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505 STWIDE Statewide EMS / helicopter (listen only) 28 153. CHIRP is a free, open source application created by a team of volunteer amateur radio operators. com is a two-way radio community featuring a repeater directory which lists information about repeaters in the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) and a forum for users to ask questions and get help with two-way radio questions. net, routes . Hans We are no longer maintaining our own web listing of repeater information due to scraping of data by certain non-profit and for-profit entities. Several days later I updated the repeater list, and attempted to upload the revised repeater list to the radio. I downloaded the latest version direct from Baofeng – the version of software that I’m using is called Baofeng UV-B5 v1. . Jun 07, 2013 · Guide to programming repeaters into a Baofeng UV-5R I see a good bit of threads about how to program repeaters and so on. The Las Vegas Radio Amateur Radio Club operates the K7UGE repeaters on to a CSV file for use in importing when programming your radio with CHIRP . Channel 70 is a 'scanner' channel with TX inhibited. Turn on the radio (knob on the top of the radio). com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Jun 08, 2020 · Full subscription of only $12. When there are multiple controllers at a location, each one needs a unique identifier. ) Your radio is now programmed with the SNARS Repeater CSV File. 11. Chirp will automatically set this for you but you can override it for not standard frequencies. Push Orange V/M button If necessary to enter Frequency (VFO) mode (no channel number is shown) if voice mode is on the radio will announce ˛Frequency mode ˛. I also use CHIRP for programming. Press menue -> use arrows to set VOX level. The file is now imported. RepeaterBook. Power on your Baofeng 2. I'd like to figure out how to program it into my radios via. 6MHz split, NO CTCSS) 23cm FM Repeater Channels (NO CTCSS) Notes: These are recently created files and may have errors or omissions, please check carefully before using them - especially on 60m! You should extact the ZIP to a location of your choice and then open or import the Channels you require into CHIRP. com and kb2wf. 1 - v1. A CSV (Comma Separated Value) file is basically just a text file where each field or entry of the text or data has commas, line feeds, spaces, tabs, or other characters as delimiters. danplanet. 1 EL_34 Downstream port Chirp K and Chirp J durations must be between 40us and 60us duration. 1. Click on a header to sort. Skip. This free and open-source radio programming tool together with a USB programming cable makes setting up your radio a breeze. Sunday, January 26th, 2020 Here are the 80 Australian UHF CB Channels up to date for 2020. Mount Potosi DMR Repeater List At 8,500 feet … Las Vegas DMR Repeater List Read More » Sep 03, 2013 · Baofeng UV-B6 USB Programming Lead. 00 MHz Minus FM Tone 100. The repeater receiver must first sense the carrier signal on the input, then decode the CTCSS tone. The trick was to download the existing default config, in . If it is in "Carrier mode" then it is ignoring the CTCSS decoder, if there is one. The listings are a reflection of each system's true status, regardless of their coordination*. If you see anything abnormal or undesirable in the output, such as a PL tone in the wrong column or badly formatted data, please contact K1IW using the link below. I live just below the Mason  The transmitted data can be sent via a Wi5 data hub or other HWM Receiver/ Repeaters. 09 – The only oddity was that it started in Chinese – I needed to press the red CH <> EN button on the toolbar to get into English. A repeater, whether an amateur radio repeater or even a commercial repeater is a station that receives a signal on one frequency and simultaneously re-transmits it on another. 4. CHIRP FAQs : 3. In the "name" field, you can give it an alphanumeric name. We are now using a new listing format that integrates the digital systems lists into the regular repeater directory listings. I just cant seem to get it right. In my case it was Mem CH#1 with the repeater at 146. com for more details. 99mhz (VHF) 400-520. This is your one-stop shop for repeater data. X - Designates a "Wide Area Coverage" repeater. Download Database. 5 PL: 103. Output Input Tone Out Tone In Callsign Description County; 147. rfinder. JO66BB is the grid square that the repeater is located in. 00) makes it a very good alternative for newcomers into the hobby or as a second or backup handheld among experienced amateur radio operators. 2 146. 0 Hz 100. Maybe worth a try. Bottom contours are more visible, and signal noise can be suppressed at greater depths to provide a more timely interpretation of what’s below for safer navigation and In some repeater systems, the time lag can be significant. In 2016 we began developing Android Radio/Cellphones that never needs programming. Yaesu® FT-7900 For use with Bob Freeth, G4HFQ's FTB7900 software. RFINDER Repeater Directory RFinder - The Worldwide Repeater Directory Android - iPhone - RTSystems - CHIRP - TomTom - Garmin -WWW Web page link:Link Facebook link: Link. Originally there were 32 standard tones, now there are 37. After doing some research, the beginner radio I landed on was the Beofeng BF-F8HP. I wanted to edit the list, I opened it and all of the duplex column  CHIRP is a free, open source tool for programming frequencies, tones and It has most of the Southeastern Washington 2M and 70cm band repeater and  A repeater is a system of radios and a controller that takes in a signal and re- transmits There is another video tutorial for the FT-60R and CHIRP programming. We cross-reference EchoLink, IRLP, and AllStar status and offer many export functions for Google Maps, Google Earth, Excel, CHIRP and other programming software Plus and for 70cm: Plus < 445. I have this radio connected to my PC and working with the CHIRP program. Changes and corrections should be sent to mike@ka5cvh. 10 ARALB. US-WV-Morgantown-2M-RPT. Select the regions you require, and the bands available on your transceiver. Simple and convenient installation, f We have comprehensive repeater data for repeaters utilizing IRLP, Echolink, AllStar, WIRES, DMR (including MOTOTrbo), NXDN, and APCO 25. The repeater is located on top of the Dennison building less than a mile from my house, and it's always been easy to hit it. The OARC Constitution and By-Laws Area coordinators and suggested PL/CTCSS tones Find a coordinated repeater A message from the Chairman Need Help with Coordinates? Click Here! CHIRP This is a generic CSV file for use with Dan Smith, KK7DS's free CHIRP software. POS File RT97 Portable Repeater Power Amplifier UHF RT97 Portable Repeater Power Amplifier UHF Description: Brand: Retevis Model: RT97 Type: Repeater Features: Small and compact, solid and dust-proof. 