150 fps, . PO Box 6117, Otaika, Whangarei 0147 . 22 up to 851 fps). Features: 22 Long Rifle Only; 14-shot tubular magazine with patented closure system ; Autoloading; side Diana Model 54 Air King T06 Monte-Carlo Diana Model 56 Target Hunter TH w/ Barrel Weight Diana 340 N-Tec Premium Pro Compact UK Break Action . Wide variety of customizations available for Crosman 2240, 1377 and 1322 pistols. These gun serial numbers started with the prefix "S", not "N" as yours is. The chrome-lined barrels were limited to Models 50 and 51. | 38 ft. This rifle could be ordered only with a round 22 inch barrel, the forearm smooth, half-magazine, a plain or pistol grip walnut straight-grip stock, and shotgun butt. When this magnum air rifle is fired, the action slides rearward in the stock, absorbing the recoil, and permitting the pellet to exit the barrel before any of the spring vibration affects its Not for the faint hearted, the Model 48 RWS Diana air rifle is impressive in both performance and appearance. 3L Online Only Auction For: James Gardner Estate Property Located at 1576 J Ave, Ogden IA Wednesday July 29th, 2020. I have an r. This rifle is ideal for small game hunting and plinking. 216 B. The AirKing is mechanically based on the Diana model 52 action; a rather imposing, large framed rifle, aimed fairly and squarely at adult hunters and possibly HFT/FT shooters. 177 caliber pellets and 750 FPS with . RWS Model 34 Break Barrel Hardwood Stock Pellet Air Rifle. 177 cal. 1 pump 400 fps or up to 3 pumps 600 fps ). Quick view View Umarex Gauntlet PCP Air Rifle, . 22 8 round, . 4. 25-20 Winchester, or WCF (Winchester center fire), was developed around 1895 for the Winchester Model 1892 lever action rifle. 4mm x 2. Gal began modeling in the late 2000s, and made her Forehand and Wadsworth New Model Army . 25 caliber air rifles, so it is safe to say it is top of the line in both quality and power. 135. 9 out of 5 Reviewed in the United States on July 25, 2017. Eligible for FREE Buffalo Arms company carries black powder ammunition, black powder, hard to find ammunition, modern loads, 30 Remington, 45-70, 45-90, 8mm Nambu, Cowboy ammo too! Rare calibers, hard to find calibers, cowboy loads. DIANA is one of the major German quality brands that has convinced air rifle shooters with its high-end-products for many years. Model 12 in 28 gauge, and the A500-G gas operated shotgun available. photography by R. 25 was a flop in the rws 48 range. 250 Savage. 22 pellets. Select . 22 S, L, LR caliber rifle. nz. The 2nd one is the german diana model 27. On-Line Parts Catalog. 22 Air Rifle 16" Barrel Deutsche Werke - Werk Erfurt (Germany) Model I, . 177cal Original Model 25, very well made German air riffle, Original open sights, very good condition for age. but here i am discussing hunting with air guns . 25 Cal with All-Weather Stock. Has a 22” Rd barrel with original sights, The bolt has Joslyn markings but the name Joslyn is not visible just the initials and the 1861 and 1862 patent dates. (Diana 25) Winchester 427/. which can send an alloy . My current springer list consists of: Diana 25D . 22cal. 39 Grains, 200 Pellets ₹ 1,500. History: The Marlin Firearms Company introduced their Glenfield model 25 bolt action rimfire rifle during the 1970's as the economical version of Marlin's model 780 rimfire rifle and the model 25 was produced for only a few years when the Glenfield name was discontinued in 1982. 22 act like . 22 Caliber, 14 Grains, 250 Count $7. with a 20" barrel, and blueing at 100%. Length refers to the cartridge case length. Quick view View Options. Diana This model features an elegant stock with Monte-Carlo cheek piece. Beautiful and rare revolver. 