340 100. An amateur radio repeater is an electronic device that receives a weak or low-level amateur radio signal and retransmits it at a higher level or higher power, How to fix a Baofeng UV-5R that stops receiving after CHIRP file is uploaded This entry was posted on October 1, 2014 by Rick . receive freq: 462. 5750 and a transmit PL of 123. 160 127. Some things you should know about this data: Not all data may be parsed correctly. Set it anywhere from 1 to 9 depending how noisy your environment is. Using CHIRP to program GMRS repeater into handheld. Repeater lists are seldom up to date regardless of how much effort goes into it. It supports a large number of manufacturers and models, as well as provides a way to interface with multiple data sources and formats. For a list of VECTOR and partner repeaters see our repeater page. UARC Intermountain Intertie - linked to many repeaters in UT, ID, AZ. Gateways 4 DV Modes only: DMR, D-STAR and FUSION 5 All Modes, ANALOGUE, DMR, D-STAR and FUSION 6 Repeaters up to and including UHF only (alternative list) [NEW] 7 Packet list 8 voice repeaters list incl. This article is for blind and vision-impaired amateur radio operators interested in using CHIRP to edit channel information stored in VHF/UHF radios. Is CHIRP screwing up the loading of the repeater offset or is the BTECH just setting the repeater offset to 000. NEWS ARTICLES Tell us what's new! Send us some news and it could appear on this page! GB7MT Our Weather station "ISouth502" the on site weather station specifically installed to monitor wind speeds close to the aerials, is now sending data after replacements of some of the linking equipment, We are pleased to say,. Amateur Radio Association of Long Beach CA. Repeater reverse mode: short press on * key. net, and a growing list of third party applications that use repeater data! Program a Baofeng Radio with CHIRP The Baofeng handheld radios are Simplex Repeater Controller RT-SRC1 for UV-5R UV5R Extend your radio range   Important: A subscription to the RFinder Worldwide Repeater Directory (available at http://subscribe. ) Next is to upload the codeplug into the radio by clicking on Radio, then Upload to Radio. 146. by Rob Locher W7GH. Cost brand new with shipping $25 to $30 with charger, battery, everything. The repeater is 462. The net is designed to address issues usually faced by new hams by providing Programmer - Gordo's Top 100 For Baofeng UV-5R Name Receive Frequency Transmit Frequency Offset Frequency Offset Direction Operating Mode Tone Mode CTCSS Rx CTCSS Tx Power 55 WINSUN2 449. Full duplex repeaters can be used with GMRS. Hit the menu button, enter the number 7. The other method to communicate with a radio is through a repeater. Reading A Radio Plug your programming cable into a spare USB socket on your computer, connect it to the radio and run CHIRP. I dont understand the column abbreviations. Some of the listings are out-dated, but most of them are still accurate. CHIRP is a tool for programming radios from a  There's a list of radios compatible with CHIRP, which includes all Baofeng each (like where the repeater is located, and what its specific capabilities are). 5 In CHIRP I can't figure The following steps are based on the Baofeng UV-5R V2+ model, but should apply to any UV-5R series Baofeng model. Repeater offset chart 22 Nov 2018 Operating notes: New Baofeng UV-5RA setup with Chirp on a Raspberry I loaded in a few Washtenaw County repeater configurations from  26 Jun 2019 Interrupted-sampling repeater jamming (ISRJ) is an effective method to jam chirp radars. 6000 - Out PL 110. Repeater Directory – PDF. Jun 03, 2019 · How To Program Baofeng Radio Using CHIRP Software. Chirp successfully replaces manufacturers rig programming software and in many cases outperforms them. Yet it is possible to program them by using the Baofeng or Chirp software. 7. May 18, 2020 · Hi, I'm in Millbury and there is a local GSRM repeater in town. Fire Repeater (N7ERP - 444. Repeater Directory – RT Systems (Legacy File, No Longer Updated) Repeater Directory – Chirp (Legacy File, No Longer Updated) CHIRP Tone Programming Examples The screen shot of CHIRP below contains examples of various CTCSS and DCS modes. Repeater CSV File Instructions using Chirp Repeater Locator Map. Assuming your station is within range of the repeater. many export functions for Google Maps, Google Earth, Excel, CHIRP and other programming software platforms. com and software of ZBM2. Step 4: The Port will be COM5, the vendor is Baofeng and the BF-F9V2+ will require you to choose “BF-F8HP” from the model list. Welcome to the Icom America Download Database. Use this form to generate a list of amateur repeaters and broadcast transmitters to your specifications. Nov 18, 2016 · 1, Description of CHIRP. You can import these files into CHIRP to make programming our repeaters into  Chirp losing repeater settings. I have a B-tech GMRS V 1 (I know there are better options but this was the only radio in my price range). Notes: 1) The KPG-36 is a KPG-4 with a one-piece speaker mic plug instead of a RJ-connector. We have de-coordinated several machines that have been off the air more than 180 days, and would like to get rid of any others that are off the air. This website was created in 2006 as the only self-service GMRS repeater directory in existence, and quickly About OARC Notice Regarding the ARRL / RFinder Directory How to submit your request for coordination The 2016/2017 version of the OARC directory! Forms, info, etc. Apr 11, 2019 · Programming Your Baofeng Radio with Chirp and Solving the Prolific Driver Issue April 11, 2019 arcanecode Leave a comment Ok, this post is a bit off what I normally talk about, but I wanted to add it so I’d have a spot to point people back to, and more importantly be able to refer back to it myself. com has a direct access link from both Chirp and RTSystems. Who knows with the Baofengs how they come to you from the factory? Mine didn't go down low enough to hit the local club repeater, had to program it with CHIRP. CHIRP supports a large number of radios including: Anytone … Using Baofeng Pofung UV-5R as a radio scanner with CHIRP – Settings tab Basic Settings group. Even if a radio has the same basic appearance and model number, there’s a good chance that the 'image' files are not compatible. It also supports all the other radios from the same company. You might not need to check all of these things in that exact order but it is a good way to approach the problem. The World Wide Repeater Directory Invites Frequency Coordinators worldwide! The World Wide Repeater Directory (WWRD) is the world's only geo-enabled repeater directory accessible using the RFinder family of repeater locators on Android, iPhone, web, and applications on Windows, Linux and Macintosh. 5 PL: W3KGN: Gettysburg: Adams: 443. states, the District of Columbia, and the ten Canadian provinces. Florida SARnet! It sounds like something horribly complicated, but it stands for Florida State Wide Amateur Radio Network. Annual updates are required to maintain repeater coordination and we appreciate your help in keeping this information up-to-date and accurate. Feb 24, 2016 · For example, I need to add a repeater that has transmit PL of 123. See chirp. The Cougar Mtn. I know this should work as I have done it man times. Everything appears to have worked just fine. At least one controller will match the location-based code. Resources listed under Repeater Map category belongs to Repeaters main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators. 180  You won't be able to access the repeaters if these aren't set properly. status The power output on our 70cm (440) repeater has been reduced by 50dB due to a request from the US Air Force. Carrier Squelch Level (from 0-9). Here are what my channels look like after I edited the repeater information. Legend. 140 127. Printable Report Data 6 mths old Data 1 yr old Printable Guide Find on map Google Maps APRS . 2. 5 PL: Palestine/Anderson Co. Chirp lets you import straight from the Repeater Book databases - Pretty Slick! CHIRP-Pic. 5 Tone) every Thursday at 7:00 pm. UK Repeaters csv generator for users of CHIRP 0. You can merge the csv files from dstarinfo and repeater book and de-dup to get a good dataset if you are willing to play with a little light programming. The repeater will automatically switch modes when it detects one of the other modes. For me, the software supplied on the CD was useless. The Recognized Amateur Radio Frequency Coordination Organization In The State of Illinois Dedicated to providing fair and consistent coordination in a timely manner for Illinois repeater owners. 600 MHZ (i. Below is shared Chirp data files for different radios submitted by our 7:00 pm WAARCI Youth Net @ 146. It would certainly explain why the sales of the programming cables has skyrocketed, and the CHiRP software is so popular. Apr 13, 2017 · I'm at work without the chirp software, I'll try to help you out. 0 Specification, Section 7. tx@gmail. 13. LOCAL Repeater Lists: Jerry Sobel – K0MBB has created a list of local 2M and 70cm repeaters, that is in Excel spread sheet format that can be downloaded (see directly below) and converted to a CSV file for use in importing when programming your radio with CHIRP . RT Systems makes commercial programming kits which include both software and a radio-specific cable. For example, when Quincy links, you will hear "Q C Y Link 1 Up". Click here for our CHIRP-file generator New England Repeater Directory (NERD) is the most accurate and up to date amateur radio repeater database available in our region. I've programmed them with CHIRP by using -offset and then using the split option. CHIRP functionality to import from Repeaterbook has been restored when you download the latest version. Program a Baofeng UV-5R Radio with CHIRP. Discover the BTECH Mobile GMRS-50X1 50 Watt GMRS Two-Way Radio, GMRS Repeater Capable, with Dual Band Scanning Receiver (136-174. As a disclaimer, the "All two meter repeaters" and "All Repeaters" within 100 Output Input Tone Out Tone In Callsign Description County; 145. CHIRP is a free, open-source tool for programming your amateur radio. Las Vegas DMR Repeater List This repeater list was provided for you for licensed amateur radio use only. The Baofeng UV-5R is an extremely versatile and inexpensive dual band handheld radio, which makes it one of the most popular and biggest selling transceivers around the world today. The UV-5R has a channel mode, where it can display either a channel name or a channel frequency. Typically, this repeater offers unusually wide coverage, usually due to its excellent location. This is a multi-mode repeater that can accept and process wide-band FM as well as Yaesu’s C4FM digital mode. The table below the screen shot contains descriptions of the Tone Mode and Cross Mode column settings for each memory channel location in the screen shot. 99US includes access to the directory for downloading on the web and in third party software like RT Systems and CHIRP. MORE UV-82 CHIRP PROGRAM VIDEOS BELOW PROGRAMMING  5 Nov 2016 program a Baofeng HAM Radio for Repeaters Made Easy With Chirp I used RepeaterBook to get repeater information which can be found  31 Mar 2017 How to import data into CHIRP from Repeater Book. It seems that the instructions are for the previous generation and there were…complications to getting the thing to tune into a local repeater. Voice activation mode (VOX): press menue -> press 4 to enter VOX menue. The repeater antenna which is usually very high on a tall building, tower, water tank, or even a mountain top, picked up your signal with its antenna on 146. 0 > Minus. 99US includes access to the directory for downloading on the web and in third party software like RT May 06, 2014 · To access a repeater you need to have its Frequency entered into your radio, have its transmit Offset set correctly and have the right CTCSS Tone turned on. You can use a KPG-4 with a home-made adapter that consists of a RJ-jack, some wire, and a speaker-mic connector. Instruction manuals, brochures and other items are available by radio model. 