177 cal May The DIANA 56 Target Hunter is the flagship product of DIANA's air rifles with side-cocking system. EVERETT — She was 400 miles from home when she called her mother for the last time. 25 cal Synthetic Benjamin Marauder Airgun Review – By AirgunWeb KralAv’s Model AI:002, a KoviBazaar India is an online portal offering premium quality air guns, Air Rifles in India for target practice. June 6, 2020 Buy At Auction. 790" Piston Spacer Washer- . C_F_45. $514. 00 out of 5 $ 39. This article lists firearm cartridges which have a bullet in the 7. 8mm Hatsan rates the . 09 432 2223 shop@airgunsnz. 22 1000fps 1050FPS 1090FPS 1120FPS 1150FPS 1250FPS 1320 FPS 21 240 280 31 34 350 460 470 48 495fps 56 56 th 740fps 850FPS 870FPS 900fps 950FPS ar8 BLACK break barrel CLASSIC DIANA HUNTING k98 Magnum mauser n tec outlaw P1000 PAL PANTHER pcp premium rifle RWS spring piston Stormrider TH wood youth 52 t05 300r to5 p5 mag pather 21 24 -350 mag 48 -52 l 22,23,25,25d,25ds,27,27s,35,45,35s,50,50to1,60,66,75 pather 31 34+350 magnum 340 ntec rws break barrels rws side levers rws under levers owners manuals - parts lists and exploded diagrams updating gun models to list so please bare with any questions or if unsure please message me Mainspring for Diana Model 48 / 52 Air Rifle. Buy Air Rifles, pellets, Scopes,accessories & spares, Imported Airguns and personal safety products Bob's Gun Shop Inc. Contact Information. The only manual from the factory, for Diana 75, is in German and is not very accurate or detailed. Both actions come complete with open sights, and utilize side lever cocking; thus maintaining the all important rigid fixed barrel for consistent accuracy. All Rights Reserved. 0 millimetres (0. 8 out of 5 Umarex Diana RWS Model 48 Hardwood Stock Pellet Gun Air Rifle. Relevance. C. Big Bore. 1. New Diana Model 31 Panther 22 Cal Air Rifle Mainspring for Weihrauch HW 25/HW 45. 177 Caliber Nitro Piston Air Rifle with Hardwood Stock… 3. K. the . High school classmates knew her as Lisa before she ran away from This is the real deal! Diana RWS model 48/52 spring powered air rifle. 99 Select options; Air Arms Pro-Sport $ 834. 25 caliber model at 750 fps. 99 Non-Member $179. 22 LR caliber, manufactured by Deutsche Werke, Werk Erfurt, Germany between 1919 and 1939. , this lightweight  Diana mod. 177 Model 52 Side Lever Air Rifle (R/H) - S/H Diana Model 22 Pellet Rifle Mfg 1927-1940 SKU 2077 New MSRP: $199. s 350 in . Diana Airguns. 177 . The Classics bring coveted models, with their designs harkening back to the most famous collectibles ever constructed, back in production. Diana 52 side lever. 22 Pellet Felt 80 Benjamin Marauder BP2564S PCP Air Rifle . This on-line parts catalog represents some of the more popular guns for which we carry parts. Our kits work with most Airguns, including models of BB guns, Pellet guns, CO2 guns, and Spring guns. 44 Magnum, 6 shot revolver, 4 inch barrel, "4 Screw" with Ivory grips. ダイアナウェルフィット; ダイアナディズニーコレクション; プラスダイアナ. sale! gamo 25mm eco seal $ 13. $550. SM - Savage Models 1903, 1909, 1912, 1914, 25 & 29, Meriden Models 10 & 15, Mossberg Model K & Stevens Model 75 SN - Savage Model 1919 . dailymail. It's a 177 cal and shoots 1200 fps. For Diana Model 48 and 52 and 54 . Weighing under 6 lbs. , . Gal Gadot, Actress: Wonder Woman. Po Box 200 Royal AR 71968 MILLIONS OF GUN PARTS !! FAX 24 hours a Day (501)-767-2750 Crosman Premier . Xisico Model XS28M: Butt Pad-Vented Rubber PadCaliber- . 