950 UTPS Public Safety (listen only) 29 147. com. This is excellent news, as the software makes programming radios a breeze. 16000 5. status 8 UK Beacons incl. Letter R will show up on screen. Subscribing to chirp_users: Subscribe to chirp_users by filling out the following form. Then open it with the Chirp software and make any changes you want before uploading into the radio. Choose a location to  The CHIRP image format below is achieved by selecting the View tab at the Channel 72 is a 'duplex' (repeater) channel with a "-" offset and a CTCSS tone. For more information about the "how and why" of closed systems, look at the Frequency Coordination FAQ. 99 US/year. Membership Application By-Laws Repeater Directory by Frequency Repeater Directory by City Repeater Directory by Region by Frequency While Kelys & Chirp may look relatively simple compared to a complicated watch, its 480 components (enough for a minute repeater) lie testament to the complexity within. intuitive not but then If the repeater’s Offset Shift direction is – then the repeater’s Offset is subtracted from its Output frequency. ods format: SDCertFreqsRev2. Being able to manually store a simplex or repeater frequency in memory is also for use by Chirp programming software in . CSV file with repeater info; CHIRP recognizes it, but it can’t be uploaded. RFinder started in 2008 as the premier source of Amateur Radio Repeater data. 725 goes into the "frequency" field. I shrugged it off as a transient problem but it lingered. 1 voice repeater list 2 alternative voice repeater list (no headings) 3 voice repeaters list incl. 06000 443. Coaxial cavity RF filter at 2 meter repeater An amateur radio repeater is an electronic device that receives a weak or low-level amateur radio signal and retransmits it at a higher level or higher power, so that the signal can cover longer Step 3: Open the CHIRP software, click on “Radio” then choose “Download from Radio”. RadioReference. 99 The UKFM Group (Western) is a repeater group that helps fund, run and maintain many amateur radio repeaters in Cheshire, Staffordshire, Merseyside, Lancashire and North Wales. I usually put in the repeater callsign. Already having a list of local repeaters in CHIRP, the addition of a USB cable would allow me to coordinate the memory layout across multiple radios with ease. repeater (KE7GFZ - 441. CHIRP is a free programming tool developed and distributed by Dan Smith, KK7DS, for Windows, Linux, and MacOS operating systems. The goal of this document is to give the reader just enough information to get started operating a D-STAR-capable Icom radio on a local internet-connected D-STAR repeater. We believe that now is the time to make the transition. Possible the default (if there is really a consistent, default "default") xmit range is out of the business band. 825, +5 Offset, 103. If not, you can still subscribe to the RFinder Worldwide Repeater Directory. CHIRP!!Over 60,000 repeaters and growing in 170+ countries!Full subscription of only $12. 9 out of 5 stars 31 $279. An amateur radio repeater system consisting of a 70cm repeater and a 2-meter digipeater and iGate. I saved this config under a new name, and edited it with my repeater settings. 1 Oct 2014 Programming the Baofeng/Pofeng UV-82 for use on Amateur Repeaters. If you have these programs to program your radios, you can pull repeater information from the website directly to program to program your radio. Amateur Radio Repeaters in Morgantown, WV. 5 transmit CTCSS/PL: 203. 3 Tone) will be the ICCN backup repeater. My TYT-9800 does seem to working correctly, well at least I believe. 35000: 144. So I'm very grateful to 'The Rob One Group' for the youtube clip on programming the KT-8900D. Creating your programming file Once you have selected the frequencies you wish to program you need to enter the data. 2017 Un sondeur CHIRP balaie le fond en continu sur une gamme de fréquences, basses, moyenne ou hautes (selon sonde), en une seule fois. CHIRP Software for Editing Channels in VHF/UHF Radios. If you would […] Chirp Files. 145. , 6. POS Import Tutorial Device locator map 2m Repeaters 70cm Repeaters Digital Voice Repeaters Other Repeaters Packet BBS Packet Node APRS Digi IRLP/Echolink HF Beacon VHF Beacon Weather Fax. I made a couple of changes, and uploaded the changes … Programming the Leixen VV-898 with CHIRP Read More » Chirp is a group project management and task coordination tool for teams. Jul 04, 2015 · Two of the big names in radio programming are CHIRP and RT Systems. Luckily, there is a program called CHIRP. Click ok. You must first create an initial template for your specific model. 000 KHz default offset for 2M), then the Transmit TAMPA BAY AREA REPEATERS The list is intended as a quick reference. I have no more 2 meter repeater in my area to try it out on it to rule out my repeater. An annual subscription includes access to the directory in the Apps, RT Systems, CHIRP, web. A . csv (78) to your local disk. Amateur Radio Club - Primary Repeater EL_33 Downstream ports start sending an alternating sequence of Chirp K’s and Chirp J’s within 100us after the device Chirp k stops. A repeater is an electronic device that receives a signal on one frequency and retransmits it at a higher level or higher power, or onto the other side of an obstruction on a different frequency, so that the signal CHIRP Advanced Baofeng Menu VOX Sensitivity: 4 VOX Dual Watch: 7 TDR Dual Watch TX Priority: 34 TDR-AB Alarm Mode: 32 AL-MOD Voice: 14 VOICE Scan Resume: 18 SC-REV Busy Channel Lockout: 23 BCL Automatic Key Lock: 24 AUTOLK Squelch Tail Eliminate (HT to HT) 35 STE Squelch Tail Eliminate (repeater) 36 RP-STE STE Repeater Delay: 37 RPT-RL Project: X-Band Repeater with 2 BTECH Mobiles BaoFengTech. Display Mode (A): Set it to “Name” so the LCD display will show the channel’s alpha tag instead of the frequency or channel number. NEW - Support for Kenwood TH-D74. 1. 17 Oct 2013 Programming a repeater channel with standard offsets: Worth a mention, if you are using Chirp to program the UV5R you can do it in CHIRP  28 Apr 2014 CHIRP is simply the greatest thing since sliced bread, especially for ham However, if you're working with a repeater, there's not simply a  19 Nov 2015 From the CHIRP screenshot, it appears that for every channel (or repeater), you have set both a CTCSS tone and a DCS code, and they are set  6 May 2014 Repeaters are always referred to by their transmit frequency, which can be found in an online or printed repeater directory. The hub controllers identify as HUB1 and HUB2. Jan 07, 2015 · No, not thanks to Baofeng, but thanks to the efforts of the Chirp development team. Our mission is to create easy to use radios and software that increases productivity and safety Common 2m Repeater Frequencies - CHIRP. Chirp and Kenwood programming files for Alinco, Baofeng and Kenwood radios are  76ers repeater - heavily used (Utah County, Salt Lake County). com has very up to date information on AZ Repeaters. Jan 20, 2019 · B-Tech GMRS V1 Repeater Programing - posted in Technical Discussion: Hey everyone, I am new to GMRS radio usage and programming repeaters into the radio. 16000 444. I can personally confirm … K - This repeater, while normally linked into the system, may be unlinked at times to reduce local traffic and/or to conserve power. In this case, it's OZ9REH. Repeater frequencies as well as standard HF frequencies can be found under the Frequencies we use link. 5. CHIRP Help Desk is available Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5 PM EST with a lunch break between 12:30 PM and 1:00 PM. 5625,  FTBasic - Sources of repeater information. Hi there, I just bought the UV-82 and programmed it with Chirp. SARnet is essentially a group of networked repeaters throughout the state that allow you to talk on a local repeater, but rebroadcast pretty much across the state of Florida! New York Repeater Directory (NYRD) was born in 2003 as an addition to the New England Repeater Directory. net, and a growing list of third party applications that use repeater data! To get the app How to fix a Baofeng UV-5R that stops receiving after CHIRP file is uploaded This entry was posted on October 1, 2014 by Rick . 620. In CHIRP, it's not clear on how to add that. First thing I changed it put a dual band 19 inch long antenna. It has pretty good coverage into the Triangle from up there, and I'm told it works well up I-95 to Roanoke Rapids. And most Garmin echoMAP™ and GPSMAP® chartplotters are available combined with built-in sonar capabilities. net, routes. Repeaters in your radio. In this mode, the repeater input and output frequencies are switched. This change is necessary to mitigate the interference issue affecting the PAVE PAWS radar (PPR) system operating in the 70cm band. If a repeater is "in tone mode" that means it requires a CTCSS tone to activate the repeater. If you are wondering what Amateur Radio is about, it's basically a two way radio service where licensed operators throughout the world experiment and communicate with each other on frequencies reserved for license holders. Team members enter task assignments both big and small, synchronize information with each other using the Chirp Sync Service, and use the dashboard to identify trouble areas, or create reports to provide to your managers. This is where Nicolas Court and his team worked their magic: working around the Singing Bird, which is a complete movement itself, they faced significant challenges when Apr 07, 2012 · A reset (menu 40) doesn’t clear the factory contents. A new ‘daily build’, available within a few days, will let you decide when the squelch opens up – either when receiving a tiny noisy signal, or when a repeater around the corner starts transmitting. But which one should you choose? CHIRP is free, open source software that’s used with a third-party programming cable. Suite 300, Seattle. For more information, contact the person/group that operates it. The information is available on his page, packed with images and videos and source codes. SnoVARC "New" HAM Net: Tune to the Snoqualmie Valley Radio Club (SnoVARC) Cougar Mtn. Create a CHIRP compatible upload file for your radio  GUIDELINES FOR USE OF NARA OR ANY REPEATER. = On-Air = Off-Air = Testing = Unknown Click on the frequency for additional details. 160 and the repeater’s Shift direction is + and the repeater’s Offset is 0. There are more 440 repeaters than 2-meter repeaters, mostly because our band allocation on 440MHz is 30MHz (420-450) while the band limit on 2-meters is D-STAR Quick-Start Guide. 160. This programming software is available for free online and requires. C - Designates "closed" repeater or system. 0 UCARES Utah County ARES primary The Indiana Repeater Council is pleased to roll out our online coordination system. I don't think I would have ever gotten it that the +/- shift is only required in VFO mode otherwise you enter the repeater output frequency, save in your chosen channel, then exit the menus, enter the repeater input frequency, save in the same channel and then exit the menus. I am running CHIRP, latest version, and was trying to load repeater information from Repeater book. Repeater Search Page (nice) Worldwide Repeater Directory Smartphone APP. I am giving you here CSV list of IARU region 1 frequencies for VHF and UHF repeaters and simplex channels in CSV format compatible with Chirp. Chirp File Generator: Chirp Home; This CHIRP generator is a work in progress. The 900 repeater at Marlborough West identifies as "MRX". GMRS walkie talkie handheld transceivers (HT) have only 5 Watts or less, commonly with a ducky antenna. Baofeng UV-5R Overview and Manual Programming. These include advanced HD-ID™ sonar, CHIRP sonar and Garmin ClearVü™ and SideVü™ scanning sonar, which provides the clearest scanning sonar images on the water. The WIA repeater data base. RFinder (Repeater Finder), the premier Ham Radio repeater locating tool for Amateur Radio operators, allows you to find repeaters all over the world based on your current location or a specified 24 147. 25 Meters 70, 33, & 23 Centimeters Bands TYT TH-9800 Plus 50W 809CH Quad Band Dual Display Repeater Car Mobile Radio+ Original Quad Band Antenna & TYT Programming Cable + RB400 Car Clip Edge with Teflon 5M Cable 3. Repeater List Downloads This download updates your Icom ID-31, ID-51 (All versions), ID-5100, ID-7100, and Kenwood TH-D74 list of repeaters used by the Near Repeater function. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to coordinationsecretary@wi-repeaters. Duplex is set to "off" Channel 71 is a 'simplex' channel. 05000: CSQ: W3BD: Big Flat South Jun 27, 2015 · Baofeng UV5R was hacked . About GMRS What is GMRS? The General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) is a two-way radio service designated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for personal use in the United States and other territories under FCC jurisdiction. 88 Repeater. Lets start. You can subscribe to the list, or change your existing subscription, in the sections below. 0 Hz High Jun 12, 2020 · RepeaterBook - The World's Free Repeater Directory App *** Now includes over 70 countries *** Powered by the popular community database of RepeaterBook. Once downloaded, you will need to utilize the import function of either CHIRP or RT Systems in order to load the directory. The listings now have multiple sections based on transmitter emission type desginators. The software is used to program a wide variety of different makes and models of two way radios with a computer. Note that Welcome to Reddit's own amateur (ham) radio club. csv and . The FREQUENCY COORDINATION COMMITTEE of ARCA has assembled these repeater listings in an effort to facilitate the amicable sharing of scarce radio spectrum. 3 ENSIGN Ensign Peak repeater 25 147. This is new software (currently at version 0. With two independent VFOs and cross- band repeater capability these radios offer more or less the same  LA TECHNOLOGIE HUMMINBIRD® CHIRP SONAR® Un balayage automatique multi-fréquences pour des performances exceptionnelles à toutes 31 janv. We aim to keep our repeater listing up to date - but for this we depend on information from our fellow amateurs. 450 100. Les . Or is PL the same as ToneSQL, or just Tone? The repeater info I need to add has a receive frq of 171. 9), so let’s look at the highlights. e. The repeater is on the Channel 47 TV Tower east of Louisburg. 75000: 103. 6 Feb 2019 But in testing my transmissions to the repeater, when I have the PTT key pressed on my F8HP, my scanner picks up "FRS 8" which is 467. 5250, a transmit frq of 170. The owner of the repeater sent me this. Hit the VFO/Memory button to enter "frequency mode"(VFO) 3. Reference maps showing Arizona Repeaters on 6, 2 , & 1. The advantages to this system are: Oct 17, 2013 · My mistake was to create a new . If you pic "Query From Data Source" it will let you select Repeater Book. TIA The repeater amplifier puts out about 70 watts into a Scala OG6-450 omni-directional vertical with 6 dBd gain. ALL OF THE REPEATERS SHOWN BELOW ARE OWNED AND OPERATED BY AMATEUR RADIO  RFinder - The World Wide Repeater Directory now has Jamming Reports! RFinder is integrated with RT Systems and CHIRP radio programmers and has a   New England Repeater Directory (NERD) is the most accurate and up to date amateur radio repeater database available in our region. One thing to point out, the offset direction is always correct. This also allows access to the directory through RFinder Web, RTSystems, CHIRP, and third-party software, and is ~$12. Its two way radios provide users with the means to communicate reliably, effectively with the minimum of fuss. Using chirp_users: To post a message to all the list members, send email to chirp_users@intrepid. 05000: 448. 99MHz (VHF) 400-520. It is used to find out if the person you are talking to, is within simplex range. I downloaded CHIRP, plugged in the cable, and downloaded the settings from my radio. 82 -Wilmington N4ILM 88. Google ham radio grid squares if you're interested. 24 (your transmit frequency set to the standard offset for this part of the 2 meter band of -600kHz, and the repeater's receive Chirp Version You can load the directory (currently 2M & 70CM) into your radio using chirp or other programming software for the most common radios. Alternatively, hover over the “Repeaters” link in the top bar for a drop VHF-UHF Freq CHIRP File Posted Mon, 08/31/2015 - 12:57pm by WA7DUH Steve St CHIRP is a free, open source tool for programming frequencies, tones and offsets into many of today's VHF-UHF radios using a PC, Linux or Apple computer and programming cord. A 30-day free trial  Irvine CA Disaster Repeater #3. net) is required to use this app. CHIRP Friendly Repeater List Jan 19, 2014 · Chirp CSV files have a certain number of data fields on each line. The transmit or “Chirp" consists of a secure data packet along with a  To aid in the process of identifying possible frequency pairs for new repeaters, and shared with WWARA the software that converts a CSV file into a CHiRP file. Something I didn’t try in manual mode is storing the frequency twice into the same memory position, just like what you would do to store repeater in- and outputs. Offset – Next, we need  8 Feb 2015 Wouxun KG-UV8D and Puxing PX-973. 12. Currently not auto  Below are the CHIRP CSV files for all of the group's analogue capable repeaters. amateur radio repeaters at, around, or near Austin. 2 To set a 600 kHz offset into the UV-3A transceiver, press and release the Repeater Listings Note: There are now listings for each band sorted by either location or frequency as well as a new MAP listing. After downloading CHIRP successfully I followed the instructions to first Download from the Radio, then after programming in local repeaters I successfully uploaded them to the radio. I am looking for help on how to program the repeaters on the allocated repeater channels. Welcome Buy BTECH GMRS-V1 GMRS Two-Way Radio, GMRS Repeater Capable, with Dual Band Scanning Receiver (136-174. 5: OK, this is pretty far from the Triangle, but it's a favorite repeater during band openings and trips to the beach. Repeater map *Requires Google Earth APRS . An easy way to program your radio is by using CHIRP. L ior Elazary provides informations regarding the hacks of a chinese dual band radio, Lior posted descriptions of the work on hes rig. Another way you can program your BaoFeng radio is by using the CHIRP software. I use RT-Systems's programmer until chirp is updated to support this. 99MHz (UHF)). The listings are a  CHIRP-generated . csv might be out of date. The first line has the labels that define the data fields that follow in all the lines of the file. 08000: 147. From the export menu , choose CHIRP. 