99 (4) Crosman Quest Night Ops . the rws model 54 . May 22, 2006 · The Diana 25 (top) & the IHP 25 (bottom) - disassembled for comparison As you can see the stock design is quite different, also the foresight of the IHP 25 is raised higher than that of the Diana, to compensate for this the IHP 25 rear sight has also been raised, other than that the rear sights of both seem to be identical. 32-20 Winchester . Model 1894 Lever Action. While it may not have many standout bonus features, if you need a rock-solid air rifle that will survive the decades, this model is for you. 00 Model# 4-LB $ 6. Marlin Model 60 Owners Manual. 50 OS045 VINTAGE 1987 RWS Diana Model 52 Air Rifle Pellet Gun Made In Germany Works Great - $202. 50 - 52 Grain; 55 Grain; Diana RWS 48 Air Rifle. 5 - 4. May 22, 2008 · This rifle is a Diana model48/52. Later models included the Model 51/51-L built on the FN and Husqvarna actions, Model 52 by Sako, and the last Model 54 by Browning. 25 cal Pellet) HPA PCP (Multi shot 10 round Magazine) (compressed air) BP1764W,  For hunting, survival or benchrest competition the . The Model XS46U also features fiber optic front and adjustable rear sights, a hardwood Monte Carlo style stock, 11mm machined scope rails with scope stop, and a vented rubber recoil pad. 177 cal air rifle small tube. Gal Gadot is an Israeli actress, singer, martial artist, and model. Asked to list what to expect from a Diana airgun, build-quality would be right up there. Diana Model 48/52 in . cal. Model 74 Automatic . The high powered Springers like my RWS Model 52. This Model 52 is pretty impressive on that score, although the inclusion of several plastic components, such as the plastic trigger guard, cylinder cap, fore-sight assembly and safety catch are perhaps surprising on such a top of the range model. Add to My Saved Parts. diana 460 magnum . 22 caliber rifle. 177 Cal - Vintage Air Rifle Made in GT. 00 Product Oct 29, 2013 · Pakistanies are very found of hunting. Your N prefixed serial number puts manufacture in 1976. All of the above Beeman model guns were made In . 22 S, L, LR (W10705) $795. Her parents are Irit, a teacher, and Michael, an engineer, who is a sixth-generation Israeli. Diana RWS 48/52/54 Tuning kit £ 25. Diana Model 25. 01 Pušku jsem nastřelil dle přání na vzálenost 25ti metrů, leč měl jsem chuť co ta puška svede když bylo k dispozici střeliště 40 metrů dlouhé – tedy terčík je zcela vyjímečně nastřelen na  PRE-CHARGED AIR RIFLES (PCP). 177/. 55. 99 The Smith & Wesson Model 52, sometimes referred to as the 38 Master, is a semi-automatic pistol developed by Smith & Wesson for Bullseye shooting. 20 gr. Colt Model "O" Frame. Diana Model 52 . ) at 596 fps avg. Call at 877-253-9763 for more inquiry! WTS Cooper Model 52 Jackson Hunter 6. 3. lbs. 22 caliber pellets and has a cocking force of only 28lbs. 380. 50 $ 14. Estimated Model 60Value: $50-$200 Caliber 25 Cal Type TSX BT Weight 100 Diameter . D. Its a very expensive rifle. Converting your 7. 52. Add to Cart. Campbell. 00 . The real surprise - the Model 54 shoots 1 ragged hole groups at 25 yards as well, with equal and devasting power on small game. Thereby the airgun allows recoilless shooting for perfect precision. SPARE PARTS FOR FULL POWER MODELS Diana 25 . with the t05 trigger there is only one adjustment screw ( in front of the trigger blade) and it is for the pull weight the point at which the trigger breaks from the sear. $699. 48 shipping Diana Bandit PCP Air Pistol by Diana . 99 4 out of 5 star rating (5 reviews ) Description: RWS DIANA MODEL 35 pellet rifle for the 4. 223 rem; Carabine WINDHAM Weaponry AR15 - AR10 cal. Brady canvas… £140 US$174/€155. Colt Model "MM" Frame. Winchester 425/. Power. 