70cm FM Repeater Channels (1. net, and a growing list of third party applications that use repeater data! To get the app The most up-to-date listing of VHF/UHF amateur repeater stations operating in Southern California. Chirp. We’re going to program a Baofeng radio with CHIRP software. org. 9 - In DPL 712 What I need to know is what gets entered into each column in CHIRP. com RepeaterBook enables every Ham to easily find repeaters across the the World! - USA, Canada, Mexico and over 70 other countries, for free and without a network connection using the RepeaterBook Directory. If you are not familiar with CHIRP, it is free  22 Jun 2019 For the first 10-15 channels, I loaded repeater data for the local area repeaters within about 75 miles of my home QTH. It originally included NYC Metro and Long Island, but has expanded to cover eastern New York. We have been experimenting with this system for use in Indiana for about 18 months. Previously I posted about manually programming the new Leixen VV-898 from Radioddity, and tonight had the opportunity to program the radio using CHIRP and the programming cable Radioddity just sent me. M - This repeater is affiliated with the Utah VHF Society. 73 Josh KC9WWH The following is written by Steve Sterling WA7DUH. Under Tone Mode, there's no settings for PL. - posted in Technical Discussion: I have a Wouxun KG-UV8D+ and Im using CHIRP or the Wouxun software to program it. Also note that the column widths are adjustable. Loading Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play  27 Sep 2019 Conduct a repeater search from within Repeaterbook. • Example: If the repeater’s Output frequency is 147. 0 BUTTER Butterfield Peaks repeater / Welfare Square ERC 27 155. Modern repeater controllers offer a way to switch back and forth, even automatically, between the two modes. Just download the file and un-zip it. 3 MARTY Marty’s repeater (backup for the 76ers repeater) 26 145. 525, +5 Offset, 127. When using Simplex, the Offset will be 0. This repeater list is for licensed amateur radio operators only. ANAHEIM. If you head over to Repeater Book and look for repeaters located within the DFW area, you will find hundreds of them. CHIRP allows me to enter frequencies into its spreadsheet for channel programming of my UV5R. There are 80 channels in total, consisting of emergency channels, repeater channels, designated area channels as well as general use channels. 99mhz (UHF)): Two-Way Radios - Amazon. Also free is a complete UK Repeater (and EchoLink) CSV file which you load into CHIRP, courtesy of Ham Goodies: Download CHIRP CSV File here. A valid GMRS license issued by the FCC is required to operate on the channels that comprise GMRS. This uncluttered view is recommended for new users. Both Chirp and RT Systems software is in spreadsheet format. Understanding CHIRP's columns Note that for simplex channels, this should be set to (None) and repeater channels should have this set to either +,-, or split. POS File Jan 22, 2015 · The most common GMRS mobile, base, or repeater radios use external gain antennas. Dec 13, 2014 · Programming the FT-8800R via the front panel and microphone keypad is not extremely difficult. 650 receive CTCSS/PL: 203. img datafiles for the Baofeng UV-5R-V2: US simplex For Southern California hams, more than 80 local repeater systems, simplex  13 Jul 2017 For your convenience, we have prepared a "CHIRP" file from this repeater list, minus DMR repeaters. 9 147. The lower tone may cause one or two syllables to be clipped before the receiver audio is unmuted (is heard). 68000: 103. When I do a proximity search or political search, all I get is a long list of empty channels. A computer, A BaoFeng USB programming cable, and . How to use. 760 and an input frequency of 146. csv file will open. Click on the link above to download your chosen format. jpg Doing this keeps all of the off sets and PL tones just like you want them. In this example Hide Unused Fields is checked. Next, connect  Repeater Finder is a program that, given a location, provides a list of repeaters within range of the entered location. ods  This information can be downloaded as a pdf document, or in CHIRP format as a csv file or as an Excel file. img format, and edit this. Reference documents: USB 2. The UV-5R is a very popular transceiver in many countries and in Australia, its low cost ($50. CHIRP is free open source software anyone can download. ) Have fun! Garmin CHIRP sonar allows you to see target separation and resolution at extraordinary depths, and dial into specific frequencies to target certain species of sport fish. Manually Programing Your BAOFENG UV5RA Dual band Transceiver by Bob Peterson KE7RAP, Randall Jones AE7RJ and Jack Tiley AD7FO 1. A - Designates that this repeater has an autopatch. You will want to hit Menu May 29, 2020 · Good point. A list of our repeaters with linked information pages and CHIRP CSV files is available here. ZASTONE offers secure communication systems for shopping centers, restaurants, etc. 9. 5 Test description: Section 4. csv. Furthermore, by modulating ISRJ repeater parameters  Add over 20,000 repeaters to your GPS. It supports a large number of manufacturers and models, as well as provides a way to  UK Repeaters csv generator for users of CHIRP 0. Anaheim CA VHF Amateur Repeater. 1 : Creating an initial CHIRP image CHIRP supports over 260 makes and models of radio. The database covers the fifty U. L - This repeater is linked to the WA6HXO (Las Vegas) group. This has resulted in the following changes to our repeater system: 440 and 220 are now permanently linked. Currently not auto updating, generated . There may be a difference in device offset for repeater by default when placed in DUP (repeater offset) that is selectable [device related] In the past, I have discovered CHiRP errors when selecting repeater mode and/or specifying the input / output freqs per the software when in operation the radio device settings were overriding software load. The Illinois Repeater Association on-line Repeater Directory has undergone some big changes recently. Jan 31, 2018 · Programming the very affordable Baofeng UV-5R (also available as Pofung UV-5R) dual band mobile radio can be quite complicated. 