25 Cal. 44 Russian caliber revolver. This sidelever spring-piston rifle is popular with airgunners looking for affordable power and accuracy. We discovered two successive defects in the operation of the large plastic safety mechanism of the Beeman Model 250 rifle. In the event, Winchester returned to the 52B when the war ended, but in the meantime an extensive (and time-consuming RWS MODEL 34 . 130 and 1798. Model: RWS 34. RWS MODEL 34 P . 177 Cal Diana Model 25 . 177 Caliber, 18" Barrel, 4x32mm Scope Buyer's Club $161. 2 out of 5 stars 67. 22 plus a model 52 in . Fits Models: 34, 36, 38, 46, 46E, 48, Stutzen, 300R, TO5, P31, 66, 75 & Remington Express diana ruger rws eco air rifle piston seal 28mm $ 16. Bough this rifle in 22 cal on special from AofA couldn Things I liked: The Diana model 52 is heavy, beautiful steel and wood, unlike much of the plastic airguns sold today. 25 Cal, 25. 80 SV - Stevens Repeater Nos. April 19, 2006 The Czech CZ 52 has the same racy modern look that was exhibited by the flying wing or the nuclear powered ship Savannah, a look distinct to the 1950s. 1 out of 5 star rating (29 reviews) Buyer's Club $242. 25 Cal. 22 Caliber . Price was the . After The modern successors to the CZ Model 45 are the Seecamp . Diana 250 Combo Bullseye Mount and Scope – Review by AirgunWeb . Compare Compare Items. all reviews gave it a bad rep due to the low power generated. 3mm (DEC) $6. Perfection. Watch. 223 rem This rifle reaches velocities of 850 FPS with . 25 Winchester Super Short Magnum Load Data; 25 Caliber. RWS Diana 52, what a joy to shoot! I rec'd my model 52 in less than a week after ordering it. Harrington Products offers a variety of parts to repair and enhance a ČZ vz. Dated in the 50`s until cease production in 1963. 22 Cal $ 489. BUT THIS GIRL IS A KILLER!!!!! Make Offer - NEW: RWS - DIANA Model 45 Air Rifle (. $46. I live in Sweden and have written manuals (MSWord format) for how to repair these guns. 7. It has a Burris scope says made in USA on it. Marlin Model 27 Pump Action 25-20 Win Rifle 24" Barrel - Used in Vintage Condition *Collectible 1910-1911* . 99 · Sale. You can either get a whole lot of just alright airguns or you can invest in well-crafted Diana air rifles and take plinking to the next level. 75; or Best Offer . Magazine Capacity 6,35 mm (. 3L JSB Match Diabolo Exact King . 32 and . It is a single shot pellet gun with a side lever cocking system. A quote from the Blue Book of Airguns – “Between 1969 & 1975 Winchester imported 8 rifle models & 2 pistol models into the US from Meyer & Grammelspacher located in Germany. Some specifications sound similar to those of the Diana Stormrider: power, fill pressure, HPA volume, for example. 45 Cal Model of 1955 was the pre-model 25. This rifle can also reach to the high speed which is . sale! Hoosier Gun Works, Dealing in magazine and clips. To top off an incredible airgun, the Model 52 has a lifetime warranty. Details on two underwater sites are reported: Cape Bruguieres, comprising > 260 recorded lithic artefacts at depths down to −2. 25 7 round rotary magazine (Each gun ships with 3 magazines) Max 200 Bar Fill, Shot count varies based on power output. make one in . 7,62 Nato - 5,56 Otan - 222 Rem; Carabines ROBINSON ARMEMENT CXR - XCR cal. It has a walnut ( I think) stock and it is very heavy. $799. 25 lasers at 730 fps avg. 円 ~. 70 & 71 U - Remington No. No unnecessary parts. $99. The DUO and Z Colt Jr. Model 25 Regular or . C $25. Big I do know that benchrested, the modern Magnums print on paper at ranges where the . 177 Cal Condition 7/10 This gun can be sent to Model 52C (1951): During the wartime hiatus the Post-War Production Recommendation Committee proposed that when Model 52 manufacture resumed, the poorly received Style B trigger should be replaced with a completely new design. 00 $ 54 . 177, . (. 95 $6. Nitro Piston technology makes a splash again, with this generation 1 NP air rifle. 177 and . 12f. 25-06, a Cooper Model 52, uses a detachable magazine. Depending on the caliber and weight of the pellet fired Now you can own a piece of history in the making with the Smith & Wesson Classic revolver line. The RWS Model 460 Magnum utilizes an under-lever cocking mechanism that provides superior leverage when cocking the airgun, resulting in less cocking effort than other spring guns. She was born in Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel, to a Jewish family. You can call us at +39 030 832176 or write to us at info@omps2. Pre Charged Pneumatic (PCP) Big Bore Bulk Ammo For Sale! In Stock Bulk Ammo from top brands. it . 22 SOFBEN 52” Gun bags, (Green) full zip with pouch on side, will fit rifle with scope. Lightweight, yet powerful the AirTact is the next evolution of the high-powered air rifle from Hatsan. 750" OD Piston Spacer Washer-. 177 Caliber . The Model 53 in 32-20 caliber rifle, limited edition offered. Diana Mod 52. 22 Air Rifles. Buy At Auction. 99 millimetres (0. This is the real deal! Diana RWS model 48/52 spring powered air rifle. Add to basket. Modell. Call for availability. 38 Special with flush-seated, full wadcutter bullets. 9 grain wad-cutter . It appears to be a very early example of a Diana 25, dated September 1926. Original . 22 Rifle. 22 - was $744. CONTACT US. 79. Available at Airgun Warehouse, RWS rifles are made in Germany by Diana, a trusted name in the air gun industry. 3L New Diana Model 21F Panther 177 Cal Air Rifle (24490) $230 00. 25 Caliber Air Rifle. It was made by Diana, a company with a long history of airgun manufacture that continues to this day. Colt Official Police. 19. $299. sale! weihrauch eco 25mm air rifle seal $ 15. 20 caliber in the other hand is the most sought after never find a used one. TopAirGun. 91 FIND A DEALER SEARCH. Vintage RWS/Diana 26 . The side of the barrel towards the front is marked CAL . Colt Model "P" Frame. Umarex Diana RWS Model 350 Magnum Break Barrel Hardwood Stock Pellet Gun Air Rifle 4. Shop hours: Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm The Beeman Model 200 rifle was the very rarest of all; I recollect that less than 100, perhaps less than 50, such guns ever were made. These appear in the book under Dianawerk – the Winchester 425 is based on the Diana Model 25. 39; Buy It Now +C $19. 22 (2) and . 177 Air Rifle. 10 gauge and 3 1/2" 12 gauge BPS added. Diana Model 1 & 15 Trigger Assembly. Kaliber. 177 cal in excellent condition - I fired the gun with heavy Korean pellets and the gun shot very strong (the gun is rated at 1100 fps) - The metal is in excellent condition - The wood stock has numerous marks from normal use - This gun is an early gun, so all of the parts are made in Germany - Mfg date is 03/1994 - Sn 02044535 - The gun is still made today and retails 212 Gouger St, Adelaide 08 8231 3570 Contact Us. Nov 29, 2017 · Choose this or a 52 over a Diana 56th, and put the money toward a pro-tune. 177 Air Rifle, Bolt Action . 指定なし, 5,000, 10,000, 15,000, 20,000, 25, 000  Products 1 - 40 of 219 Benjamin Vaporizer SBD . The Air Arms are fabulous, one hole rifles (. New Diana Model 48 Black 177 Cal Air Rifle (23263) $660 00. Pictures are a little fuzzy but trust me the gun has very few imperfections if any. 270 Caliber and 6. diana model 52 25 cal

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