2020 PSRG Annual Meeting will be held at the Seattle Emergency Operations Center (EOC) 105 5th Ave S. 25 Meters 70, 33, & 23 Centimeters Bands If you do not see your repeater listed in the repeater section it is NOT a coordinated machine in Kansas. 000 to reflect the repeater offset being default for the band? When I try to set the repeater offset manually, the BTECH always reset the offset back to 000. 13 Sep 2017 Chirp Library Files. • No Jul 20, 2017 · RepeaterBook. This is because receivers are decoding in a chain. Chirp Library Files Below is shared Chirp data files for different radios submitted by our members to help you get started with a basic setup of local frequencies. Scroll through the page to view the list information or click a button to jump to a repeater list. Repeaters are sited in good locations with good coverage enabling stations that can access the repeater to be heard on the output and thereby take advantage of the Jan 19, 2017 · I have 2 Baofeng uv5ra units. As a disclaimer, the "All two meter repeaters" and "All Repeaters" within 100 CHIRP Software for Editing Channels in VHF/UHF Radios. 0 Hz High 56 WIN OC 448. For a complete accurate listing of all Gulf Coast area coordinated repeater frequencies, visit the FLORIDA REPEATER COUNCIL listing. will The CHIRP image format below is achieved by selecting the View tab at the top of the CHIRP screen and selecting Hide Unused Fields. Other repeaters have a 600 kHz negative offset (-) according to the Two Meter Band Plan. After reading this document the reader should read other articles, books, and web pages to learn the finer points. Download CHIRP-IARU-R1-VHF-UHF-repeaters-simplex. myGMRS. Additionally, a listing of all operational repeaters  access to the directory in the Apps, RT Systems, CHIRP, web. 000. 12 Dec 2018 If you need help with CHIRP programming, email K6CDC. Where on the internet can I find the frequencies to program a UV5R radio for any specific location / area? Thank you. The objectives of the Volunteer Monitoring Program include improving and promoting knowledge and compliance of FCC Amateur Radio Service rules, extending and preserving the tradition of self-regulation and self-administration of the Amateur Radio Service by volunteers, and enabling the FCC Enforcement Bureau “to more efficiently and effectively utilize its resources in enforcing the being imported into chirp. If you know of any other repeaters you want added please contact Webmaster Sinotel UK Limited : Downloads - Amateur Radio - Handheld PMR Business Radio Headsets & Microphones Other Accessories Spare Parts PMR 446 (Licence Free) Radio Programming/CAT Cables Batteries Antenna Adapters & Connectors Amateur Radio - Mobile Linear Amplifiers Antennas - Mobile Motorcycle Communication Antennas - Handheld Power Leads & Chargers Soft Cases Covid-19 Patch Leads Test Equipment Mar 15, 2017 · CHIRP Now Supports QYT KT-8900D CHIRP, the best open source program for radio programming, now supports both the QYT KT-7900D and KT-8900D radios. 6MHz and 7. CHIRP is a free, open source tool for programming frequencies, tones and offsets into many of today's VHF-UHF radios using a PC, Linux or Apple computer and programming cord. Also, learn how to have your Baofeng listen to 2 frequencies at the same time. allan Feb 25th, 2017 130 Never Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Up, it unlocks many cool features! Jan 23, 2014 · Tuning the Baofeng to GMRS/FRS freqs with proper PL Tone (private channel) usage. Jun 01, 2017 · I recently got licenced as a ham radio operator. The Help Desk is closed weekends and on all Indiana State holidays, CHIRP website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 06000 5. BCR Repeater to S-Com 7330 Controller; BCR Repeater to CAT Controllers; BCM Radio to Arcom RC-210; BCM Radio to SCOM 7330 Controller; BCM Radio to BCR Repeater; BCR Repeater to URI (Serial to USB Converter) BCR Repeater to UDRC-II; BCR Repeater to MMDVM-Pi; BCR Repeater to STM_32_DVM Rev 1 and 2 ONLY; BCR Repeater to STM-32 MMDVM REV 3 ONLY Not quite sure CHIRP does much but channel programming though, and I thus don't know whether "repeater data" programming is covered by it, but I'll leave that up to your experience! Regarding cabling, the same wiki has an entry that states that the 3pin plug seems to be common among all Alinco radios. By doing this, I could get at the Settings tab. The Baofeng handheld radios are inexpensive but cover many frequencies, making them the Swiss Army Knives of the budget ham radio community. S. OFFSET: Offset is the separation between the input and output frequencies of a repeater. Retevis programming software only work with windows operating system, some customers feedback it is not convenient, Well, Good news for you, Retevis works with CHIRP now, you could download CHIRP programming software for retevis two way radios, such as RT5R, H777, RT-B6, RT6, RT21 and RT22. Note: If you do not see your repeater listed in RepeaterBook with a Kansas Amateur Repeater Council stamp , it is NOT a coordinated machine in Kansas. WOW that's EASY Ok, so maybe it really isn't that easy to program the Baofeng UV-5R radio's. Repeater Maps category is a curation of 13 web resources on , VK Repeater Map, Visual UK Amateur Radio Repeater Map, Repeaters database on Google Maps. The W6SON repeater has a standard 2 meter 600 kHz positive offset (+), meaning that it expects to receive a signal from your radio which is 600 kHz above its output frequency. com BaoFeng Tech Page 3 of 4 3: Enter MENU 43 REP-M and select CTDCS for two mobiles – this will require the repeater forwarding (X-Band Repeat) to activate once the confirmed PL signal (CTCSS or DCS) is received will transmit it on. 650 transmit freq: 467. Chirp does not know how to program the repeaters with geo-location tags, so you lose one of the best features of the handheld. Curated collection of files useful for programming an amateur radio with chirp. All the time, you need to add up to 128 channels on your radio. Apr 22, 2010 · CHIRP is a cross-platform, cross-radio programming tool specifically focusing on ICOM D-STAR radios, although there seems to be nothing preventing you from using it with non-D-STAR rigs. Repeater Book. chirp repeater

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